Ayurveda Q&A: Cure for snoring

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This week’s answers:

1. My wife is a working lady aged about 55 yrs. Of late she has started loosing sight and her near vision is becoming weak. She is non diabetic non hypertensive. She doesnt get up fresh after a nights sleep and feels very week.. She gets cramps in her legs. pl suggest some remedy
Did you ever visit an ophthalmologist for a consultation? It could be underlying glaucoma or weakness of the optic nerves etc. Not getting up fresh in the morning and weakness may be related to physical work and nutritional imbalance. That’s nothing to do with the eye problem. Please check the following points, it may have an influence on the weakness and body pain:

1. Hours of work and travelling

2. Food intake – Proper timings and quantity, does she have a good appetite? Digestion? Constipation? Is her food nutritionally balanced?

3. Water intake – is it above two litres?

Once these factors are corrected, physical fatigue would go away. For eye problem please consult your ophthalmologist without delay.

2. I m 39 yrs old married female.I hv stomach problem…severe acidity..I hv to drink 5 glasses of warm water and vomit it immediately (this practice i called kunchal i yoga)every 10 days..then only in get relief in stomach otherwise my stomach muscles becomes heavy and gives me uneasyness… I face dificulty to discharge the stool evey morning even if it’s not constipation…i hv eaten Lavan Bhasker…Ajmodadi but nothing long effecting…kindly suggest…
Shubha jain
You are suffering from migraine, where these medications are completely contra indicated. Please don’t take them. Follow this simple home remedy:

Jeera powder – 50 gm

Honey – 50 gm

Lemon juice – sufficient quantity

Mix jeera powder and honey thoroughly. Soak this mixture in lemon juice for 7 days. After 7 days, take 5 gm of this mixture on an empty stomach with warm water. This will help you to recover swiftly.

3. i am 31 yrs.old I have a serious snoring problem from last so many yrs.,my nose get blocked during sleeping,Also i have throat infection problem ( gale ki kharash)from last many yrs,pls advice.
Snoring is a process wherein the streaming air causes the tissues of the nose and the throat to vibrate. This happens when a person is going into deep sleep from light sleep. The throat tissues and the roof palate tissues relax obstructing the airway. The air then pushes forcefully into the air passage resulting in a sound we know as snoring. Allergies, asthma, cold, nasal congestion, and sinus infection, all of these are known to cause snoring. Snoring could be hereditary or could be due to certain medications. Sleeping posture also affects snoring. Sleeping on your back frequently causes snoring, and a gentle thrust to the snorer to roll over on their side sometimes helps check snoring. Obesity, too, may cause snoring, so the best way to stop snoring is to lose weight. Alcohol consumption, especially before bedtime, increases airway obstruction and brings on snoring. Go easy on that!

Reduction of belly and body weight reduces snoring by 45%. In Ayurveda, we recommend a recipe called “Manibadram Gulam” / Gandharva Hastadi Kashayam.” This helps reduce snoring by about 85%.

4. Dear Sir, I have a severe problem of my soft pallet ( top of my throat where it joins mouth) being itchy – during change in weather and mostly in damp weather . Also when ever I sneeze , a very foul smell comes from my mouth. Age 42 years. General health normal. Please suggest.
You need to detoxify. Chronic candida promotes intestinal fermentation, especially if you are eating simple carbohydrates. I would start with food sensitivity testing to remove stressful burdens from your GI tract, add a quality pro-biotic at about 50-100 billion live cells per day, along with adopting a high fibre, low glycemic diet as your basis. To determine what is going on in your GI tract, having a Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA) with Ova and Parasite testing (O&P X3) would give insights to treatment along with Candida susceptibility if present verses identifying possible parasites. There is no quick cure to address all your complaints, but if you start with balancing the health of your GI tract everything will start to move in the right direction.

Gargling with amla powder with warm water twice or thrice daily will improve the condition no time.

5. Dear Dr.Gowthaman I have been facing a peculiar problem Since a month that my nose is getting blocked either the day time or the night. Some times the left nostril some times the right nostril. I am putting Otrivin Nasal Drops every day to open up the nose and to get the good sleep. I never faced this problem earlier. I got my Chest X ray done and there is no pathology. There is no associated fever. I am a bit anxious and you may please suggest me some Ayurvedic remedy with which I get the permanent relief.
C.Anil Kumar
Please follow the following medications

1. Vyagryadi Kashayam – 15 ml + 45 ml of warm water twice daily 30 minutes before breakfast and Dinner

2. Gorochanddi Gutika – 1 tablet twice daily with above medication

3. Rasnadi choornam – External application with Fresh ginger juice – Forehead, Chin and above nose.

This medication improves the functions of sinus glands and drains it properly. Also improves the body immunity so helps you swiftly.

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