5 steps to glowing skin

Skin is the one part of our body that really reflects the true health within. It has the ability to make or mar your appearance! Below is a list of five super- skin tips which will transform the quality of your skin once practised in your daily lifestyle.

1. Skin types are dynamic. Look at your skin regularly to understand it and get a sense of what it needs in terms of products, treatments, etc.

2. Sun safe is skin smart. Sun protect always! Especially with the harshness of the Indian sun in practically every season, it is a must to use a dual protection, broad spectrum sun screen.

3. Go natural! Many natural ingredients are extremely effective skin care ingredients. Coconut oil and lotions, for instance, have a unique mechanism of moisturizing and hydrating the skin by locking the moisture through penetrating deep into the skin without occluding the surface. This not only makes them effective but ensures that the skin stays moisturized for longer periods.

It also ensures that the skin barrier is repaired and intact as coconut helps to rebuild the skin’s barrier function.  So, natural ingredients can be scientifically and therapeutically very effective too.

4. For a glowing face, proper intake of water is a must. I would suggest that in a day, one should at least drink 2 liters of water. It cleanses the system from within and this reflects on your skin. Coconut water is also a natural hydrant that cools your internal system, and gives your skin a refreshed look. If you need an instant beauty shot, drink geen tea!

5. Half an hour of daily exercise helps in keeping your mind and skin fresh by improving the skin’s circulation and bringing a glow to your face!

(Adapted from Skin Deep: An inside out approach to looking good naturally by Dr.Aparna Santhanam)

The author is a cosmetologist, dermatologist and hair expert. If you have a query for Dr. Aparna, send it to us at bawarchieditor@sify.com now!

Image: Flickr Creativesommons rajkumar1220