“Oiling hair prevents dryness”

India’s first certified trichologist. Dr Sonal Shah answers readers’ queries on hair and scalp care. We have here the concluding part of the chat transcript…

Hello Mam, I have been treated @ Richfeel for more than 1 year, still my hair problems are not solved can you please advise me on this?
It would be better if you can visit the clinic that you had visited before and discuss it with your trichologist present there. As your history and reports will be there in front of the doctor he or she will guide you the best on this.

My hair density has reduced since 4 yrs.i m 23 yrs now…can u suggest any tips to increase my hair volume?
Hair density can get reduced either because of hairfall per se or if you suffer from any kind of thinning problems. So if you can go ahead and do your trichoanalysis and capilloscopy you will be able to diagnose your hair problem and get the right kind of treatment for the same accordingly.

My hair is very thin & silky m applying olive oil weekly three days How can I increse it’s volume any other option
Hair which is thinned out in nature can be because of various reasons which we need to look into by doing your trichoanalysis and capilloscopy. Once we get to know the exact cause of your thinned out hair we can suggest you right kind of diet and supplements as well as external applications accordingly.

My hairs are falling since 5 years now i ma having lite bladness in front is it possiable to regrow and stop hair fall
As you have been suffering from this problem of hairfall since many years there has to be a strong causative factor for this problem of yours. A detailed history along with trichoanalysis is a must to do procedure for you. As you have also started appreciating your scalp make sure that you do not neglect this problem any more. There are certain hair problems which can be best treated at its early stages so take it seriously now.

My hair is basically thin but am used 2 it..But for the past few months am experiencing hair loss..can u plz give me tips to stengthen my hair n prevent dandruff.
Since few months you are experiencing hair fall so the first thing would be to look into the cause for it. This can be best done with the help of the history, trichoanalysis and capilloscopy. Once we diagnose your most pressing problem solution will be in front of you accordingly.

Dandruff is condition which can be very well prevented but can never be cured. So start applying oil on your scalp and wash the same with the normal shampoo almost every alternate days. If this is not helping you out then you will have to meet your trichologist.

And I love to leave my hair open, as my hair is little curly I am not able to do that. Please suggest me how can I take care of my hair. And tell how to prevent the hair loss and good diet for the hair growth .And how to prevent the dandruff?
If you have got a curly hair that simply means you will have to put in some extra efforts to detangle it. A proper hair care regime needs to be followed at least once a week. Also be really gentle while you are combing your hair otherwise there will be breakages. For your hair loss, start following a good diet which is full of proteins and minerals and also use the right kind of shampoo and oil.

Hi I am 27 year old women. My hair strands are very thin and I have little dandruff, texture of hair is curly. If I will comb it will break very easily. I am using Lorel professional shampoo and conditioner. Is it good or not?
A proper hair care regime needs to be followed atleast once a week. Also be really gentle while you are combing your hair otherwise there will be breakages. You have to be regular in oiling your scalp and washing your scalp to prevent dandruff. Whatever shampoo and conditioner you use just make sure that it should not cause you any kind of hairfall.

My hair has become white . i am only 28. is there any solution for this problem. kindly advice.
Anyone who starts greying below the age of 30 years is called as premature greying. You have to meet your trichologist and carry out certain reports to know the cause of it and get the treatment for the same.

Will colouring our hair prevent us from hair loss
Definitlely not in fact it can cause you hair breakages so please get this clear in your mind.

How to prevent hair loss
Have a good diet full of proteins and minerals at the same time be very regular in oiling and washing your scalp. Also make sure to have 3 litres of water daily.

Where is ur clinic in chennai?
We arrange camps in chennai once in three months and so if you want to visit those then call on 66778877

Which hair gel is best??
Gels per se are not good for your hair and so it is always better to avoid them instead of which one should use a hair repair serum.

Hello doctor, is there any side effect on hair transplantation??
The side effects of any surgical procedure lies on the experience of the surgeon who will be performing the procedure. So make sure you get it done from an experienced surgeon.

I am losing my air very fast..is it rite to do hair transplantation??
If you are losing your hair really fast you will have to look into the cause of it first. Just doing hair transplantation will not solve your hair problem so first thing is to visit the trichologist and understand the problem and prognosis well and then you can take a call on surgery.

