3 Foods that boost your metabolism

crop2_240x240_5jan15Make sure to treat your body right with food items that will nourish your digestive system, jumpstart your metabolism and make you feel great.

Frank Lipman, founder of Eleven Eleven Wellness Center, shares what to eat this year, reports eonline.com:

* Bone broth: Full of healing nutrients collagen and gelatin, bone broth has justifiably been a staple of the human diet for thousands of years. This increasingly popular superfood has made a comeback of late. Not only does it nourish your digestive system, but also reduces inflammation and promotes healthy skin.

* Cauliflower: Due to its white colour, cauliflower is often misperceived as lacking in nutrition, but this vegetable packs a powerful punch. Cauliflower is particularly noted for its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and digestive health benefits.

* The whole egg: Egg yolk is packed with nutrition and is an excellent addition to a healthy diet. Egg yolks contain anti-oxidants, B vitamins including B12, vitamin A, iron, selenium, biotin, phosphorous and more. A whole egg is a great source of protein.

Source: IANS
Image: Getty Images