45 mins of walking for healthy heart: Dr.Pavan Kumar

Dr. Pavan Kumar did his superspecialization in cardiovascular surgery from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.

He has successfully performed over 10,000 open heart operations and has been associated with over 12,000 major cardiovascular procedures.

He founded Mumbai’s first ‘Cardiac Help Line’and has established Department of Telemedicine in Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai.

Dr.Kumar answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

sir. i have high bp of 160/110. what precautions do i take to bring it down thereby avoiding cardiac probs.
get your BP under control at the earliest. reduce your salt intake.

How to differentiate between a gastric attack and heart attack
there is no such gastric attack

Dear Doctor, Is it possible for a person to get a heart attack if the cholestrol levels are normal, diabetics are normal, weight is under control and no unhealthy lifestyle?
Yes, due to positive family history you can still get heart attack as coronary artery disease runs in family

what kind of excersies i have to do as i am I m 35 with diabities & have 3 blockes of 90%
I must see your angiography report & CD before advising you any exercises . You can see me at Lilavati Hospital OPD, at Bandra (W), Mumbai my mobile no: 9820297125

I m 35 with diabities & have 3 blockes of 90% According to doc its in supporting vain how far can i avoid any surgery? how can i mail you my case history for study (Posted to Dr.Pavan Kumar, Cardiac Surgeon)
My email is pkheartsurgeon@ gmail.com & you can also talk to me on my Skype ID : dr.pavan.kumar about your disease and proposed treatment.

my daughter having pda dr advice surgical ligation plz tell after sugery is there any complications and should we hope she will live her life normal like others and pda will disappear?
Where are you from . We can help you in MUMBAI

Can one come to know whether one is sensitive to Dietary Cholesterol? How? Thanks.
You might get loose motions from fatty diet.

What is Dietary Cholesterol?
Cholesterol coming from diet.

my age is 27 and height is 5ft 2 inch.and wt.is 62.
What is a question?

I have chest pain in middle chest since 6 months sometime it arises more for that i have started exercise whenever break excercise then i feel like suffocation.so what should do i pls. suggest me.
For GOD sack do not indulge in exercise without cardiac check- up You may get heart attack.

I am 34yrs male. I love fried foods. But I am concerned about my heart health too. What should be my right intake of fried foods and salt at my age?
No fried foods. 4 – 8 gms salt per day.

How much water should I consume everyday to make my heart healthy?
normal intake should be 2 – 3 ltrs per day . Water intake has got nothing to do with healthy heart

I have heard that step climbing is good for heart. I stay on the 4th floor. If I avoid lift and climb up 4 flrs everyday once. Is it enough exercise for heart?
Not enough exercise. You have to do 40 mins exericise every day.

Hello Doctor Pavan, I want to know what is the relation between heart health and stroke?
Stroke is a brain disorder.

Please share some valuable suggestions to a patient who has suffered a heart attack?
get coronary angiography done to know exact status of coronary artery blocks.

How is heart attack generally treated by experts?
by giving thrombolytics in ICU

What type of people are more prone to heart attacks?
type A personalities,hy BP ,smoking drinking history, like that.

How is Rice bran oil for Heart?
very good thank you

How are you docotor.Can i get a heart Attack if i am fully acive and feels fit. My Age is 41 and Weight is 80 and height is 5ft 10inch and waist is 38 inch.
get a full cardiac check up done first before any thing yu do.

With so many types of cooking oils available today, which is the best one for heart?

Can you please update on the treatment available today for blocked or narrowed arteries?
angioplasy or coronary bypass surgery depending on findings of angiography.you can email me on pkheartsurgeon@gmail.com o skype me on Dr.Pavan.kumar your reports.

Does stem cell therapy work for heart failure? How?
A grey zone still.

Sir I want to know about ‘enlarged heart’? Please explain in brief?
Not clear ,many reason for it.

What is your advice for menopausal woman so that they could avoid heart disorders and maintain a healthy heart?
Get a cardiac check up done first then we can talk onskype I’d Dr.Pavan.kumar

How does depression and stress effect one’s heart health?
Very much.we can talk on Skype.

