5 ways to add volume to hair

The damp air of the rainy season can leave your hair lifeless and dull. If you’re looking for ways to restore lustre and regain the bounce in your hair, try these tips from Dr. Aparna Santhanam:

1. Dry your hair immediately after washing. Use the dryer in cold mode or a microfiber towel

2. Get your hair cut in layers that move outward to create the illusion of volume.

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3. Do a professional colour on your hair. Colour can add volume by swelling the hair shaft. After colouring, ensure that you use coconut oil the following day for a pre-wash conditioning that will nourish the hair.

4. Avoid flat hair styles, permanent straightening etc. They will further reduce volume from hair.

5. Eat a diet rich in protein like eggs, soya, sprouts, nuts and paneer to improve hair density

The author is a cosmetologist, dermatologist and hair expert. If you have a query for Dr. Aparna, send it to us at bawarchieditor@sify.com now!

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