Ayurveda Q&A: Diet for gallstone patients

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This week’s answers:


h r u sir.my name is susmita my mother is 45yrs we live in bangalore.my mother is having brown spots on her checks,upper checks,forehead which looks very bad this pro is frm 1yr but the spots became darker.we dont have any family history so i request u 2say some medicine r some home remides which clear the spots waiting for ur reply

rimshafarooq farooq

Hi Farooq,

This could be due to pre menopause or menopause. Please take the following home remedy. 100 ml of milk + 200 ml of warm water + 1 table spoon of Indian Asparagus powder.

All boiled together until the mixture becomes 100 ml. Filter and take this mixture twice daily 30 minutes before food. This would help to normalize the hormonal imbalances.

External application of Thiktakam gritam on the dark areas followed by warm water bath after 15-30 minutes heals the external color and skin texture.

Dear sir
I am suffering from anckylosing
spondylitis as my blood test :HLA_ B27 is positive. Allopath doctor said having anckylosing spondylitis there is no permanent cure in allopath but can be controll. One of doctor suggested me to switch in ayurved so plz tell me a good ayurved doctor with whom i consult.as i m getting pain in my left knee with swelling,pain in spinal cord,pain in right ribs & backache. Having too much weekness,constipation also.

plz sir reply me with a good ayurved doctor who is expert for this disease for which i will be grateful to you.


Hi Shahzad,

Ancklosing spondylsis is the specialty of Ayurveda. Ayurveda therapies, medicines can heal the conditions. Ayurveda treatment protocol is primarily focused on normalizing the vitiated vata dosha and to rejuvenate the affected tissue. Since this condition may also be related to stress, Ayurveda recommends a holistic approach with Ayurveda medicines and therapies, life style modifications and diet, minimized exercise and yoga.

Ayurveda recommends Guggulu, Aloe Vera, Ashwagandha, Turmeric, Giloy, Dry Ginger, Shallaki etc for prevention. These herbs are well known muscular and stress relaxants and anti inflammatory with no side effects which helps to prevent and to manage this condition. Ayurveda does recommend intake of 3 gm of Cow’s ghee as diet for prevention.

Ayurveda therapies for cervical spondylosis

Ayurveda cautions not to use any stronger, vibrant massage therapies for this condition as it may further worsen the condition. Only a gentle application of warm medicated oil, depends on the condition and Prakriti of the patient the oil is selected followed by herbal steam application improves the condition in no time.

Kati Vasti: Ayurveda recommends this therapy as a specialized care therapy for this condition. A bridge is formed on the back bone with flour power and warm medicated oil is filled for the period of 45-60 minutes. This helps the muscles and ligaments to relax and heal; improved blood circulation heals the tissues. This treatment usually advised for 14-28 days depends on the condition.

Ela Kizhi: Warm medicated oil application followed by warm Herbal bolus on the affected part improves the stiffness and pain. This therapy is recommended for 7-14 days depends on the condition

Mamsa Navara Kizhi: This is one of the specialized treatments for cervical spondylosis. Red meat, medicated rice, vata normalizing herbs processed with milk, made as a bolus. After the gentle application of the warm oil, this bolus is applied on the affected parts for 30-45 minutes without pressure. This treatment is very effective to heal any types of cervical spondylosis and with any degree of pain. This treatment usually suggested for 21-28 days depends of the condition.
These three above treatments is suggested alone or in combination depends on the condition.

Ayurveda recommendations for Cervical Spondylosis

a. Avoid – sour, salty foods and drinks, curd, deep fried foods, Maida, Suji, pulses and various by products of pulses
b. Take – Bitter gourd, drum stick and Neem flowers as diet helps
c. Wheat helps better than rice
d. Add more fibers and water as constipation may increase the condition
e. Avoid – Exposure to cold, cold water bath, violent exercises without proper guidance
f. Improve the milder physical exercises like walking, Surya Namaskara etc.

