Ayurveda Q&A: Ayurvedic treatment for hypertension

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This week’s answers:

1. hello doctor, i am sachin 37 yrs old from nashik. i had undergone gall bladder & appendix removal operation in nov 2009 . after that operation i am having sever stomach problem of frequent swelling of intestines, indigestion , gas , stomach heavyness ,constipation & stomach ache . i always have white & yellow coated tounge. i am pure vegetarian . please give me remedy for stomach problems
thanking you

These are the usual complications of Gall Bladder removal. Your intestines suffers as there is no gall juice to digest the fatty and high fiber diets. Gall Bladder enzymes are very essential to improve our digestion, break the higher fatty acids to simpler assimilation one, breaking down the food materials into simpler easily digestible one etc.

As a post operative protocol, the surgeons would have advised you with Pan tablets and diets. Please try to stick on those diets. The following Ayurveda medications would help you

1. Thiktakam Kashayam – 3 tablets twice daily 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner with warm water

2. Gasex + Dhanvantharam gutika – Both 2 numbers with above Kashayam before food

3. Kama Dudha Ras tablets – 2 numbers thrice daily after food with warm water

4. Avipattikara Choornam Tablets – 3 numbers at bed time with warm water

Avoid fatty, spicy, semi cooked foods and drinks. Water is the best medicine for you. Drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day.

2. dear doctor, my daughter who is 13 yrs old very facianating about food. she is suffering with pimples ( pimples with puss) . i am worried about her face. please advice. thank u
Pimples could be due to food or simple hormonal change or Dandruff. Understanding cause would help to solve the problem. Children usually loves to try different foods. We as parents should make sure that all the food requirements are taken care of at home. Since she is in adolescent age naturally the hormonal levels are high and with fatty foods, fast foods etc it can further increase the condition.

Blood purification and detoxification could help her better. The following medications for 90 days would help.

Wash the face with warm water gently 2-3times a day.
Apply a mixture of equal amounts of lemon and cucumber juice on the face . Leave it for 15 minutes and wash off.
Apply MulthaniMatti powder with rose water as a face pack once in a weak. It reduces the oiliness of your face very effectively.
Thiktakam kashayam Tablet- 2 tablet 30 minutes before food twice daily.
AvipathyChoornam -1 tsp at bed time with hot water.

3. Sir, My daughter is 20 and 5.6′ high with a weight of 97 kg.. She is trying reduce weight thru exercise, cycling, but nothing to avail. Please advice some medicine/remedy to loose her weight.
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Please include the Simple Apple Diet. 1 apple just before breakfast, 2 apples before lunch and 2 apple before dinner followed by your regular meal. It can miraculously reduces weight. I have seen people loosing 9-11 kg with this simple induction in 90 days time. For weight loss with exercise this is the best medicine to follow.

4. Sir, My age is57 yearsheight 5.4 feet. weight 63 kgs. Both diabetes and HBP blood sugar is normal since 2 years but HBP is from last one and half years but value is notbelow157/80.I took StarpressXL 25 mg both morning and evening. Is it SARPHAGANDHA TABLETS is it good for HBO . If so What for english tablets.. Kindly give the suitable sujestion. I have on Normal diet not using salt and ht things like chillies and vada etc., .
Understanding blood pressure from Ayurveda point of view is different from Modern medicine. Hence i wont recommend one medicine or medicines can help. I would suggest a complete life style modification could help you better phase out the modern medicines.

I appreciate your changes in the food habits. Hypertension has many psychological reasons hence i would suggest you to practice yoga and Pranayama. Physical exercise has a very good impact on Hypertension. Please do 30 minutes walk or brisk walk as part of your day.

Constipation does contribute a lot for hypertension. Make sure 3 liters of water and preferably mild warm one everyday. Instead of eating three meals per day please take limited food every three hours to regularize the metabolic system.

Fresh fruits plays a vital role in improving anti oxidants etc. Please add papaya, apple. oranges etc as part of the diet.

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