Ayurveda Q&A: Home remedies for premature greying

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This week’s answers:

1. My wife aged 66 yrs 67 kgs is provisionally diagnosed to be having OA knees. She is having radiating pain at the tip of all toes. Vitamin D 25 Hydroxy is 12.87 nmol/L. She is undergoing physio therapy treatment to get immediate relief from pain and trauma because of OA. I need your expert advice please
Maha Rasnadi Kashayam – 15 ml + 45 ml of warm water twice daily 30 minutes before food with Yoga raja guggulu 2 tablets, Recalci and Gandha Thailam capsules two tablets thrice daily after food helps relieving acute pain and inflammation.

External application of Dhanvantharam Thailam followed by warm water application followed by warm water wash after 30 minutes helps improving the blood circulation there by helps reducing the chances of repeated inflammation and pain.

Ayurveda therapies like Podi kizhi, Navara Kizhi, Ela Kizhi and Pizchil etc are some of the very effective treatments for OA. In fact these therapies for 14 – 28 days can bring back the normalcy in no time. Please visit the near by Ayurveda Pancha Karma Center and ask for Personalized Ayurveda treatment plan for OA.

Avoiding potato and all kinds of tubers and Vata dosha based vegetables improves the condition in no time.

As i see, Vitamin D deficiency too one of the important reasons for this pain as it can lead to reduced Calcium assimilation in the body which can lead to osteoporosis. Hence addressing this problem can also help to improve the OA.

Add drum stick leaves soup 45 ml everyday in diet. It improves calcium assimilation in the body in no time.

Walking inside the water for 15 minutes a day helps improving calcium and Vitamin levels in the body.

2. So many remedies, but little bit confused what to use and not?? My hairs are very thin and dry.. even if I slightly run my fingers on hairs i can see hairs falling.. hairs directly falling from roots.. on both sides of my ears hairs are falling and became very thin so that I can see bald portion of my head.. Does “BODY HEAT” causes hair fall??


Hair fall has so many health and stress reasons. As i have advised many times Hair fall needs both treatments internal and external. Externally Amla Powder 50 gm + 50 ml of fresh curd – Mix it – apply it as pack all over the scalp and wash it warm water after 45 minutes. Repeat this continuously for 45 days. You would see a major change in thickness of the hair, reduction in hair fall, new growth etc.

Internally drink 3 liter of water, add as much as fresh vegetables, fruits in diet, adequate amount of proteins does help in hair growth.

Internal medications like Sudarshanam Choornam tablets + Navaka Guggulu each two after food thrice daily and Keshmani oil external application on scalp too improves.

More than products I recommend change in life style with fresh vegetables, fruits and 50 ml Drum stick leaves soup everyday improves the condition in no time.

3. Dear sir, I am having pain on the right side of the Abdomen from the upper part to the lower part. I had taken a CT scan and there is no serious problem. I was told that it may be Costochondritis and I was treated for that, but still I have a pain and in the morning I have pain in the lower hip ie at the joint of hip and leg. What will be the problem?

It is a very rare condition affecting the rib joints and cartilages etc. i think the symptoms suggestive of onset of gout. Please check your urea and uric acid levels. Do you have dandruff for long time? If yes, please consult a dermatologist and find out if it psoriasis?

Please do the Complete Renal profile before i comment on the treatment plan. Thanks

4. my age is 17 i’m suffering from hair fall and white hair. pls somebody tell me tips for tat. i’m suffering tis problem from 15 age


Common home remedies for prevention of greying.

a. The most effective and well practiced home remedy is applying coconut oil processed with fresh curry leaves. This should be strictly applied on the scalp and hair for 90 days. Gentle massage with this mixture for 15-20 minutes helps in reducing the hair fall, dandruff and improves hair growth, hair thickness and improves the black hair growth. After application wash it with lukewarm water.

b. Amla powder is considered and used as one of the best hair rejuvenator across the world. Apply paste of fresh Amla powder mixed with curd and fresh lemon juice as pack. Leave it for 45 minutes and followed by warm water wash. This process is very effective to reduce hair fall and improve hair growth. This process is repeated every alternative day for 90 days for better results.