Yoga for cervical spondylosis

a. Padmasana (Lotus pose) for keeping the spine erect.
b. Tadasana (palm tree pose), helps rectifying postural defects
c. Yastikasana (Stick pose), helps to de-stress
d. Greeva Sanchalan asana (Neck movement) is the best to cure cervical spondylosis.


Prevention is better than cure. Simple changes in life style, proper exercise, guided yoga with regular detoxification and rejuvenation can prevent this condition. Maintaining a correct posture while reading, writing or working etc does help in prevention. A holistic approach with Ayurvedic medicines and treatments, simplified exercise and yoga, personalized diets are beneficial in curing cervical spondylosis.Please write to me in detail about your condition with reports – gowthaman@rvita.com

Dear Dr.Gowtham,

I am kaushalya, 24 years old, unmarried from chennai,India (with the weather being very hotright now) and I did like to clarify regarding ayurveda medicines prescribed by the

I am taking it for the first time.

My problem is/was anal fissures that I suffered for 2 years and finally it healed and the wounds got closed after i switched to homeopathy (was taking it for 1 and half years) although whenever there is a hard motion (initially hard stool and then normal), I would have pain in the closed areas.

I started taking warm water for normal stools but because of plucking out my tooth , I had to take cold water only and hence the severe pain and hard stool initially the next day.

I decided to try out ayurveda after experiencing the pain but I am unaware of ayuveda’s benefits and disadvantages although I believe it is natural.

hence, doctor prescribed conlax(initially 2 capsules and i had severe diarrhoea), then i was told to change to 1 capsule every night (this being my third day on ayurveda medicines). I was also given castor oil oral intake twice a day and later doctore told to change to half tsp. after breakfast only. others are: vita noni tonic before breakfast and dinner, stresscom for my anxiety-2 capsules before dinner and jathyadhi ghritham ointment for application in anus.

Please let me know if the medicines have side effects and if conlax, if taken for 30 days, would lead to a normal bowel function even after stopping it.

Thank you so much.
Kaushalya S

Hi Kaushalya S,

These medicines are good for both constipation, anal fissure and depreesion. Conlax is not a laxative, its a stool softner. Please stop the castor oil. External application of Jathydai gritam is not good for chennai.

Please apply Hemoride cream external application, its very soft and do not irritate the skin around the anus. Please continue the other medicines as directed. Diet plays a vital role, take good amount of water, Avoid Green Chili, sour and salty foods and drinks.

Dear Doctor,
I am suffering Gout for the past 10 years, and unable to find a cure in english medicine.Please refer me some Ayurvedic Experts in Bangalore, whom I can consult.
Thanking you,
B N Dinesh

Hi B N Dinesh,

Gout requires a holistic approach, Ayurveda therapies, Yoga and diet then good life style changes are required for complete healing. I visit Bangalore once a month. Please visit my clinic with all medical records. Please call 09500123413 for appointments.

Dear sir,
sleeping problem
my name is kumar age 24. my problem starts in 2002 due to my brother death by fire accident. by a deep relation between us i shocked then.and thinking about him and recollected past incidents habituated regularly at nights. due to this i am facing a problem in sleep that a random picture or clipping like dream(but not it is) coming and i may involve or may not in situation and appears i am doing something in dream everything as i will do realty. goes continue full night.please give soln to it
Kiran Kumar

Hi Kiran Kumar,

Ayurveda therapies and medicines can help . Ayurveda recommends a special therapy called Shirodhara helps to improve the positive thinking and energy. Please take 30 ml of Saraswatha Arishtam 30 ml + Manasamitram gutika.one tablets three times a day helps.

