Ayurveda Q&A: Controlling cholesterol is easy now

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This week’s answers:

1. I am also suffering from the snoring problem. During traveling by train My co-passengers also disturbed by my snoring and I feel very bad about it. Please explain the exercise in detail.
As discussed earlier, snoring is very much connected to obesity especially a big tummy. Less sleep, sleeping immediately after food, physical exertion etc are added factors. Please do check your cholesterol especially triglycerides clinically, it does contribute.

Walking, cycling and swimming are the best three exercises which can simply reduce snoring in no time. If you are less than 35 years of age i suggest jogging for 15 minutes a day.

Simple apple diet is what I suggest to my patients. It reduces snoring effectively by 50-75% in just 30 days. Avoid alcohol, smoking, reduce intake of sweets, deep fried items etc.

2. I m suffering from hairfall; white hair from 2-3 years. My age is 28 years; my shave hair turn in white colour. So Kindly provide me best home treatment.
Hair fall and whitening of hair or premature greying is becoming very common in younger age group now. High stress, reduced intake of fresh, leafy and watery vegetables and fruits, less water intake more importantly alcohol, smoking etc contributes to this condition.

Rejuvenation, improving the anti oxidants and de-stressing are the primary ways to win this condition. Take 50 gm of amla powder + 100 ml of fresh curd + 10 ml of fresh lemon juice + 1 egg white – Thoroughly mix this and apply as a pack on scalp followed by warm water bath after 30-45 minutes. Repeat this every alternative day for 28 days.

External application of scalp oils like Karkunthal, Keshmani Oil, Kunthala Kanti Thailam etc does help. Internal medicines like Punarnava Asavam + Loha Asavam (Each 15 ml after food with warm water) + Loham (101) helps both to improve the hair growth and premature hair grey.

3. Dear Dr Gowthaman, I read your article on use of bay leaf. It seems quite interesting. I just wanted to know how can I use this leaf to reduce bad cholesterol, triglycerides and weight.
Please take 2 gm of bay leaf powder mixed with warm milk on an empty stomach – it helps bring down bad cholesterol. Please take this for 60 days and repeat the test.
Precaution: Don’t use this if you have any history of stomach ulcer/Duodenal ulcer or during pregnancy.

4. i m facing a hair fall problem plz suggest me what can I do daily to prevent this problem. my age is 26yrs.
Pankaj Ahir
Hair fall in young age mostly related to poor nutritional intake, stress. Check your protein, Vitamin A and folic and amino acid intake. Add more fresh vegetables and fruits, dhal or chicken (If you are Non Vegetarian) in diet. This will improve your condition in no time.

Most importantly check your water intake. 3 liters of water per day helps in digestion and metabolism which in turn helps in hair growth and complete rejuvenation.

Punarnava Asavam + Loha Asavam – each 15 ml thrice daily after food + Keshmani capsules 2 helps a lot. As discussed previously the Amla powder pack rejuvenates the system in no time.

5. Please give me details whether Garlic capsules may decreases the high blood pressure? Now my BP is 177/85 I have taken LOSAR H after break fast and after meals One tablet Shudda guggulu and night one Shudda guggulu. Kindly give suggestion.
Instead of taking it as a capsule, I suggest take it as a milk extract. 50 ml of milk + 100 ml of water + 5 garlic pearls crushed – Boil this mixture until it becomes 50 ml. Filter this and take it in empty stomach only once a day. This will help lose weight, normalizes the blood pressure and improves the digestion and metabolism.

Alternatively, take hyper capsule 1 after food thrice daily. It is a compound Ayurveda herbal medicine with no side effects – very effective for Hypertension.

More than medicines, physical exercises and yoga help a lot. Please regularize these two to slowly withdraw the medicines.

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