5 super quick weight loss tips

Carry a packed lunch
The one activity you must think saves you time on a weekday is to skip cooking while rushing to work. Eating out is in vogue and let`s you catch up on sleep after a late night. But, do remember that eating out is not a weight-friendly option – The kilos will pile on even with you eating the supposedly safe thali meals. So, wake up every day with your mind set on packing a quick lunch of easy workplace lunches.

Drink plenty of water
It`s two hours since you ate and you`ve been rushing through your report without batting an eye. If you suddenly realise you`re hungry and reach out for a packet of chips or biscuits, it`s time you learnt to distinguish between hunger and cravings. When you think you`re craving to munch on something, plain water should come to your rescue. Keep your bottle filled at all times and sip at it every now and then so that you don`t feel those so-called hunger pangs in-between meals.

Water: Meeting Your Daily Fluid Needs

Eat more salads
Try to include a couple of salads every day to reach your weight loss goal with ease. Chop veggies like carrots, cucumber and capsicum into large bite-size pieces and add a dash of limejuice and pepper to make a healthy salad. Chewing on the large veggie pieces slowly gives your brain the signals of fullness and keeps you going till your next meal.
Here`s a selection of diet salads for you to choose from.

Buy small portions
Don`t get carried away by the discounted rates on big packaged foods – be it biscuits or noodles or even the extra large packet of chips. Buying smaller portions is the easiest way to ensure you eat less.

How controlling portions makes you lose weight

Change your exercise routine
If walking is your passion, do it every day. Only, remember to break into a jog every now and then so that you are able to include more activity in your workout time. This mix and match routine not only has more impact on your weight loss but also helps you if your weight is plateauing.

Image: rexipe