The following therapies are very effective in curbing depression and Anxiety

a. Meditation for Anxiety – Both experts from Modern and traditional medical systems agree that the meditation is one the best ways to reduce anxiety. Regular practice of Anxiety helps to curd stress, improves the positive mentality etc. Many studies have shown that the Transcendental meditation is the most effective type of meditation which brings back the normalcy in no time.

b. Homeopathy for Anxiety – One of the studies conducted by Harvard Medical school in 1993, reports the as much as 25% of Americans choose Homeopathy or Alternative medicines as the first medicine to curb Anxiety. Homeopathy medicines are the widely used alternative medicine for Anxiety and many modern psychiatric experts do agree this concept.

c. Herbs for Anxiety – Many herbs in the common market are used as a food supplement to prevent and manage Anxiety. Herbs like Kava Kava is the commonest herb used for reducing tension, anger related headaches etc. Skullcap is the other one, native to traditional American Medicine used to ease the emotional headache and to improve the sound sleep. Europe believes on Valerian roots for calmness and to induce good sleep. India bets on Indian Ginseng – Ashwagandha for stress, Anxiety and sleep disorders. Paciflora extract and St John’s wort are the other herbs commonly used across the globe for anxiety, depression and sleep disorders

d. Hypnotherapy – In recent days, the hypnotherapy found to be very effective for anxiety. Recent surveys shows that the usage of these kind of therapies increased by 19% in last two years. Even though the scientifically the positive effects are still not documented, the patients feels better after every session of the therapy.

e. Aromatherapy for Anxiety – Recent studies have shown the positive results for Aromatherapies for Anxiety. Essential oils like lavender, marjoram are helpful to improve the depressed moods

f. Physical exercises and Anxiety – Many psychiatrists’ recommends physical exercises to reduce the stress and Anxiety. Massages, dance therapies, swimming, cycling etc are commonly recommended exercises.

g. Nutritional Therapies – Most of the times irritability, stress, anxiety, tension etc are related to nutritional deficiencies. A careful nutrition analysis and supplements can reduce the complaint swiftly.

h. Ayurveda for Anxiety- Ayurveda is one of the first traditional systems of medicines explained about Anxiety in detail more than the Modern psychiatric systems. It recommends personalized therapies like Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Pizchil, Navara Kizhi etc for Anxiety. Ayurveda does recommend a specialized three month rejuvenation program for Anxiety with diet, yoga and meditation and exercises, controlled therapies to heal this condition swiftly and completely.

These natural approach to Anxiety is very effective than the Modern medicine approach. As these are natural products which helps improving the psychological health and wellbeing unlike Modern medicines which just suppress the symptoms and doze you out.

Dear Dr.

I hv been reading through your page frequently. I’m 43 and have hypothyroditis. I was taking eltroxin 100 mg for about 10 yrs and with the help of homeo I stopped taking them alrtogether. Now I’m under homeo for the past 3 years. i used to have thick curly hair which has thinned and I’m gaining weight oflate inspite of working out for about an hour every day. TSH is 10.86 T3 and T4 are well under control. Could you
suggest a medicine that helps in reducing weight? I’m weighing 75kgs now. Inspite of strict dieting and working out I find this keep increasing. The doc suggested me phytoslim and phytolacca berry tabs but of no help. Please suggest me a medicine

which helps in reducing the weight.

Thank you

Hi Lakshmi,

Ayurveda name this condition as Pandu – its a syndrome more than a simple condition. It requires a holistic approach with life style changes for better results, medicines alone cannot make any positive results.
This condition requires Ayurvda medicines and therapies, personalized yoga and diet. Ayurveda therapies like pizchil, Udvartanam, Matra vasti, Kashaya vasti etc can improve the condition.

Medicines like Vita Noni 15 ml + 100 ml of warm water – three times a day before food with warm water and Remythro capsules 2 and Saptamrutha Loha 200 mg three times a day after food does help in loosing weight.
However this condition requires a personalized healing plan, please visit the near by Ayurveda doctor and get a persoanlized healing plan.

Dear Dr Gowthaman

My daughter is now aged 17 and weighs 60 kgs. Her height is 163 cms.

