Acne treatment is long term process: Dr. Amladi

Dr. Amladi as medical head of Kaya Skin Clinics leads a team of 300 expert dermatologists in India, the Middle East and Bangladesh.

She is currently the Editor – Forum for Aesthetic Dermatology, Associate Editor – Indian Clinical Updates, Dermatology and Member, Editorial Board, Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology & Leprology.

She has over 20 years of clinical, academic and research experience in dermatology.

Amladi answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

G’Day Madam, Q1? to remove injury, surgery 14 months stitches scare from the body. Age 50 yrs Q2My son aged 22 yrs has skin scare 6 long lines width 5 cm since last 10 yrs on his back. ? to treat it. With thanks Pradeep Bhubaneswar

Scars can be managed with many different techniques – suggest you consult a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for this problem

Is there any permanent cure for lichen planus

Lichen planus will subside on its own in due course of time, however the natural course is some eruptions coming up off and on.

Doctor ji, I had nail infection since one year, I earlier visited dermatologist and after diagnosis he prescribed a medicine called terbicip 250mg six months I used the medicine but the problem still persisits pls. advise me.

If the skin around the affected nail is swollen and painful, this could be a condition called paronychia. Suggest you follow up with your derm to revaluate the condition

Please suggest some remedy for sun burn skin

A soothing calamine based lotion should help – please apply twice to thrice daily

Hi Doctor , Can you please me let me know natural ways to remove pimple scars…

Scars from pimples do settle down to some extent within the first 6-8 months, so if they are fresh, they will reduce on their own. The remaining scars are best treated by a dermatologist, rather than trying home remedies.

Hello doctor, my 35 female, my hairs started graying in age of 25, i m using loreal colour for last 5 years. my hairs r thinning n there is slight baldness on left forehead. pls advice i cant use henna

For the hair loss please do consult a dermatologist who will diagnose and guide you on the correct management

I have these white small patches for around 7 years.

You need to consult a qualified dermatologist to diagnose and suggest the right line of management.

Remedy to remove white patches from forehead?

It will depend on the cause

What is the cure for white patches on forehead

It depends on the cause of the patches – fungal infection, eczema, allergy, etc.

Hello Mam, I am 24 years old boy, and i have these small white dots on my forehead for around 6-7 years. I have tried all the medicines and creams. The dots disappear during winter and again comes during summer. Please suggest the medicine.

What you describe sounds like a mild fungal infection commonly seen in hot sweaty weather. You could also be suffering from dandruff. Please do consult a qualified dermatologist when you have the dots so that they can be treated

Is there any medicine for vitiligo

There are many modalities to manage vitiligo – choice will depend on size of patches, location, family history, and medical conditions. Do consult your dermatologist for all options

Hi doctor, i m 35, my hairs started graying early in my 20’s. so i started hair colour from last 5 years. my hairs hav started thinning n a very little bit baldness i see on my left forehead. pls advice me wht to do. i cant use henna or mehendi.

Your problems sounds like pattern hair loss – please do consult a qualified dermatologist to diagnose and manage the problem. The doctor would be able to advise you on the colouring once he/she has evaluated you.

Hello doctor, i have got black marks on my hands and a lot of irritation during summer.. Please suggest what shall be done

If the marks are due to the irritation, then i would suggest a moisturiser used twice daily – should help them to settle down. Consult a dermatologist to resolve this

I have severe hair loss problem. Form front it looks bald. what should i try and what treatment can i follow?

What you describe sounds like pattern hair loss. this will need a thorough evaluation and specific management. You need to consult a qualified dermatologist to resolve this.

And how much Vitamin D should I consume everyday for a healthy skin?Thanks.

A normal diet gets sufficient Vitamin D and Calcium from milk, milk products, nuts, meats. additional Vitamin D in the form of tablets or supplements should be consumed only under a doctor’s supervision in case you have a deficiency.

Please tell me about chemical peels. I have heard that they are very harsh.

Chemical peels are mild acids which cause exfoliation, that is they help to peel off the superficial layers of the skin. this leads to improved texture, and lightening effect. There are different types and strengths of peels available. the superficial ones which are commonly used in cosmetic procedures are not very harsh on the skin.

What is your expert advice to me for hair removal on arms and legs?

If you are looking for safe, effective and long lasting benefit, you should evaluate laser hair reduction.