Have all problems that one may come across with hair, dandruff, grey hair, thinning hair from teen years. Please help
If you are suffering from so many hair ailments and that too since a very young age then you definitely need to do certain tests in the form of trichoanalysis and hair tissue mineral analysis. These tests will help you to know the exact cause of your hair ailments and then all you need to do is treat the problem from within with the help of diet and supplements.

Hallo Mam,I’m 32.My hair is falling since 5/7yrs due to dandruff n fungus. That’s why my hair roots r very weak n very thin.Pls suggest to stop hair fall n will have healthy n grown of hair naturally.
First of all you have to be clear whether you are really suffering from some kind of fungal infections and this can be best done with the help of your trichologist.
Dandruff is condition, which can be very well prevented but can never be cured. So start applying oil on your scalp and wash the same with the normal shampoo almost every alternate days. Also make sure to have a healthy diet, which should be full of proteins and minerals as this will ensure you good and healthy hair. . If all this is not helping you out then you will have to meet your trichologist.

My wife 50 plus age now, Thin and little hair, she also have hair falls daily.Healthwise quite ok
Her hair problem needs to be diagnosed with the help trichoanalysis and capilloscopy so that the right kind of treatment can be given to her.

My daughter (12 year old) having hair falls daily, she could not take head bath not even twice a week due to cold and cough getting once in a month for a long period. What best thing i can go for.
Washing hair every alternate days is a basic requirement for the hair but as you are saying that your daughter suffers from cough and cold frequently then she should apply the oil during the morning leave it for 4 to 5 hours and have a hair bath in the afternoon. As far as the problem of hairfall goes make sure to first diagnose the exact cause of the problem with the help of trichoanalysis and capilloscopy.

I got lot of dandruff and hair loss problems. please help…
If you suffer from dandruff then you have to be regular on conditioning your scalp and washing it almost every alternate days. Hair loss problems are due to many reasons so make sure to diagnose it with the help of trichoanalysis and capilloscopy. Once the exact problem will be diagnosed the solution will be known to you accordingly.

I have been using TuGain 10% hair solution from past 2 years, (a Dr prescribed it) along with Finesteride tablets…growth is not substantiate…is it worth continuing it..or should I change it?
First of all we need to understand the exact hair problem that you are suffering from based on which we can help you out. This can be easily done with the help of trichoanalysis and capilloscopy. Now as you are using tugain you need to understand that it only helps in giving fine vellous hair which also falls off once you stop using it.

Dear dr suggest a nourishing hair mask for dry hair please????
Brahmi hair pack would be the best and the safest mask for your dry hair. Along with this also have enough amount of water and also apply oil thrice a week.

What is the remedy for grey hair i hate it…
So do we, but we need to know the exact history as well as the trichoanalysis report before we can help you out with them.

Dr are olive oil massages a remedy for dry hair? pleaseeeeeeee suggest a remedy for dry hair there is hair loss too.
Make sure to drink enough amount of water as water is a rich source of minerals and dry hair definitely points towards mineral deficiency. Along with this you have to apply oil thrice a week.

Dear dr iam 42 i use heena every month to treat grey hair . is it ok .?i there is hair fall too.i also use a nourishing biotique hair mask too will that b a remedy/
Using henna is a good option for hiding grey hair, as it is free from chemicals. Henna is an excellent scalp conditioner but a very poor hair conditioner. Using mask will be helpful for dry hair. For hair fall go for trichoanalysis in details.

Hello Dr. My son is 24 now. When he was 20, he started loosing his hair. Now he lost it in the front side. how to get it back naturally (non-surgical way)-if it is hereditary? I am staying in Jamshedpur.
Trichoanalysis and capilloscopy needs to be done to diagnose the hair problem. Once it is diagnosed only then we can comment on the treatment and prognosis.

Can premature whitening of hair be treated?
Premature greying [that is below the age of 30 years] can be treated.

My hair is very thin. How can I increase it’s volume. Thank You
If your hair is thin there should be a reason behind it, which can be diagnosed with the help of your detailed history, trichoanalysis and capilloscopy. After knowing the exact problem we can tell you about the prognosis.

Hello dr. i am having hair loss problem, despite regular oiling my hairs are always looks dry, i use only coconut oil and wash my hairs with shampoo twice a week. please help me
For your dry hair problem have enough amount of water along with that also follow the oiling regime thrice a week. Hair loss as such can be due to various causes so a detailed history and trichoanalysis report would help us to treat your problem.

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