10 ways to care for your feet with diabetes

Diabetes affects blood circulation and also causes diabetic neuropathy which damages nerves.

These two conditions lead to complications with the lower extremities in diabetic patients. It is very important for diabetic patients to take care of their feet. In diabetic patients, foot wounds and ulcers can then lead to amputation if they cannot be resolved.

Important points to take care of diabetic foot

1) Inspect your foot daily. Look and feel for any signs of injury, redness, swelling, bad odour or bruises. It is always advisable to undergo a professional foot exam once a year. Physician will examine your feet for any injuries or foot problems.

2) It is necessary to wash your feet daily in lukewarm water. A diabetic patient will not be able to judge the temperature of water due to loss of sensation in feet. Hence test water with hand or wrist before placing feet into it.

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3) When feet are well soaked rub heels with pumice stone to remove dead skin. Never try to remove calluses and corns with sharp objects or chemicals.

4) Dry the foot thoroughly to remove water. Use a soft cotton cloth for this. Apply moisturizer or petroleum jelly all over feet except between toes — Because increased moisture between toes leads to fungal infection.

5) Dust talcum powder between toes to prevent accumulation of moisture.

6) Do not walk around barefoot as it increases risk of injuries. Use soft slippers even when you walk at home. Wear comfortable slippers or shoes. Check inside your shoes for pebbles or sand before wearing them.

7) Wear comfortable thin cotton socks. Cotton socks absorb sweat and do not cause skin irritation. Do not wear tight elastic banded socks as they hamper blood circulation.

8) Quit smoking as smoking exaggerates circulation problems.

9) Take care to keep your blood sugar under control.

10) Get your blood sugar checked once in three months.

Source: Ayurhelp
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