Hi Doctor, I am aged 36yrs. Whenever I wax my arms I get this strange redishness which lasts for days.Why is it so?

Probably the wax itself or the act of stripping off the hair is leading to some inflammation which is causing the redness. I would suggest you try out a different mode of hair removal the next time and check if this recurs.

I want to know about the latest technique of laser treatment as I intend to opt for it.

If you are referring to laser hair reduction, then the two technologies available are NdYAG and diode. Both are effective and safe – you could opt for either depending on your requirements.

Is laser therapy also advised for sensitive skin?

If you are referring to laser hair reduction, yes it can be used. we would assess your skin and do a patch test before starting the treatment to ensure that it would be safe for you.

How much does a laser therapy usually cost?

It depends on the area to be lased and number of sessions required, also what laser technology you choose.

M”am I am 38yrs female. I having been using razor from last 15yrs. I have this phobia for Laser treatment for hair removal. Please help.

Hi there is no reason to fear laser hair reduction – its safe and effective. Would you like an experiential? – if your city has a Kaya clinic, do drop in for a detailed information and experiential.

What is your take on Talcum Powders as a dermatologist?

Talcum powders are applied to absorb sweat and keep the skin feeling fragrant. Avoid in case of a specific allergy or irritation response to any particular talcum powder

Any advice to avoid q or prevent too much perspiration?

Dear jayesh, use antiperspirant deos or body talcs to reduce the local sweating, light cotton clothing which will absorb sweat. If it is too excessive and is a problem for you, you could consult a dermatologist to explore some further treatment

I am a 40 yrs male doing a marketing job. use Deodorants directly on skin. Is it O.K?

As long as you do not have any irritation or any specific problems related to the application, it is fine

Is there a prevention from warts?

If you know the source, eg. warts on hands or feet following pedicure/manicure – then you could avoid the exposure and thereby prevent them. If you have warts, best to get them treated quickly, as they spread from one area to another.

How are warts treated?

Warts are treated depending on their size, number and location. There are a number of treatment available – chemical cautery, cryotherapy, excision, laser etc which any qualified dermatologist would be able to recommend.

Greetings Dr. What are warts?

Warts are a type of viral infection of the skin

Do wrinkles show more easily on dryer skin than normal skin? Regards Kavitha.

Yes wrinkles are more likely to show up on dry skin because dehydration roughen the texture of the skin

My husband who is 34 yrs has recently developed crows feet near his eyes(on the sides). Can it be removed? How?

He should use a sunscreen in the daytime and an anti aging moisturiser at night, to both manage and prevent. Consult a dermatologist in case he would like to avail of any newer technology to manage the crows feet.

I am 33 years female who has already started getting some wrinkles on the face. Please advice.

Use a sunscreen daily and incorporate it into your basic skincare routine. also begin using a suitable moisturising-antiaging product at night. Use mild cleansers which will not dry out the skin further

What is the actual cause behind dry skin? Does it remain dry forever or can be treated to normal skin?

Skin may be inherently dry as a skin type – but also sometimes you can acquire dry skin due to various factors – age, medical conditions, some medications. A good diet, adequate hydration, and proper use of skincare products including moisturisers will definitely help

How do I decide on good skin care products? What should I look for?

Understand your own skin type first – normal, dry,oily, combination, sensitive? then use a skincare regime containing products formulated for your skin type – cleanser, Toner(if too oily skin), sunscreen, moisturiser. Use products from reliable credible sources

Is a sunscreen enough for protection for the people who are regularly exposed to sun for work?

The right SPF sunscreen, applied correctly in a thin layer on exposed areas, repeated after 2-4 hours, will go a long way to help. The right clothing is also required.

Are genes related to skin allergies or disorders? Thanks.

Genes are the normal building blocks of the body which are made up of DNA. Some types of skin disorders can be related to genetic problems

What is the root cause of the skin disorders?

Root causes are different depending on the condition. Could be a wide variety of causes – genetic, environment-related, infections, hormonal, immunity related, etc

How often the skin problems triggered by allergies?

Allergies can result in some specific skin problems such as urticaria, eczema, etc. these can appear when the skin is exposed to the trigger factor

What does one do if someone is allergic to sunblocks? Is there an alternative?

You may be able to tolerate pure physical suncreens such as calamine or titanium dioxide. Appropriate clothing to cover the arms, legs, high collared clothes, using an umbrella or wide brimmed hat will all help

When is a mole considered as abnormal?

