Anushka Sharma’s winter secrets for gorgeous hair!

It’s time to protect your tresses from winter stresses and flaunt beautiful locks this season!

With winter round the corner, your hair has share of troubles. The cold, dry winter and lack of moisture makes your hair extremely frizzy and tangled.

Actress Anushka shares her best-kept secrets to keep your hair lustrous through the chilly winter.

· Massage your hair: A massage with hot coconut oil works wonders as a conditioner and provides the necessary nourishment and moisture to your scalp and hair. It is recommended that you oil your hair every time you wash your hair (at least thrice a week) to regain the moisture.

· Go natural: The use of chemicals during winter will only add to your troubles as they are very harsh on your hair. It is wiser to go for natural remedies to rejuvenate and deeply condition your hair.  You can prepare a home-made hair mask like a mixture of egg and warm coconut oil, which can give your hair the deep conditioning it requires during this season.

· Say goodbye to technology: Avoid excessive use of blow dryers/hair curlers to manage your hair as they severely dry your hair. Regular hot coconut oil massages will restore its sheen and make your hair manageable and easy to style.

· Eat well: Drink at least eight to nine glasses of water daily to keep yourself hydrated. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, which will help build overall health of your hair. Also, protein enriched food such as milk, yoghurt, sprouts, etc. provide your hair with the essential nourishment.

· Protect your hair against dust: Wet hair is very susceptible to breakage, therefore do not go outside with wet hair. Make it a point to cover your hair with a hat or scarf, especially during the day to protect against dust and other pollutants.