8 ways to keeping trim

Maintain a diary
If you keep a diary, recording every time you snack and the emotions you were going through at the time, you will realise that most of the food intake was unnecessary and related more to an empty or ‘depressed’ state of mind than hunger pangs.

Focus on the goal
Keep in mind why you want to lose weight and get motivated to achieving it.

Regular meals
Eat your meals at the right time – this way you will avoid snacking.

Cut oil
Use less oil in your cooking than you usually do. Every teaspoon of oil that you cut down on will eventually add up to losing kilograms of weight by the end of the year

Fruits at hand
The next time you feel hungry or experience a sweet craving, dig into an apple. Keeping a bowl of fruit by your side at all times will ensure that you consume healthy food instead of crisps and it will also contribute to a healthy skin.

Say no to sugar
Sugar is an unnecessary evil for dieters – it increases your calorie intake without providing any nutrients.

Increase your fibre intake
Generally, low in fat and calories, foods rich in fibre are a good choice at any time of the day. Include fruits, vegetables, whole wheat cereals, lentils, beans, barley, etc.

Get into the stepper
One of the best ways to burn fat is through exercise. Invest in an exercising machine so you can burn fat staying at home!

Rehana Khambaty

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