A mole which shows abnormal findings on pathological study. Sudden growth, bleeding, may be some signs which may indicate abnormality, however this is uncommon. A simple excision biopsy will clarify

What is the procedure of mole removal called?

Mole removal can be done with multiple different techniques – simple excision, radiofrequency, laser etc

Can you please tell me Doctor that is it easy to get rid of moles without scarring?

Sure, depending on the size and location of the moles, there are many treatments available such as excision, radio frequency, laser etc

Does yoghurt help to prevent acne?

Yoghurt contains lactobacilli which are very good for maintaining digestion. Its a good food for maintenance of overall digestive health, and that does contribute to a good skin.

How is acne linked to the age factor? Does it get worst with growing age?

Typically adolescent acne beginning in early teens will usually settle down by the early twenties. However there is a subset of acne which continues into adult life, even up to the 40s. Acne may also begin for the first time in the twenties.

Is an acne treatment long term?

Yes acne treatment is longterm. You have to take treatment first for the active breakouts, and then follow that up with a maintenance regime for controllong and preventing new ones.

Are acne scars permanent?

Acne Scars remodel in the first 6-8 months and decrease in size and depth – after that there will usually be no further reduction. Prevention of scarring is important, and can be done through early and prompt treatment of breakouts. there are many technologies available now which can give you good reduction in acne scars – lasers, minor surgical procedures, etc

I am 40 yrs female. I still have acne. And now getting scarring also. How do I prevent it?

Its important to implement regular skin care routine which will keep the oiliness under control and prevent breakouts. Cleanse with a suitable oil free product, and you can use a toner for additional cleansing. Use a light sunscreen during the day and a moisturiser at night. For managing the acne, you need consult a dermatologist to address the acute eruptions and also for maintainance. You may also need oral medications. Since you are 40 yrs, check if you have any underlying medical or hormonal imbalances as well – eg. are you anaemic, etc

What is the best application for male skin care, especially the face?

The basic skin care regime consists of cleansing, toning, moisturising and sunscreen application. Is your skin type normal, dry, oily or combination? depending on that, you could use a cleanser which is formulated for your skin type, approximately twice daily. Toning is required if skin is too oily as a deeper cleansing. Use a sunscreen of 15 SPF or higher applied in a thin layer on the face and exposed areas in the morning – you can reapply after 2-4 hours. If your skin is too dry, use a moisturiser at night.

Is it true that sweating more helps in a glowing skin? I do not sweat much, only sometimes.

There’s no specific connection between sweating and glow. Whats important is hydration, and that can be managed with good intake of water, a proper diet and the use of the right moisturisers suited for your skin type.

Good afternoon Dr.Amladi, I am a working male aged 30 yrs. My skin gets very oily throughout the day. I wash my face twice a day.How can I get a fresher look?

Since your skin is oily, your skincare regime should consist of a cleanser and toner for deeper cleansing. use cleansers which are non-greasy or moisturised, and formulated for oily skin. You could wash 2-3 times daily, however be careful that your skin doesnt feel too dry after this. I would suggest that you keep some tissues with you which you could use to dab your face in between to take away the extra grease.

As SPF protection is advised for external use to prevent tanning, is there anything which can help in the same internally?

Yes some foods such as carrots do contain betacarotene which are internally protective

Is it true that higher the SPF in a sunscreen, better is the protection against the UV rays? Please advice.

A sunscreen with 15-30 SPF will provide approximately 92-95% sun protection. As the SPF increases, the effect will increase to about 96-97% protection. So you can see that the level of protection is not significantly higher just because of the SPF being higher. Its more important to apply the sunscreen appropriately, and reapply as required.

Hello Doctor. My skin tans very easily when exposed to sun. I do use Sunscreen regularly, but it still doesn’t prevent tanning.

Hi Shifali its great that you use sunscreen regularly, its a great skin care habit.. I would suggest that you use an SPF higher than 15, and apply the sunscreen in a thin film over the exposed areas of your face and body about 15-20 minutes before you go out anywhere. this way it will form a layer which will protect you. you would probably need to reapply the sunscreen after 2-4 hours to maintain the effect. You could also choose a sunscreen which has some physical blocker as well. Its difficult to prevent tanning completely, however this will help maximise the use of the sunscreen. You could add to this by wearing full sleeves high collared cotton clothes especially during summers.