Ayurveda Q&A: Home remedies for liver cirrhosis

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This week’s answers:

Hi doctor

I have pain on upper abdomen for the past two years. I had take CT and MRI scan and there is no problem and I was given pain killer and some anti-biotic. I took the pills for some times but still there is pain. Doctors say that it may be Costochondritis. Is there any remedy for this. Kindly suggest a treatment.


Hi Rajkumar,

Check your diet, Avoid spicy, salty foods and drinks. Very importantly avoid drinking large amount of water immediately after food.

Guduchyadi Kashayam tablets 3 numbers three times a day before food with warm water and Sudrashanam tablets 3 times a day after food with warm water helps to imrpove the peristalic movements of the stoamch. Avipattikara choornam tablets 3 at bed time with warm water to push out all unwanted toxins from the systems.

Dear Doctor,

I am aged 41 years and I have got headaches some times not frequent I usually take saridon and the pain goes after some time by taking the tablet.My Blood pressure is normal. My fat level is also normal but triglyceride is little high i.e 225. I am taking aloe vera juice on my empty stomach in the morning with 2 glass of water. Then, I am controlling my food diet not eating fried and fatty foods since I am having lipoma also on my body. I am not having diabetes. sugar level is normal.

Just recently, I am having little pain on my head just above the left ear. It is not a cronic and continous pain. Sometimes, just the pain comes and goes.

which medicine is really good for my condition and what diet I should follow.

Raviprasad P Rao

Hi Rao,

Check your Gall bladder functions, the symptoms suggestive of excessive Gall juice secretion. Aloe Vera is good but Amla is the best for your condition. Please take 5 ml of fresh lemon juice with 100 ml of luke warm water once a day in empty stomach.

For now please take this home remedy

100 ml of honey + 100 gm of Jeera seeds + Fresh lemon juice 30 ml – Mix all these together and dry it in the sun light for 14 days. Add the fresh lemon juice every day until 14 th day.

Take this mixture 1 tablespoon at empty stomach for 40 days. This improves the head ache in no time.

Dr Gowthaman

Sir, I am 34 year old and suffering from gallbladder stone problem. The size of the stone is 16mm. Is it possible to cure it from olive oil therapy. Are there any side effects of this therapy. Please suggest the how to follow the therapy.

Rahul Jadon

Hi Rahul,

Yes, Olive oil therapy is one of the most effective natural therapies for Gall Stones. However diet plays a vital role on the prognosis. Usually this therapy does not cause any side effects.

Take 30 ml of Olive oil + 30 ml of fresh lemon juice + 5 gm of fresh Garlic paste – All mixed and take it once a day in empty stomach followed by warm water intake.Repeat this for 90 days for better results.

When the stones break or when it comes out, the process may cause stomach pain or feverish sensation. So Drink Jeera boiled water for better results. 1 liter of water + 5 gm of Jeera seeds – boil it for 10 minutes and drink only this water for better results.

My name is Manish Kedia from Kolkata. My dad is suffering from liver cirrhosis.Last year, 2012 he had a treatment in one of the renowned hospital at Kolkata.After that we went to Hyderabad for regular check up. I want to know is there any permanent remedy available.

Please let me know at earliest. could you please help us with your suggestion..i would be
really thankful.
manish kedia

Hi Manish,

Certainly Ayurveda can help. However an holistic approach with Ayurveda Medicines, Diet etc can heal you.

The following are the common home remedies for Liver cirrhosis

Herbs, effective for protecting the Liver

a. Andrographis paniculata (kalmegh) – Andrographolide, the active constituent isolated from the plant Andrographis paniculata, showed significantly increased the percent viability of the hepatocytes. For centuries Andrographis has been an important herb in the Asian healing systems of Ayurveda, Unani and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Traditionally this herb has been used to potentiate immune system response to inflammation and infections, and as an anti-inflammatory, antipyretic (lowers fevers) and a hepato-protective.

b. Phyllanthus Amaris (Bhuiamala) – Phyllanthus Amaris has been researched for its effects on hepatitis. Clinically reported that 22 of 37 cases of Hepatitis B lost their “carrier” status after using the herb for a month.

