4 heart-healthy diet mantras for Valentine`s Day

There are some foods, which when combined can make a romantic yet cardiac-friendly dinner that is perfect for you and your partner on Valentine`s Day.

According to researchers, eating a variety of healthy foods in moderation is vital for a heart-healthy diet

`Years of research has shown that a balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, unsaturated fat and lean protein will not only help with weight maintenance, but with overall heart health,` said Katie Boles, RD, LDN, clinical dietician with the Brenner FIT Program, at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

`Eating a variety of these foods and eating them in moderation is key to a heart-healthy diet,` she said.

The researchers have suggested having a glass of red wine during the meal.

7 ways to heart health

This alcoholic beverage contains antioxidants that can improve `good` HDL cholesterol, but moderation is the key.

It is also healthy to serve a spinach salad to defend against high blood pressure and hypertension. Topping it with walnuts or carrots adds crunch and reduces cholesterol.

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