“Premature greying can be treated”

India’s first certified trichologist. Dr Sonal Shah answers readers’ queries on hair and scalp care. We have here the third part of the chat transcript…

Is it possible to re-grow the hair at the places where baldness has started?
Yes it is possible if it is in to the category of non scarring that is reversible baldness like recent alopecia aerate recent traction alopecia, ringworm, trichotilomenia, etc

My relative’s hair has become white, suggest a nutritive homeopathic cosmetic for application.
The application, which gives color to hair, is always a chemical and premature greyingthat is greying before the age of 30 can be treated under trichologist guidance

My hair is very thin and falling too much, I was told by one of my friends to apply Foltene. Please let me know if the product is ok.
Nothing external stops hair loss or regrows hair if the hair loss is in the temporary hair fall phase it will settle down in 3 months and at that time any external nourisher which suites the scalp can be used. Foltine is one of them

I am suffering premature baldness. Is there any cure for this
Premature irreversible baldness can’t be cured but can be camouflaged and the best camouflaging treatment today is non-surgical transplant derma bases

What will be the cost for complete hair plantation (approx)?
Depends on the area and the amt of follicle required. There are 2 methods of surgical transplant – one is fut and the other is dhi

I m 24 yrs old d density on my hair has reduced i have this prob. from my childhood plz suggest home remedies and shampoo i want to grow hairs.. plz help mam
Since the problem exists from childhood, it is a genetic structure, which cannot be changed, but hair can be kept healthy with the healthy hair habit that is tricho scalp treatment called tst at richfeel trichology centre

I am suffering from saborhitis dermatitis. It’s very acute. I am using ketokanazole shampoo and lotion. Is there any permanent solution to this problem?
This can be just controlled but cant be cured ketokanazole is a very strong application so should not be used on a daily basis.

Hi, this is Lakshmi, iam 33 years old. am getting more grey hairs these day. Pl. suggest how to control this. I can use the Garnier color naturals. If i use that, will all my black hairs turn grey? Also pl. advise some good remedy for hair fall.
It’s a myth that the colors multiply grey hair and after the age of 30 it’s the aging process, which cannot be, controlled so best option is to camouflage with the ammonia free colors but after that hair care is very imp or hair can go in to breakage and a hair fall stage.

Hair fall has various causes so if the hair fall is of long duration not to neglect it and seek trichologist help

I am 25 years old and my health is good though i wear spectacles, for the last 4 months i find thick patches of dandruff on scalp. i clean thrice a week with medicated shampoo. Kindly help.
Dandruff can not be cured can be controlled so alternate days shampoo or everyday shampoo should control your dandruff if not then proper medical treatment is required

Also eyebrow start whitening. I wish to get natural remedy for hair whitening
Only premature greyingcan be treated and that to with a proper medical help

hi sonal, my hair is frizzy in all types of weather even if i soak it in oil for 2 hours and wash with mild shampoo, pl help
It a genetic structure which require a regular hair care regular oiling brahmi hair pack, hair repair serum, and plenty of water intake should control it

Will i get dandruff if i share a comb with someone who’s got it?
No dandruff is not contagious don’t worry

My daughter’s hair is becoming curly. What could be the reason?
Various reasons need to do proper consultation some time it is temporary phase also

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