c. Boerhavia diffusa (Punarnava) – An alcoholic extract of whole plant Boerhavia diffusa given orally exhibited hepatoprotective activity. The extract also produced an increase in normal bile flow suggesting a strong choleretic activity.

d. Eclipta alba (Bhringaraj)- Was significantly restored by Ea. The study shows that hepatoprotective activity of Ea is by regulating the levels of hepatic microsomal drug metabolising enzymes.

e. Swertia Chirata(Chirayata) – Simultaneous treatments with S. Chirata caused improvement at both biochemical and histo-pathological parameters.

f. Terminalia belerica (Baheda) – Induced physiological and biochemical alterations in the liver. Administration of compound I led to significant reversal of majority of the altered parameters. Our results confirm the presence of hepato protective activity in altered parameters.

g. Tenospora cordifolia(Guduchi) – Outstanding results in people suffering from jaundice have been obtained using a herb called Tenospora Cordifolia used the herb in malignant obstructive jaundice.

h. Picrorhiza kuroa (Katuki) – Picrorrhiza Kurroa is one of the herbs they recommend to support the liver functions.

Home remedies

Although simple, if regularly practiced can prove effective in treating liver cirrhosis

a. Drink Giloy (Tenospora cordifolia) juice mixed with honey.
b. Add black salt to tomato juice and consume it once a day.
c. Soak a tender bark of Acacia tree in water overnight and consume it in the morning.
d. Obtain a tablespoon of juice by grinding the black seeds of papaya and mix with 10 drops of fresh limejuice. Take this concoction twice a day for a month.

Ayurveda Panchakarma for Cirrhosis

Ayurveda emphasizes preventative and healing therapies along with various methods of purification and rejuvenation. To achieve this balanced state of body, mind and consciousness, Ayurveda prescribes Panchakarma Therapy for the cleansing of body toxins.

Panchakarma means five purification process or therapies. Ayurvedic treatments give more emphasis on prevention than cure. That’s why prevention is always better than cure.

Panchakarma is of purification type of treatment. There are so many subtypes of this therapy and different types of herbal massages, fomentation’s such as steam, external oil treatments, Basti (medicated enemas), Virechana (purgation through herbs), Vamana (emesis through herbs), Nasya (nasal administration of oils) etc. are also incorporated. These practices are extremely helpful in relieving deep seated diseases as well as being beneficial for maintaining and improving physical and mental health.

Respected Sir,

My daughter, aged 7, had suffered with stomach pain. In Scan we noticed that it is due to “intussusception”. Doctors had injected air and released. They further stated such condition will occur only for children below 2 years and usually should not happen for older children and suggests surgery in case of repetition. They also state that it cannot be prevented.

The problem occurred on 8th March and until now she is fine and no sign of such pain again.

When my child was 6months old, it happened and the one of my family old lady had set right by doing something. As this happened in a village around 1 am we could not go to hospital and the pain vanished after her treatment. Whether this recurrence is due to the problem occurred at 6 months or it will be a new problem.

Please suggest whether any medicine available for non-recurrence in future.

Thanks & Regards
Ramesh K

Hi Ramesh,

It happens due to the improper physical movements, some times it may be fatal too. I would also recommend surgical intervention if it is reoccur.

I am diagnosed with pcod.i am 26yrs.am not overweight but just irregular periods.i was advised to take clomid 100mg and follicular study.i have taken for 3 times,i ovulated but not conceived.normal hormones on day 3 of cycle.my endo thickness at the trigger time is around 10-12mm.will i be able to conceive? does evecare twice a day along with
this help?will yoga help?kindly suggest any remedies.
pooja ms

Hi Pooja,

PCOD is the specialty of Ayurveda. I suggest you to take a holistic approach with Ayurveda Medicines and Therapies, Yoga and Diet for better results.

Ayurveda deals with PCOD in three phases – Detoxification, Improving the egg production and restoration of normal cycles and rejuvenation. These three phase of treatment varies from person to person. Hence, i advise you to visit the near by Ayurveda clinic and meet the physician for a personalized healing plan.