At the age of 13 she attained puberty and had normal periods for 2 years. Then it stopped suddenly. We went to gynec and she was diagnosed with PCOD. Her weight was around 70 kgs and then was 80 kgs last year and in the past one year she has reduced 20 kgs (by exercise 10 kgs and rest by diet only no time for exercise)

For the last 2 years she gets her periods only if she takes medicines otherwise no periods. She has acne, hair in her chin and in her stomach area. The cysts are multiple and in the size of 5 – 6mm.

Her blood sugar is 108 random and Serum insulin is 63. Her LH is 8.8 and FSH is 4.8

We have started on ayurveda medicines, the doctor gave the below medicines during our first visit to enable her get periods (she had her last periods in Nov’ 12 and till Feb’13 no periods)

stroulyasheva podi and asked to make kashyam at home, (i hope the name is correct) rajapravirtini vati ayaskriti for a week.

she got her periods only for half a day.. then it stopped so we went back to her.

She then gave the medicated bitter ghee for 10 days and then asked to come for abhyangam and on saturday – 23rd feb’13 did vamanam she did not vomit much and hence said could be pitta body type and has given below medicines

rajapravirtini vati – 2 tabs morn and evening before food
tila kashayam – 15 ml before food
ayaskriti – 30 ml after food
Sowbhakya sunithi – 10 ml before food
dhanvantiri thilam – oil bath and apply in stomach area 10 min before bathing.

She got her periods on March 19th for 2 days only.

Only diet restriction is No sweets, curd, buttermilk, fruits and juices. She is still continuing these medicines and yet to get her periods.

I request you to please let me know if these are sufficient to cure PCOS or are there any much more effective ones.

Kindly let me know

Thanks & Regards
Lalitha R

Hi Lalitha,

IN my practice, i see Vitamin D and Iron deficiency is very much related to PCOD. Unless these two are corrected no way the periods become normal. I recommed you to test these two and send me the reports.I will advise accordingly.

Food – Green gram, Red rice, wheat, Green, fresh vegetables, Milk etc
Avoid – spicy, salty, fermented foods and drinks, canned foods and drinks, curd
Exercises – 30 minutes walk every day with Pranayama and meditation for 10-15 minutes

Medicines advised

1. Saptasaram Kashayam Tablets 3 tablets – with warm water 30 minutes before breakfast and Dinner
2. Kalyanaka Kshara (21) 250 mg after food with curd water thrice daily after food
3. Satavari gulam 5 gm at bed time followed by 200 ml of warm milk


I recently learned, through an ultrasound exam, that my gall bladder is quite full of gall stones. Uncomfortable symptoms, including some abdominal pain led me to tell my intern about this, and he sent me for the ultrasound. I was then referred to a surgeon who said I would probably be okay to wait a year and have another ultrasound, but soon after the surgeon appointment, my symptoms considerably worsened.

For a host of reasons (most important of which is that I’ve learned that my intrathecal pain pump is likely in the way of instruments used in gallbladder removal that might risk damaging the intrathecal pump, requiring its surgical replacement–the pump is not a voluntary solution, treating chronic pain), I’d just assume not resort to surgical removal of my gallbladder, and I am wondering if there’s any chance I can avoid surgical removal.

I have a relatively advanced Iyengar practice (it’s one of six years) with wonderful wonderful teachers. I also eat vegetarian for almost a year.

Thanks much for your suggestions.
Marc Zarowin

Hi Marc,

I recommend the Olive oil therapy for better results. Olive oil 30 ml + fresh lemon juice 30 ml + fresh garlic 5 gm – All mixed together and taken once a day in empty stomach followed by 50 ml of warm water

Please drink Jeera processed water for all drinking purposes. Jeera water – 1 liter of water + 5 gm of jeera seeds – boiled for 5 minutes.

Common Herbs for Gall Bladder stones

1. Gokshura (Tribulus terristis): It is one of the best known herbs for removing unwanted toxins from gallbladder and kidneys. It is effective in most urinary tract & gallbladder disorders because it promotes the flow of urine and bile; cools and soothes the membranes of the body; and helps remove stones. It stops the bleeding, and nourishes and strengthens the digestive and reproductive organs. The herb has been used in treating cystitis, renal calculi (kidney stones), incontinence, gout and impotence. It may also have a mild diuretic action.

