A busy man’s fitness program

Whenever I speak with people about fitness programs or working out regularly, a lot of them tell me that they do wish to exercise but somehow can’t manage to find the time! Most of us are too busy in the rat race to reach the top! So busy that sometimes we steal family time or friend’s time to work! Here are a few ideas for making working out a reality for busy people rather than just a dream. Will look forward to your feedback!

Before I make life easy for you by giving you ideas for incorporating exercise in your busy schedule, I would like to stress on the fact that it would be much better if you slowed down a little and set aside time for family, friends and health! It is as if we are juggling all these things along with career. Remember if all these were balls which we are juggling then except career all are made of glass! If the career goes to zero we can begin again and reach the top; but if any of the others are affected recreating the same situation might not be possible! So, give this some serious thought.

Getting up 15 minutes before your usual time and meditating will give your day a head start! The meditation session in the morning will keep you energetic the whole day.

Some time ago, I met two of friends – one congratulating the other – I soon learned that the latter had just sold his car and had decided to use a bicycle to commute. How wonderful! Why can’t we all do this? You just might just want to ride a bike to work and back! It will give you enough exercise to keep you fit and fine. Make sure you wear a mask though!

Keep a pair of light therabands, weights or dumbbells in your office. Take a mid morning break and early evening break for about 20 minutes each time and do exercises with these. This will give you a break from your cramped up position in your chair. Also consider taking a break every time you experience a block in thinking or work; this will give you time to rethink and you might come up with solutions while working out.
If you commute by public transport then while returning home get off 2-3 stops before your stop and walk the rest of the way. This will give you time to go over the day’s events and plan mentally for the next day. You might even want to make a few last calls before you reach home so that once you are home you can give your complete attention to family.

If you work in an office which is on a higher floor or if you need to move back and forth between floors then I suggest that you use the stairs. Stop using the elevator altogether. You might find it a little difficult to begin with but you will get into the habit gradually.

After lunch do a short 10 minutes meditation to recoup your energy; remember that adage “After lunch rest a while, after dinner walk a mile”? It is a wonderful idea to go for a walk after dinner with your spouse/children/friend/parents or anyone for that matter; this could translate to quality time for bonding! This will help you cool down after a hard day’s work so you will get good sleep too. Walking alone is also a good option – you could use this time to introspect or connect with yourself spiritually.

Many professions today require one to be on the phone for long durations of time. It is a good idea to take long walks in the corridor while speaking on the mobile! You might even consider going to the office gym and stepping on to the treadmill while you make your calls! Your cardio will be over before you realize it!

These are the ideas that came to me; I am sure that many of you have devised your own ways of solving this problem. After all, necessity is the mother of invention; so please share with me your unique methods of working out in your busy schedule!

Be Healthy and Happy!

Mickey Mehta. The author is India’s Leading Holistic Health Guru

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