5 tips to lower cholesterol levels in children

Contrary to popular belief, plaque formation in the blood vessels begins even in youngsters. With the fast food mania overtaking us, it would do well to be aware of the ways by which the risk of high cholesterol can be reduced in children.

1. Awareness is key: If your cholesterol level is high, get your kids` levels checked.

2. Low fat eating: A diet rich in fruit, vegetables, and whole grains should be served daily. While shopping, pick lean meats, fish and low-fat milk and dairy products. Check out our low fat breakfast recipes for children.

Foods that lower cholesterol

3. Say no to sugar: Limit intake of sugar in juices and beverages.

Heart healthy foods

4. Eat healthy snacks: Cut down on commercially prepared baked goods and serve healthy snacks such as fresh fruit, vegetable salads, and low-fat yogurt.

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5. Make healthy living part of family routine: Exercise boosts HDL levels in the blood. Kids over 2 years of age and teens should be physically active for at least an hour a day.

Fight cholesterol with oats

Source: www.cdc.gov
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