Avoid ghutkha, prevent cancer: Expert

By 2020, according to a World Health Organization (WHO) estimate, every home will have a cancer patient, but are we conscious enough to take preventive measures?

The question is “Are we able to reduce the statistics which is the main cause to the deadly disease cancer?”

To address this issue, Dr. Vikash K Agarwal, an eminent oncosurgeon, Chairman, Global Cancer Trust and Ex. Surgeon TATA Memorial Hospital organized a Cancer Awareness Programme on World Cancer Day in association with Heritage Institute of Technology today at The Heritage campus.

“At an early stage, if cancer is detected it is curable but are we conscious about the deadly disease cancer and taking steps to prevent it,” said Dr. Agarwal.

He said that majority of the youth nowadays consuming tobacco due to peer pressures rather than stress and anxiety. “60% of the profits are earned by selling a pouch of ghutkha, which is really deadly,” said Dr. Agarwal.

He said “we are not aware about our bodies and the bad impact of consuming tobacco for which our country is more prone to cancer.”

He sighted some of the shocking cases which came across him where a person had suffered from cancer and died living alone his wife and son in the nuclear family.

By giving pictorial examples he cited the after effects of cancer, especially oral cancer which is very much common in India. “Before you take your first pouch of Ghutkha, think twice,” said Dr. Agarwal.

One of the faculty members asked about people who consume more cigarettes but still not having cancer. To the reply of this question, Dr. Agarwal said that some people have a strong immunity system which prevents the occurrence of cancer inspite of having tobacco.

Giving the example of Lisa Ray and Yuvraj Singh, who survived from the deadly disease, he said that before it enters one’s body, it should be prevented.

On the other hand Dr. Agarwal also spoke about Breast Cancer and cervical Cancer which is very much common in women, since one out of 87 in rural India and one out of 20 in urban India get it.

He narrated the symptoms of breast cancer and how can it be prevented.

“Stay Healthy, eat vegetable and maintain a healthy diet. Don’t forget to exercise at least 15 minutes a day and say no to tobacco,” said Dr. Agarwal as the remedial measure to prevent cancer.

The programme was also contributed by Mr. Vikas Banka, Dr. Pranay Chaudhuri, Principal, Heritage Institute of technology, CEO, Pradip Agarwal and Executive Director, Probir Roy.

More than 100 faculty members and students attended the programme.

Source: IBNS