A green pill for good health

My Wish Hub Ltd (MWH), the London-based nutraceutical company, introduces Live Green, the tablet that is said to renew vitality and provide the benefits of green vegetables.

Real Grass and Real Veggies – the two products of the Live Green brand – are prepared from organically grown full spectrum green grass and green vegetable extracts respectively.

Real Grasses is a blood tonic that eliminates the root cause of aging, increases the red blood cell count in the body, neutralises and nourishes the body from within.

Real Veggies is a certified organic food that protects the liver from getting overloaded with toxins and helps resume its function normally making you feel easy and light. The product is a concentrated pack of cabbage, carrot, broccoli, fenugreek, beet root, spinach and parsley.

The products are marketed and distributed in India by Neiss Wellness (India) Ltd.