Fitness Q&A: Abdominal exercises help reduce belly fat

Mamtaa Joshi is a ‘Reebok’ qualified fitness trainer and since 1998 has conducted both studio and gym based fitness classes at talwalkars, expressions dance studio and for a leading five star hotel group. She also offers home based personal fitness training to clients.

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Hi my height is 5′ 4 and my weight is 61 kg. I want to lose my weight. Please tell me proper diet chart or some other tips – Gunjan Ramani

Hi i think u need to loose 4 kgs not more than that you can do cardio workout.. eat healthy nutritious food and do cardio exercise like running skipping and that will be help u to reduce .. try to eat healthy breakfast and try to avoid late night food or finish your dinner by 7 pm.this will truly help you.

I have been doing yoga since last 1 year. I have reduced 5 kgs i.e. come down from 58Kg to 53 Kg. My age is 35 years and am mother of 5 years old. My height is 5’-3”. Though my weight is ideal and I look slim, however, I am not able to get a flat stomach, especially lower abs. I do yoga for 1 hour, 4 days a week. Once a week, I do cardio in the form of brisk walk. Most of my exercises are for abs. Please help me, what do I need to do to get rid of belly fat.

Hi. For lower abs and to reduce belly fat is directly related to your diet intake .try to do more abdominal exercise which include skipping rope ,dancexercise and try to avoid carbohydrate in the evening. Doing more fat burn exercise will help u to make your abdominal flat,

Name: Akshata , Female, Age 25, Height: 5.2”, Weight: 75, Married
I’m a working woman, I have hypothyroidism problem
Morning as soon as I wake (5.45 am ) I take Thyronorm tablet,
At 6.30 luke warm water with honey and lemon
Breakfast (8.00 am): 3 idli with sambar or 2 chapati with egg curry or 2 dosa with chutney
Lunch: 2 chapati with sabji, dal, 1bowl rice and 1 bowl curd
Dinner:1 carrot with 2 egg white
Or 1chapati ,sabji, 1 carrot
Or Museli/Oats with milk
Mini meals: 1 bowl of fruits or glass of milk with B-protein or 2 egg white or 4-5 rusk
Exercise: 5days/week (Evening)
Cardio(Daily): Threadmill: 20min
Cycling: 10min
Cross trainer: 10min
5days exercise for upper abs, lower abs, thighs, arms and hips
I want to lose 20 kg weight so that my weight will be normal. I would like to know whether whatever diet and exercise I’m following with that is it possible to loose weight or do I need to do any changes in it.

Hi.. .i will advice u to do three days alternative cardio and two days strengthening exercise. I can see your breakfast is heavy but then cut-down chapatti at time of lunch…when you are taking rusk please try to take 3 . if you are feeling more hungry then do more exercise and try to burn your calorie intake.

hello mam,
My name is amrit and i m student.i m 20 year old,height-170 cm and weight 81 kg.
My diet:-
Breakfast-generally not taking breakfast,but sometimes roti
sabji,paratha,puri sabji
Lunch:-rice with pulse,chicken,fish,egg(in a week)
Dinner:-roti sabji,kheer,egg,puri,salad(in a week)
Bad habit:-smoking
I want to reduce my weight and look smart.
So please give me suggestion to become what I should do.
Waiting for your reply…..

Hi. Please at your age having full nutritious meal is very important please do not skip your breakfast..whenever you are eating chicken try to eat tandoori and when you are selecting non veg. Try to select fish then chicken which is more healthy. You are eating kheer in dinner everyday? Cut down on sweets and try to watch your food intake… i think little bit of lifestyle management will help you more.

I am young man of 40 years age with height of 6 feet and weight approx 85 KG. I am not fat and ok built person, It is about 2 years now when I started brisk walking daily morning for about 45 minutes. I am a pure vegetarian person and a non alcohol drinker but and eat everything any time, I also do weight lifting at home. I still have small tummy, which I feel at times, I want to stay slim and well built. Please suggest me my eating habits, which helps me to retain my energy. In the evening I feel exhausted and tried also, Please do you suggest if we should take any multivitamins, are they useful or has any side effects. Please advise me on above said.

Hi. I have gone through your question for multivitamin please contact physician , for small tummy u have to do some cardio blast exercise.that will help u to loose your tummy.

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