2. Cilantro (Coriander sativa) leaves: It prevents the formation of gall stones and breaks up the chain of gall stones formation.

3. Corn (Zea mays) silk: Corn silk has a beneficial effect on kidney and gallbladder reducing stone formation and it also helps relieve some of the symptoms of existing stones. It soothes and relaxes the lining of the bladder, relieving irritation and improving bile flow and elimination.

Yogic Management of Gallstones

Common Yoga postures recommended for Gallbladder stones

1. Hatha Yoga
2. Back stretch pose
3. Bow pose

Diet and Nutrition for Gallstone Patients

Following are the diet and nutrition guidelines for managing gall bladder stones.

1. Consume a low fat diet.
2. Drink lot of water.
3. Foods like artichokes, barley, oat bran, broccoli, dandelion greens, alfalfa and oat bran may be beneficial.
4. Non-vegetarians can have fish, chicken and turkey in their diet.
5. Red meat and spicy foods are prohibited for gall bladder stone patients.
6. Take: Beet, cucumber, garlic and garlic oil, avocados, artichokes, ginger root, coconut, grapes and grape juice, apple, apricots, berries, casaba melons, currants, figs, guavas, lemons, pears, prunes, turmeric, and flax oil.
7. Avoid: eggs, pork, onion, fowl, milk, coffee, grapefruit, oranges, corn, beans and nuts, alcohol, saturated fats, hydrogenated oils and partially hydrogenated oils.

Home Remedy for Gallbladder Pain

1. One common beet root + Juice of half lemon + 2 table spoon of flax oil / 10 ml of olive oil + 10 ml of fresh lemon juice + 5 gm of crushed Garlic – Use this mixture once a day in an empty stomach.

2. One bunch parsley + 3 medium zucchini + ½ lb. Green beans + 5 stalks celery – Steam together for 8-10 minutes or partially steam and boil in ½ cup water or the Flax Seed Tea.

Liquids are best during an attack. You could try the Beet Recipe. Many find it helps, but others do better with just liquids. It is wonderful for relief from all sorts of gastric disturbances such as stomach pain, gas, and indigestion. I do not add any fat or salt to this recipe. It can be used anytime but is particularly useful as a three day fast with nothing else but water. It is both nourishing and easy to digest. You can alter the amounts to taste. More beans add more sweetness.

Dear Sir,

I am Madhavan Arumugam age 31 years having digestion problem, sometimes gases arise so much that my head pains.

i feel uncomfortable as the gases arise in the chest.

Sometimes nerves shiver from inside is this relates because of gases.


Hi Madhavan,

Please take Indukantam kashayam 15 ml + 100 ml of warm milk – 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner and Dhanvantharam gutika 2 three times a day after food. Drink Jeera water for better results.


Its been 7-8 years my hand shakes, I a m 32 year old.

Can you please advice remedy for this. Most often people says i take drugs however i don’t, infect never in my whole life, I drink once in a month or at time twice a month.

Please advice

Gaurav Sharma

Hi Gaurav,

Looks like you have reduced testosterone levels or Parkinson disease. How is your hand writing any changes in recent days? are you a diabetic or hypertensive? What’s your diet habits? There are so many factors involved around hand shaking. Please write in detail about your diet, life style changes. I will reply you accordingly.

Please check your testosterone, Sugar and Vitamin D and Thyroid level. For time being, please take 5 gm of Kapkathcu choornam mixed with warm milk – Twice daily 30 minutes before food.

Dear Dr. Gowtham,

I am 46 years female and having knee pain from past 2 months. It has been diagnosed as “Early Arthritis”. I took physiotherapy for 1 week and pain is reduced now. But, as per the doctor’s advice, I am not supposed to sit on floor, avoid stairs.

