10 tips for a healthy New Year

Follow these 10-tips to keep you brimming with good health!

Avoid large meals.

Small meals raise the body`s metabolism. Large meals will leave you feeling sluggish and sleepy.

Sit down and eat slowly
Eat slowly to give your body time to release enzymes that tell your brain that you`ve eaten enough. Also avoid eating on the go; the slower you eat, the more you will enjoy your food and the sooner you will feel full.

Start your day with a low fat breakfast

Don`t overeat if you are stressed
Many of us look for an antidote to ease stress. But stress-eating results in greater stress. Avoid mindless eating and look for other ways to de-stress.

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Keep yourself hydrated

Our bodies are 70 per cent water. Dehydration causes many problems such as joint pains, cramping and headaches. Keep a large bottle of water by your side to drink during the day

Make better food choices

Choose whole grain foods and low-fat foods, avoiding refined and processed foods.

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Cut back on cigarettes and alcohol

Limit your exposure to smoke at home, work, restaurants or bars. Cut back on smoking and alcohol.

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Switch to decaf

Coffee dehydrates the skin. A good idea is to switch to decaf. Check out our variety of juices and milkshakes.

Don`t eliminate food groups

Each food group has a vital function to perform. It is a great idea to cut back on heavier to digest foods and make lighter and healthier choices, but definitely do not put the entire food group on your “taboo” list.

Early dinner is best

Eat at least 2 hours before you sleep.

Little digestion occurs during sleep, so try and eat your evening meal two hours before going to sleep.

Include variety

Include a variety of fruits, vegetables, sprouts and grains in your diet.
These foods protect the body against disease, build immunity levels and are an excellent source of energy.

Sprout your legumes for best results

Did you know?

Eggs, tofu and legumes are great protein alternatives to red meat. So you can add boiled eggs, cooked legumes or steamed tofu to your vegetables during meal time.
For instant relief from lethargy or stress, close your eyes and take 11 deep breaths. You will feel instantly energized and calm.
An integral aspect of good health is sleep, rest and relaxation. Try getting eight hours of sleep a night. In a week`s time you will find your energy levels and your ability to deal with stress, improve.

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Source: Namita Jain
Image: mnapolean