Anxiety? Switch to natural remedies

Anxiety is one of the commonest conditions affecting all age groups. In recent times, recession has lead to increased levels of anxiety in all families. Here, I analyze the natural ways to curb anxiety effectively and positively. Modern anti-depressant therapies and medicines have less impact on anxiety and are known for side effects like obesity, diabetes, etc.

Meditation for anxiety – Both experts from modern and traditional medical systems agree that meditation is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety. Regular practice of meditation helps curb stress, improve positive mentality, etc. Many studies have shown that transcendental meditation is the most effective type of meditation which brings back normalcy in no time.

Homeopathy for anxiety – One of the studies conducted by Harvard Medical school in 1993, reports that as much as 25% of Americans choose homeopathy or alternative medicines as the first medicine to curb anxiety. Homeopathy medicines are the widely used alternative medicine for anxiety and many modern psychiatric experts do agree with this concept.

Herbs for anxiety – Many herbs in the common market are used as a food supplement to prevent and manage anxiety. Herbs like Kava Kava is the commonest herb used for reducing tension, anger-related headaches, etc. Skullcap is another medicine, native to traditional American medicine used to ease the emotional headache and to improve sound sleep. Europe believes in Valerian roots for calmness and to induce good sleep.  India bets on Indian Ginseng – Ashwagandha for stress, anxiety and sleep disorders.; paciflora extract and St John’s wort are the other herbs commonly used across the globe for anxiety, depression and sleep disorders

Hypnotherapy – Recent surveys show that the usage of these therapies have increased by 19% in the last two years. Even though the the positive effects are not scientifically  documented, the patients feel better after every session of therapy.

Aromatherapy for anxiety – Essential oils like lavender, marjoram are helpful to improve depressed moods

Physical exercises and anxiety – Many psychiatrists recommend physical exercises to reduce stress and anxiety. Massage, dance therapies, swimming, cycling ,etc. are commonly recommended exercises.

Nutritional therapies – Irritability, stress, anxiety, tension are often related to nutritional deficiencies. A careful analysis of nutrition and supplements can reduce the complaint swiftly.

Ayurveda for anxiety – Ayurveda recommends personalized therapies like Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Pizchil, Navara Kizhi etc for anxiety. Ayurveda recommends a specialized three -month rejuvenation program for anxiety with diet, yoga and meditation and exercises, controlled therapies to heal this condition swiftly and completely.

These natural approaches to anxiety are more effective than modern medicines. As these are natural products, they help improve the psychological health and wellbeing unlike modern medicines which just suppress the symptoms and make you sleep.

Source: Dr Gowthaman, Medical Director, Dr Gowthaman’s Ayurveda Panchakarma Center, Chennai

Image: Honou