Since I believe in Ayurveda, would like to know remedy for arthritis. Will any oil application help to reduce the pain. Or is there is any diet restrictions. Please suggest.

Manjula Mukund

Hi Manjula,

Holistic approach with Ayurveda therapies, yoga and diet can help you.

Ayurveda, the science of life advocates not just management of pain, also address the prevention by advising certain daily rituals which are effective to prevent any kinds of pain.

1. Abhyanga – Oil application all over the body followed by warm water bath. Ayurveda advises this to be everyday entity to manage the proper blood circulation and nourishment to whole body which in turn prevents the pain and maintain the youth and clear skin. Ayurveda recommends this as a part of day to day entity.

2. Purification of the body – As per Ayurveda, the accumulation of toxins is primary causes for muscular pain. Ayurveda advises the different purification therapies depends on the seasons like end of the season and beginning of next season etc. Like Purgation type of purification therapy is advised during winter or end of winter.

Ayurveda Therapies for the Management of Pain

Ayurveda recommend personalized therapies for the prevention as well as management of pain.

a. Abhyanga: Involves a full body massage with Ayurveda oil for 45 minutes. The oil is selected after understanding the patient’s body nature, the season, and disease condition, if any. The number of strokes and pressure vary with the condition of the individual. Benefits: Its rhythmic motion helps to relieve joints and muscles from stiffness and makes all body movements free. This treatment increases blood circulation, which in turn encourages quick removal of metabolic wastes and toxins. Indications: It is used in cases of anxiety, fatigue, circulatory disorders, rheumatism, arthritis, backache and injuries. It also prevents wrinkles and scales, helps in treatment of spondylosis, sleep disorders, paralysis, improves physical consistency, induces sound sleep, increase a general sense of well being and life span. It also helps improve the complexion and texture of the skin, prevents obesity and diabetic gangrene

b. Pizhichil: Pizhichil, which literally means squeezing, a cloth dipped in warm medicated oil is squeezed over the patient’s body. The patient should be made to adopt the seven standard positions so that no area of the body is left uncovered. Benefits include Relieves body pain and muscle spasms, Helps preserve and promote optimum health, Helps in the healing of fractured bones, Increases immunity and prolongs life span, Promotes development of muscles, Improves skin complexion, Anti aging and rejuvenating, Ensures better blood circulation, Alleviates the burning sensation in the body, A soothing and relaxing procedure, Prescribed in clinical conditions like Paraplegia, Hemiplegia and other degenerative conditions. This treatment is very useful for rheumatic diseases, arthritis, paralysis, sexual weakness, neurological disorders, blood pressure, nervous weakness, diabetes, blood pressure, fits, convulsions, paralysis and helps to arrest the aging process. It is very effective in asthma and even in tuberculosis in early stages.

c. Navara Kizhi: It involves fomentation of the body with bolus of cooked rice. The rice is first cooked with milk and herbal decoction. Four boluses are made of the cooked rice and are tied up in linen bags. This therapy is done in seven standard positions. This is a strengthening fomentation employed in all kinds of neurological disorders, rheumatism, arthritis congenital deformity of the limbs, dislocation of bones and joints etc. Benefits Strengthens the body, Rejuvenates the tissues, Improves muscle tone, Improves blood supply by cleansing the channels of circulation, Effective in curing diseases of the nervous system and others such as chronic rheumatism, osteoarthritis, gout, emaciation of muscles, numbness and diseases caused by vitiation of blood, Makes the body strong and sturdy, Nourishes the body and increases immunity, Promotes sharpness of vision and functions of other sense organs Slows down aging, premature graying of hair, baldness, appearance of wrinkles over the body, Gives softness to the body by improving the health of the skin.

