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This week’s answers
Swimming or treadmill.. the healthier and the faster way to weight loss?
I would suggest do both (you can swim and do the treadmill on alternate days) – the more your vary your workouts – the faster the results – as the body is constantly challenged.

What is your message to the youngsters who are ready to do anything for a size-zero figure?
Size zero is a fad – and can be dangerous for health! Instead focus on regular exercise and healthy eating habits to remain fit.

Does yoga help one reduce weight?
In addition to yoga, do include form of cardiovascular exercise such as walking, cycling, swimming to help you reduce weight.

Is the body weight a clear indicator of one`s health?
Body weight alone is not sufficient. The best indicator for health is to determine your body fat percentage. take a look at these figues: Body fat percentage categories Women Essential fat 10-13% Athletes 14-20% Fitness 21-24% Average 25-31% Obese 32% and higher Men Essential fat 2-5% Athletes 6-13% Fitness 14-17% Average 18-24% Obese 25% and higher

Do you offer personal consultation? If so, in which city?
I reside in Mumbai. I am extremely booked for the next few months as of now – but I could recommend someone

Am 35 yrs old, and I weigh 93 kgs… could you suggest a diet and fitness plan?
Walk 1 hour daily. Eat low-fat, regular nutritious meals.

Could you tell me some tips for women who are pregnant, I am pretty scared and have heard abt how proper exercise can help reduce pain…. could you please give me some tips?
There are some exercises you must avoid during pregnancy (such as abdominal exercises). I would suggest ask your doctor for specific exercise recommendations (such as walking, kegels, breathing exercises etc.)

How can one motivate oneself to exercise every day?

Can you tell any tips for IT guys for relief in stress
Do simple deep breathing exercises. Shut your eyes inhale slow and deep – and then as you exhale get rid of all fatigue from your mind. Repeat this 5 times with complete focus.

How many hours should I ideally spend in the gym?
One hour (or one and a half hours if you have the time) of well planned exercise a day is sufficient.

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Namita is a Clinical Exercise Specialist and Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant. She is currently attached to Bombay Hospital as their clinical and wellness specialist.