5 Tips to avoid injuries while walking

image_1_240x240dec29Walking is a physical activity that all of us do everyday. Walking involves co-ordination of various muscles and senses. It is the most inexpensive form of travelling and keeping fit provided a few precautions are taken.  Here are a few tips to help you walk correctly and avoid injuries that may arise while walking.

Use the right clothing: Badly-fitting or loose/long clothes can make you stumble when you walk. So wear more fitted clothes that do not hinder your walking pattern.

Avoid darker paths: Use well-lit paths/roads where you can see any obstacles. If you must walk on a darker road, carry a torch or use your cell phone light to see the path ahead.

Walk naturally & stay alert: Do not develop an artificial gait or copy someone’s walking style. Use your own natural pattern and walk slowly, steadily, smoothly and with full awareness of your surroundings. Keep your eyes ahead and down on the path and avoid any distractions.

Texting and music on headphones not only cause injuries but they are highly dangerous and have led to several fatalities.

Walk with your head high & your spine straight: When walking, keep your posture straight so that your weight and balance are equally distributed between your feet. Your arms should be bent at 90 degrees and swing back and forth naturally. Always land your heel first and push off with your toes. Avoid any abrupt change of direction.

Lose excess weight: Excess weight can impede your walking and make it tiring or uncomfortable. Losing weight can make a difference and will help you to walk more easily.


Ms. Pooja Bajaj, Sr. Neuro Physiotherapist & Mr. Prabhakar Pandey,
Consultant, Orthotics, AktivOrtho™

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