15 steps to reduce diabetes complications

Following a series of simple health steps could be a key to avoiding potentially life-threatening consequences of diabetes, say experts.

The fresh advice came as part of a damning report warning that the country has drifted into a `state of crisis` in which fewer than half of sufferers get the minimum care they need.

The state of the nation 2012 report by Diabetes UK has highlighted 15 key checks, essential to staving off devastating and sometimes deadly consequences of the condition, the Daily Express reported.

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Nine of the checks are recommended by the health watchdog, the national institute of Health and Clinical excellence.

They are regular blood sugar measurement, cholesterol checks, blood pressure checks, measurements of weight, smoking status, eye examinations, foot and leg checks for possible diabetic complications and analysis of kidney function in both urine and blood.

But Diabetes UK says these are just the basic checks needed and have come up with `15 Healthcare essentials` it says every patient should receive.

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