c. Amla soaked in water for overnight, and the water is a very good hair conditioner. After the regular hair wash, just rinse the hair with this water. One of the primary reasons for premature graying is using excessive conditioners and high chemical shampoo. Avoiding cause may help in bringing back the normalcy swiftly.

d. One of the effective remedy for colder seasons is application of Almond oil with Amla juice. Warm both taken in equal amounts and gentle massage on scalp for 15 minutes. It is one of the fastest ways to arrest the premature graying and improving the general hair health.

e. Many villages in Kerala follow a simple hair remedy. Everyone including men and women does it as cultural practice. Application of equal amounts of buttermilk and curry leaves juice equal amounts and boiled for 5 minutes in mild fire then applied in the scalp in lukewarm condition followed by warm water wash after 30 minutes. This is known preventive remedy for white hairs and hair fall.

f. Ayurveda recommends the following combination as the effective remedy for prevention and improving hair growth, reducing dandruff, for healthy hair. Equal amounts of Amla powder, Thriphala powder, Methi powder, Karisalai powder, Mehanthi Powder, Japa flower and leaves powder, Indian Asparagus powder mixed with fresh curd and fresh lemon juice. This mixture applied as a pack on the scalp followed by warm water wash

g. Simple home remedy to maintain health hair the following remedy is advised. Equal amounts of fresh Amla juice and lemon juice applied on the scalp and hair followed by warm water wash after 10 minutes. This should be done every day for healthy hair.

h. Traditional healers in South India recommend the following remedy for premature hair growth. Equal amounts of sesame oil and Carrot juice mixed with half the amount of Methi seed powder kept under sun for 21 days. Then this oil is applied on the scalp for hair, face for white hairs in mustache and beard areas and body for the white body hairs. Follow this for 90 days for complete color change.

i. Eclipta Alba is the other important herb used in Ayurveda for prevention and reversing the premature hair graying. Most of the Herbal hair oils contain the extract of this herb. Ayurveda recommend the application fresh leave juice or paste as a thick scalp pack followed by warm water wash.

j. Many Ayurveda experts recommend Black pepper ¼ parts mixed with 1 parts of fresh curd and 10 ml of fresh lemon juice as everyday application on scalp helps to improve the premature hair growth condition.

5. Dear sir, I am suffering from vitiligo seeking for your support. My details are. Name- R K S PARMAR

Ayurveda adopts three kinds of therapy for Vitiligo depends on the condition, age etc

a. Pacification therapy – with Herbal, Mineral or herbo- mineral medications.
b. Detoxification therapies – Since this disease itself is because of vitiated Pitta dosha, Ayurveda recommends the two fold purification therapies like purgation and bloodletting therapy (Leech therapy)
c. External Application: Smaller and Non / slow spreading patches is usually treated with herbal powder or oil applications. Ayurveda also recommends this type of treatment for Children below 7 years.

Ayurveda texts mentions about many single and compound herbal combinations for Vitiligo. Interestingly, these medicational formulae are very well validated by the modern scientific researches. For example liquid extract of Acacia catechu bark is advised 60 ml every morning by Ayurveda texts for Leucoderma and Vitiligo. This particular practice is very well documented by modern scientific research.

One herb is praised for Leucoderma and Vitiligo in almost all Ayurveda and traditional medicinal texts is Bakuchi / Vakuchi (Psorolia corolifolia) as internal medication, external application etc. This is been used to prepared soaps, external applications, internal medications by both Ayurveda and Modern pharmaceutical companies worldwide. The modern scientific research does agree that this herbal application acts on melanoblastic cells and successfully stimulates it.