Is hormone therapy really bad for the heart?
To some extent

I am getting close to menopause Doctor.What should I watch for to prevent myself from a heart disease?
Do a full cardiac checkup first .

Please name some common symptoms that might indicate a heart disorder or disease?
Chest pain on exertion,breathlessness out proportion to exercise.

What other tests are involved besides a cholesterol that detect a cardiovascular risk?
Hb,echo exercise test,ecg.

How much of cardiovascular exercises should I do per week for a healthy heart?
45 mts walk or exercise day is good enouggh

I have heard about heart attack preventive programmes and workshops. Are they really useful?
Yes ,very much

what type of exercises i do after OT.
You doctor should guide you better on cardiac rehab.

after gonig through OT for blockages is medicines neccesary.
Yes some of them.

Sir why do you see Heart attacks taking a toll on even youngsters today?
Very badly.

how i control my sugar.
By anti diabetic treatmwnt

i am a diabetic & i also have cardiac problem with 3 blockage what type of treatment should i do
Coronary bypass surgery ,you can email me on pkheartsurgeon@gmail.com or skype me Dr.Pavan.kumar

How can birth control pills pose heart disease risks in some women?
They cause hypercoagulabilty ,diabetese,hypertension,precipitating heart attack.

If high how can a woman lower one’s cholesterol?
By taking statins.

Fromwhat age should woman keep a check on their cholestrol levels?
30 yrs onwards

I am a 36 yr old woman.What all can trigger a heart disease in a woman Sir?
Stress ,high BP, bad family history etc get your cardiac profile checked.

I am 43 yrs old male. How much fat is advised for me on per day basis?
Four TSF of oil is sufficient .avoid transfats.

Can a heart disease be avoided even if it runs in the family or genes?
Difficult to answer you can prolong the onset to some extent.

What to cut down in one’s diet to prevent heart disease Dr.?
Junk food ,bad oils

I underwent bypass surgery in February 2008. My age is 70 years, height 5.11 inches and weight is 86 Kgs. I do treadmill 5 days a week covering about 16 miles. I feel healthy and active in business. Do I need to do any thing else for good health ?
Great you are doing fine .good example to all people scared of surgery.

Good Afternoon Dr. I want to know whether there is some connection between high blood pressure and heart disease?
Yes it leads to heart attack disease.

Dear Dr. I am always having bp around 140, but to reduce, I took some tablet all after that I got black scars on libs & inside penies, hence I stopped. What should I do?
See adermatologist

Pls suggest a couple of tips for healthy heart Sir?
You can go on my website www.heartsurgwonindia.org

If salt is bad for heart then how much salt intake per day is advised by you?
3 to 6 gems per day.

Sir is excessive salt bad for heart health too?
Yes off course .

Sir, Morning walk of 3 Kms. plus is the advice for a healthy heart. In my routine work, I walk more than 3 kms. a day. Is this sufficient for a healthy heart?

what kind of excersies i have to do as i am I m 35 with diabities & have 3 blockes of 90%
Mild static exercises after doctors clearance .send the reports to me .

I m 35 with diabities & have 3 blockes of 90% According to doc its in supporting vain how far can i avoid any surgery? how can i mail you my case history for study
Yes you can send it on pkheartsurgeon@gmail.com or skype me on Dr.pavan.kumar

I mam 35 yrs old with diabities & i also have blokes in my vains abt 90% as per my Dr. its in supporting vains so no need to do anything my question is how long can i survive without angioplasty or bypass
I have to see your angiography before any suggestions ,you can email the angiography CD on my email pkheartsurgeon@gmail.com.

I am suffering from severe arteric stenosis since 2 001. Doctors recommended operation for removal of valve. I am controlling my diet, sugar and cholestrol. Is there any medicine which can cure this
No ,aortic stenosis is mechanical obstruction.requires aortic valve replacement .which is highly safe operation .do not be afraid ,if you in mumbai we can do it at Lilavati hospital.