7 commandments to avoid weight gain

7 commandments to avoid weight gain

7 commandments to avoid weight gain

How is it possible to control food cravings and avoid weight gain? Follow these 7 commandments to help you prevent weight gain.

1. Separate food from television
Eating, drinking, napping and channel-surfing. If these consume most of your leisure hours, you will end up gaining weight. Make healthy and light food choices; fill your plate with the quantity right for you. Be fully aware of what and how much goes into your system.

2. Avoid skipping meals before a party.
Don`t starve your self during the day in anticipation of an evening party. If you eat at regular intervals during the day, you are less likely to over-eat at night. The body has an internal clock and the metabolism is regulated by regular cycles. When you are fuelled right, it is easier to avoid a feeling of `out-of-control` hunger.

3. Take breaks to deep breathe.
Do you binge eat when you are bored, angry or tense? Relax, deep breathe several times. This will help you distinguish between actual hunger and eating due to emotional responses.

4. Do not get derailed if you go off track
It is inevitable that even the most determined, get off track occasionally. Just remember, it`s the final goal that`s important. So get back on track as soon as possible.

5. `Excuse proof` your exercise routine.
Schedule `workout` in your daily planner. Make exercise an important a part of your daily life and write it down so that you are more likely to keep the `appointment`.

6. Multiply meals, shrink portions
Eat six to eight small meals a day. Your body needs only few calories at a time for energy and metabolism. Large meals overload the body�s digestive system, excess is stored as fat.

7. Divide before you devour.
Pleasure is best when shared. This way your taste buds are satisfied, portion size decreased and calorie intake reduced.

Text and image courtesy: Namita Jain. Namita is a Clinical Exercise Specialist and a Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant