Ayurveda Q&A: Ayurvedic cure for sinusitis

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This week’s answers:

1. Hello Dr.Gowthaman, I am a 52 year old male. I have fungal nails on two fingers of my right hand as also fungal skin on my throat and fingers. Please suggest remedies.
Fungal infection inside the system is alarming. What are the medicines are you taking now? External fungal infections can be easily managed by application of “Jatyadi Gritam” – medicated Ayurveda ghee. Apply this medicated ghee over the affected fingers at bed time. Wash it thoroughly in the morning. This ghee should not be used internally.

For internal fungal infection fresh juice of adathoda Vasica with honey once a day in empty stomach would help. Ayurveda medicines like Maha Thiktakam Kashayam Tablets 3 – 3 before breakfast and dinner with warm milk will help in removing the fungal infections and prevent spreading.

2. Hello Doctor, My name is Geetha Muralidhar, staying in Goa. Few days back, i got hit by by an iron rod on my leg (above the ankle). Since then, that place has become hard and painful. I tried to give fermentation with hot water. But it is not healing. That area has become red and hard. Please suggest some home remedy so that the wound can be healed.
Geetha Muralidhar
Before I advise any remedies i suggest you to go for an x ray to rule out any hair line fractures. Also check your blood sugar and BP levels.

Application of warm olive oil followed by warm water fomentation would ease the muscles and improve the blood circulation. To improve the healing process take ginger processed with milk everyday on an empty stomach for 2 weeks.

Ayurveda medicines like Kaishora Guggulu, Chandra Prabha Guggulu, Yoga Raja Guggulu (1-1-1 after food) would help in healing. External applications of oils like Pinda Thailam, Maha Narayana Thailam, Maha Masha Thailam, Murivenna etc can improve the condition swiftly.

3. doctor, i am suffering from severe sinutsis since few months consulted allopathic doctors they say for endoscopy operations my nose will blocked and flow in the nose watery and pain in face near nose and below eye and head and breathlessness so pls give me some ayurvedic remedy homely one.
Sinusitis requires internal medications, diet and breathing exercises for permanent cure. Ayurveda medications like Indukantam Kashayam Tablets, Vygradi Kshayam Tablets, Dasamoola Katutryam Kashayam Tablets (anyone 3 – 3 before food with warm water) helps improves the immunity. External application of Rasnadi Choornam with warm milk on forehead and chin improves the blood circulation to the glands, removes the obstruction and unwanted water collection etc and allows the glands to heal physiologically. In chronic cases, 2 drops of Anu Thailam or Dhanvantharam 101 drops helps to bring out the unwanted toxins.
Avoiding non vegetarian foods, oily, spicy foods and drinks improves the immunity and there by prevents the sinusitis bouts. Breathing exercises like Pranayama, Surya Namaskar also helps to keep the organs and system healthy.

4. Respected Sir, I have a baby of 5 yrs & 3 months. She had a problem where in she used to breathe through her mouth. Due to which she would snore loudly. After consulting the doctor and the scan, it was diagnosed that she has got adenoids and sinus. She was operated for the same month and a half back for adenoids. She is under medication. Still she breathes through the mouth. The doctor has advised that it will take time for her to breathe through the mouth. She is prone to infection. She very often has cold and cough. Request you to kindly advise me some a medication for cold (her nose is normally blocked due to infection) & sinus. She complaints of pains above the eyebrows and below the eyes where the sinus is surrounded.
Anita Rajan
Application of Rasnadi Choornam with warm milk over chin, nose and forehead – twice daily followed by warm water wash removes the breathing difficulties in no time. Internally Aravinda Asavam and Vasa Arishtam – each 5 ml with 30 ml of warm water thrice daily will improve her immunity, thereby reducing the frequency of infections.

Early dinner, no direct expose to AC, fan or cold air, closing the ears, nose and feet when sleeping would help to maintain warmth which itself will address the nose block problem.

5. I am having stomach problem for last 20 years I am turning 41 this year in October. I face dificulty to discharge the stool evey morning unless I drink a liter of water. Kindly send suggestions.
Take 3 gm of Avipathy Choornam at bed time with warm water. This herbal powder is not a laxative. This basically gives strength to stomach and intestinal muscles so that the bowel movement becomes regular. More intake of fibre, 3 litres of water a day, 30-45 minutes of walking or any physical exercises, avoiding non vegetarian foods, high fatty spicy and salty foods helps.

6. I m facing more and more hair loss problem. I want to take very effective treatment if possible.
Hair fall could be due to poor protein, iron and amino acid metabolising. Add more curry leaves in diet, take 2 gm of curry leaves, coriander leaves, fresh ginger every day on an empty stomach to improve metabolism.

External application of Kuntala Kanti Thailam (Ayurveda medicated oil) followed by application of 100 gm of amla powder, 1 cup of fresh curd, 10 ml of fresh lemon juice followed by warm water wash after 45 minutes. Continue this for 30 days.

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