63pc women complain of knee pain

More than half of middle-aged and mature women suffer from knee pain, a new study has revealed.

It found that 63per cent of women age 50 and older reported persistent, incident, or intermittent knee pain during a 12-year study period.

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Predictors for persistent pain included higher body mass index (BMI), previous knee injury, and radiographic osteoarthritis (OA).

`Our study is the first community-based investigation of knee pain patterns using multiple assessment points over a 12-year period,` said lead author Nigel Arden, MSc, MD, a Professor of Rheumatology at the University of Oxford in the UK.

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`Understanding the prevalence and predictors of knee pain is the first step in developing comprehensive pain assessment plans that could lead to more targeted treatment options for those burdened by OA,` he noted.

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