d. Ela Kizhi/ Podi Kizhi: Leaves & powders of medicinal herbs are fried in medicated oil and applied over the body in rhythmic massage. Good for arthritic conditions, lumbago, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, sciatica, pain and stiffness of joints, post paralytic spasm, other spastic and inflammatory conditions etc. Benefits includes relieves pain, numbness and edema, controls vitiated Vata, Improves peripheral blood supply, cures diseases like arthritis, paralysis and convulsions, stimulates the nerve endings, treatment for Spondlitis and Sports injuries

e. Kati Vasti: Lukewarm Ayurvedic / herbal oils are poured into a artificial bridge created around the affected area (Knee, Lower back, Neck etc). The healing properties of herbal oils used for this massage enriches the blood and builds and maintains strong muscle and connective tissues. Loosens stiff joints, helps to cure cervical spondlitis, neck pain, paralysis and numbness of hands, Stimulates and nourishes nerves relieving pain and numbness, This treatment is very effective in treating different conditions of the knee joints like arthritis, degenerative conditions etc.

f. Pichu: A thick layer of cotton soaked with warm medicated oil is applied over the affected area. The oil is recycled periodically to make it warm. Very effective for degenerative and painful problems like back pain, Osteo-arthritis, Spondlitis, injuries, etc. Recommended for Neurological disorders like Paralysis, facial palsy etc.

g. Ksheera Dhoomam: A fomentation process, medicated milk is heated and the steam is passed over the entire body. It is effective for numbness, headache, allergies, nervous disorder and paralysis. Helps eliminating facial paralysis disorders and other nervous disorders of the face and speech disorders, cervical spondylosis, spastic disorders and neurological problems

h. Vasti: This is a treatment in which prescribed medicated oils, decoctions, herbal preparations, extracts are applied through the rectum. Good for arthritis, paralysis, hemiplegia, numbness and constant constipation, degenerative, neurological problems, chronic back pain, infertility, sciatica, obesity, digestive disorders, ulcer. It purifies the body, maintains health and longevity.

Ayurveda herbs good for pain

1. Guggulu (Commiphora mukul – gum) : It is the most effect herb used in the Ayurvedic treatment of arthritis. Guggulu has strong rejuvenating, purifying, medicinal and healing qualities. Guggulu is perhaps used more than any other herb in Ayurveda. Guggulu increases the white blood cell count, dis-infects secretions in the body. Guggulu has been used extensively for similar health disorders such as rheumatism, gout and lumbago.

2. Rasna (Vanda roxburghii): The root of the plant is found Effective in inflammations, rheumatic disorders, osteoarthritis and allied disorders.

3. Garlic (Allium sativum) : Garlic has been demonstrated as effective for high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and as an anti-infection agent. It has more recently been found to be effective against rheumatoid arthritis. It may used singularly or in combination with the usual medications.

4. Indian Gooseberry (Emblica Officinalis) : To treat rheumatism a teaspoon of the powder of the dry fruit mixed with 2 teaspoons of Jaggery can be taken twice daily for a month.

5. Indian Aloe (Aloe vera): Indian aloe is useful in lumbago, sciatica, gout and rheumatism. The pulp of one leaf is taken daily for relief.

Diet: Avoid curd & all sour items pulses (except moong dal), rice, meat, fish, white bread, sugar, refined cereals, fried foods, tea or coffee, potato & lemon juice. Celery seeds, bitter gourd are highly beneficial.

Yoga Asana good for prevention and management of pain

a. Padma Asana
b. Bujanga Asana
c. Chalapa Asana
d. Nauka Asana
e. Dhanur Asana
f. Parvata Asana
g. Koorma Asana

A Holistic approach with Ayurveda therapies and medicines, Life style changes, Diet and exercises, Yoga can help both prevention and management of Muscular pains. At rVita Ayurveda Centers, we analyze the causes and create a personalized healing plan with Ayurveda therapies and medicines, Yoga and diet which are very effective in eliminating the pain completely and permanently.

Send in your questions on Ayurveda to bawarchieditor@sify.com now! And don’t forget to include `Ayurveda FAQ` in the subject line.