For the time being please take 15 ml of DNA Noni juice + 100 ml of warm water – Twice daily in empty stomach, Its one of the most effective ways to improve cycles and Egg growth.

Dear Sir,
My wife is suffering from eczema skin disorder for the past 6 years.
Please suggest medicine.
Jaffar Ali Farokhi

Hi Jazzar,

Eczema requires medicines and diet more importantly stress free life style. Only an holistic approach can heal you otherwise the results would be mere temproary.

Take 15 ml of Thiktakam kashayam + 60 ml of warm water – Twice daily before food and 3 Avipattikara choornam tablets at bed time with warm water.

These two medicines are known blood purifiers. It will help you to control the spread.

I advise you to visit the near by Ayurveda physician for a complete healing plan.

Dear Dr. Gowthaman,

I have Keloids on the centre of the chest and one on the left shoulder. I find that a new one has started to grow around the chest area. Please suggest remedies for the same. Also, I feel very itchy and the skin around feels irritated when I am going through a gush of emotions or tensed up. The keloid on the centre of the chest started to grow about more than ten years ago and the one on the shoulder existed for a long time.

Thank you very much in advance.


Hi Kumar,

Surgery is the only option for Keloids as it is a structural deformity. Ayurveda medicines or local therapies does not help much.

Dear Sir,

I am 40 Yrs female having mal-absorption syndrome in small intestine. I get fresh every day (at times incomplete). I have been observe ring that I have an urge to pass motion immediately after meal(only after lunch and not after dinner).

Is it normal?
What medicines you will suggest please?


Hi Meena,

Malabsorption syndrome is the specialty of Ayurveda. Indukantam Kashayam tablets 2 – three times a day before food with 1 – Dhanvantharam gutika with warm water.

100 ml of buttermilk + 5 gm of curry leaves + 5 gm of Coriander leaves + 3 gm of fresh ginger – Grind it in mixer and drink it as diet every day for next 90 days. This helps to improve the abosrption of nutrients from food and drinks.

Dear Sir,

I am female with 24 yrs old and I am having vitiligo since when I was only 8 yrs old. Had already tried homeopathic treatment at first time and it was already cured. But later after 6-7 months, it has again started and spreading in another parts as well. At that time, the treatment doesn’t give any benefit to the affected area.

If a small spot seems to be little cured then three-four more other parts have started. So, I have stopped all the medications because I was afraid of it.

And then around 18 yrs of age, I had consult an ayurvedic dr. and follow all his medication but the result found the same as that of homeopathic treatment.

Therefore, i decided not to take any medicine for long time and still I am not using any type of medicine. But now its affecting almost in all parts of my body. And I am very much afraid and scared of it and at the same time I felt shy to meet with anyone.

Yesterday I had heard from some of my nearones that applying juice of onion by mixing it with honey can be cured that’s how I have made your
responses in http://health.sify.com/ayurveda-qa-home-remedies-for-vitiligo-2/ while searching.

So, I decided you to write something for my vitiligo story. Sir, I would be very thankful to you if you could please help me in curing my vitiligo.

Sometimes i like to suicide myself because of it. So, I request you to
please advice me some procedure to cure it.

I look forward to a hearing from you in a very near future.

Thank you,
Best Regards,
anandi devi

Hi Anandi Devi,

Please check your Vitamin D3 levels and write back. If you are Vitamin D deficient the treatments may be ineffective and temproary.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am 19 years old and have a problem of premature graying of hair. Apart from the normal Ayurvedic treatment, is there anything specific I should eat to cure this problem ? I dont have mild but normally consume eggs and meat.Are there any particular medicines which will help cure this ?
I use Wella mild shampoo for cleaning the scalp. Are there any Ayurvedic shampoos or oils to be used ?

Please suggest an effective remedy.
Thank You,
Sanuj Shah

Hi Sanuj,

Premature grey is very much related to reduced Vitamin D, Iron and Thyroid functions, Please check these three and send me the results.

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