A Smart Move towards a Personalized Diabetes Care

By Haneen Raihana

We, Indians, seem lethargic when it comes to handling a familiar metabolic disorder, that might turn fatal – Diabetes. This disorder has always been the talk of the town, due to its rapid penetration in India as well as the rest of the world.

With its serious outcomes and severe complications, how many of us are educated about the symptoms? Though we feel proud of our digital developments, we are still unable to address this threat ruling our country. ‘India is among the top 3 countries with a large diabetic population’ – this has transformed into an epidemic, says Mr.Kartikeya Joshi, the main person behind the revolutionary program called – Life In Control.

‘I was more concerned about using technology to positively impact people’s life. This core technological idea was jointly discussed with my techie friends and ‘Life In Control’ was established primarily for managing diabetes. We focussed on creating a comprehensive solution for this chronic disease, at the same time, desired to create awareness on the importance of self-role in overcoming this hazard.

Generally, diabetes in India is approached in an episodic manner: a regular check-up with the doctors followed by medication. Instead, we must start considering Diabetes as a disease which needs continuous care. People must understand the underlying truth that diabetes can be brought under control through medication and a constructive lifestyle modification. This is where ‘Life In Control’ stands out as a much needed app that helps you in tackling diabetes, in a smart way!

It is an engaging, personalised App that is led by a standard team of more than 100 trusted doctors, professional coaches and dynamic health experts. You can term it a ‘Doctor-led diabetes App’, wherein specialists connect with their patients to drive better outcomes. Every patient is allotted with a ‘Care Plan’ – a customised annual program that analyses the medical history and monitors the overall progress of every individual.

Who will be able to maintain your diabetic health in the absence of a doctor? – A specialised coach is right there to answer all your queries. The triangular connection of doctors, coaches and the patients results in potential solutions. You can keep a regular track of your daily diet, exercise follow-up, and avail other amazing features that the app provides. Patients can also access the complete profile of the doctors they are connected to and maintain an error-free documentation of their health through this app.

Apart from the above mentioned features, the app developers also take efforts to create an everlasting bond by organizing face-to-face campaigns, real-time screening and tests, organizing workshops and lots more to make patients understand the importance of diabetes risk management.

‘We are planning to launch a new feature called – Companion App that will enable women in the family to assist this powerful initiative. Abiding with the theme of ‘World Diabetes Day 2017 – Women and diabetes’, our app strives to bring together all women, educating and empowering them towards attaining a healthy future.

Indian health care industry is finding capable ways to adopt new enhanced digital infrastructure for affordable and equitable access for treatment of diseases and Mobile App technology is a welcoming trend to watch out for! ‘Managing diabetes is not a hard task today, if the patients are provided with the right access and awareness, one can easily move towards a normal lifestyle’ assures Mr.Joshi.

Download the App and get to know its unique benefits!

Source: Sify
Image Source: Life In Control