American diet foods major Atkins plans India foray

Leading American diet food-maker Atkins will soon be hawking its weight-management products in the domestic market, a top company official said.

`Within the next three to six months you will see Atkins products here. We are trying to find the right distributor that can hawk our products and run our educational training system to begin with. Later on, we may look at opening Atkins Clinics,` Atkins Regional Director for Middle East, Africa and Asia, Greg Boucher told PTI here.

The USD 2.4-billion Denver-based Atkins Nutritionals Inc is a diet/healthy foods major specialises mostly in sugar-free products with its most popular brands are Advantage, Day Break, and Endulge. Atkins markets its wares in 16 countries.

Boucher also said the company would initially investing about Rs 2.4 crore in the country.

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