A simple balanced meal plan

You have been informed about what is a calorie, why calories are required, what are your requirements, which foods provide calories and how much is got from a prepared dish.

So, in this last piece, let me sign off with a simple balanced meal plan.

Let this be a weight reducing diet, as most readers ask for it. For those who need not reduce, add some dishes based on the values given in the 100 calorie table that I had given earlier to make up their calorie requirement.

I mentioned earlier that you have to be good in simple maths to work out your own diets. Take up your requirement from the table, check out on the planned diet, adding or subtracting, where necessary, using the table on 100calorie foods.

Sample diet for reducing weight for women. Men can increase the energy by 300 to 400 Kcals.

Foods Quantity, g Protein, g Fat, g Carbs,  g Energy, Kcal
Cereal 150 18 6 102 525
Pulses 50 12 1 30 175
Gr.leafy veg. 100 3 7 40
Other vegs 100 2 8 40
Fruits 100 1 14 60
Egg One 6 6 80
Fish and chicken 50 12 0.5 50
Meats 50 10 3 65
Milk 200 6 8 8 130
Fats 10 10 90
Totals 70 24.5 169 1255

Ms. Malathi Mohan is Dean, Academy of Fitness Management, FitnessOne, Chennai.

This is the fifth of a five-part series on calories by nutrition expert Malathi Mohan.

In this five-part series on calories, nutrition expert Malathi Mohan highlights the role calories play in our food and shares important tips to manage calorie intake better as a family.

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