Apollo Hospitals launches robot for brain stroke patients

One of Asia`s premier healthcare groups, Apollo Hospitals, today launched a `stroke robot` which will assist experts to diagnose and advise treatment for brain stroke patients within the country and outside, its chairman said.

`RP-7, a state-of-the-art, wireless and internet-based robot allows neuro-physicians sitting in the comfort of their offices to speak to the patient, nurse and the doctor on duty with the help of a monitor located in the place of the head of the contraption.

The physician after logging in into his computer or laptop can virtually make the robot move to any corner of the room with the help of the cursor,` authorities said.

`It is important that a brain stroke patient reaches the nearest neurology centre within four hours. These robots will help us cut short the time as vital signs of the patient can be checked and diagnostics could be advised within minutes. Doctors can also speak with family members, check bedside monitors and ventilator settings,` said Dr Subhashini Prabhakar, Head of Neurology, Apollo Hospitals.

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