5 Basic essentials for your gym bag

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crop1_240x240_1oct14Despite the dizzying pace of a fast-moving life that changes course with the blink of an eye, an average man today, will invariably find time for an hour or two’s rigorous workout at the gym.

So at a time when hitting the gym has engraved itself into the daily routine charts, it is imperative for men to know what their gymming backpack must contain before heading out.

A deodorant
Everyone hates bad odour, and you sure as hell don’t want to be the source of wrinkled noses around you, right? Make sure you always have a deodorant—and a good one at that—with you while you’re at the gym.

A swanky water bottle
A rigorous workout can be taxing and it is important that you always keep yourself hydrated. Carry a cool swanky water bottle that will not just quench your thirst but also increase your cool quotient.

crop2_240x240_1oct14A pain-relieving kit
Muscle tension and joint pain are common when working out. One inccorect movement during your routine could lead to an injury or muscle pain. It is best to be prepared and carry some basic pain relieving cream with you for unforeseen situations. Also carry band-aids for minor scrapes that can happen while handling gym equipment and lockers.

An MP3 Player
The perfect gymming experience is when you cut yourself off from the world and focus solely on your workout. And what better than great music to avoid those worldly disturbances. So get that awesome playlist ready, crank it up and start gymming!

A face wash
The simplest way of freshening up after a long workout is washing your face with a good facewash. Always make sure that you have a good quality facewash as a part of your gymming paraphernalia.

This article was originally published in The Label: 5 Basic Essentials for your gym bag