Ayurveda Pancha Karma for Vitiligo

Ayurveda recommends its fivefold detoxification therapies for the complete cure for Vitiligo.

a. Therapeutic Vomiting: Vamana is a medicated emesis therapy which removes Kapha toxins collected in the body and the respiratory tract. This is given to people with high Kapha imbalance. Daily treatment involves loosening and mobilizing the toxins in an effort to finally eliminate them.

b. Therapeutic purgation: Virechana is medicated purgation therapy which removes Pitta toxins from the body that are accumulated in the liver and gall bladder; it completely cleanses the gastro-intestinal tract. It is a safe procedure without side effects.

c. Therapeutic enema Therapy: Basti (Enema) is considered as the mother of all Panchakarma treatments since it cleanses the accumulated toxins from all the 3 doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, through the colon. Basti is also highly beneficial as a rejuvenating treatment. Medicated oil or ghee and an herbal decoction is given as enema to clean the colon and increase the muscle tone. This procedure is usually applied for 8 to 30 days, based on the medical condition of a person

d. Therapeutic Nasal Drops: Nasya involves administration of medicated oil through the nose to cleanse accumulated Kapha toxins from the head and neck region. Based on the medical condition of a person, it can be given up to 30 days.

e. Therapeutic bloodletting therapy: Rakta mokshana is procedure to cleanse the blood and is advised only in very rare conditions. It is not advisable during general Panchakarma.

Home remedies for Vitiligo

1. Take 5 teaspoons of turmeric powder and mix in 250 ml of mustard oil and apply on the white patches of skin, twice a day, usually advised for a period of 12-15 months.

2. Application of sweet basil leaves extracts with lemon juice, advised for 5-6 months.

3. Most of the Indian traditional practitioners advise water kept in a copper vessel for overnight as diet

4. Eastern India where there is less sun this is widely advised, Tamarind seeds and Psorolia seeds (Bakuchi Seeds) soaked in rice wash water for 7 days. Then grinded into paste and applied on spots gives immediate results. I have a personal experience in this preparation. Very effective how ever for some people it resulted in burning sensation and boils.

5. Fresh ginger juice with Bakuchi powder mix – Obese persons and with spots on high muscular areas (Widely advised in India)

6. Application of Raddish (white) seeds with Vinegour is widely practiced in Calcutta. 50 gms of seeds with 15 ml of Vinegour

7. Many parts of Kerala advises Bakuchi Seed powder with Coconut oil as external application

8. some specialised practitioners in Kerala advises the following as diet for 40 days with external applications – 600 gm raw cucumber and 3 betel leaves three times a day and food made from bitter gourd.

9. Ginger Juice with red Clay as external application in karnataka (some parts)

6. I have thyroid problem from last 5 years.i takes the thyronorm 75 mcg in empty stomach.i wants permanent cure from this disease.Can you help me?

Hi Preeti,

At my practice, i prescribe the following medications for a period of three to six months for complete healing. Maha Thiktakam Kashayam tablets 3 numbers twice daily before food with warm water, Loham (101) – 150 mg twice daily 5 minutes before food, Kanchanara Guggulu Punarnava Mandooram – 2 tablets each thrice daily after food. These medication effectively address all the above problems swiftly.

Drink 50 ml drumstick leaves soup per day. Many researches have shown good results that it helps in normalizing thyroid gland function.

Stress bursting and diet plays a vital role in the treatment. Hence, have a personalized yoga and diet sessions for improved results. Some experts have found oil bath followed by steam bath help. I usually recommend Application of Dhanvantharam Thailam all over the body (Not Head) followed by warm water bath after 45 minutes to improve the blood circulation there by to promote the healing process.

7. I am from Varanasi. My wife age 35years is having ” Allergic Rhinitis ” problem for last 7 years. Her Nose mostly gets blocked & She sneeze most of the time in a year. She easily gets cough & cold during due to weather change. She also gets “Headache” in Right side of head mostly close to Right ear. ENT Doctors say it is symptom of Migraine. Whenever, She sleeps the headache goes away. She doesn’t vomit during headache.

She has twice underwent Middle Ear Infection Surgery in her Right Ear & Once for Nose. Her right ear nerve has become weak & she is unable to hear from her right ear. ENT Doctors has told that for ” Allergic Rhinitis ” She has to use Nasal Spray all the time. Can I use ” ANU OIL/ SHAD BINDU TAILA ” . Kindly suggests some other ayurvedic medicine for her. .

Viresh Singh

Please do not use any medicines without consulting an Ayurveda doctor. Banaras Hindu University and Many Ayurveda specialty centers are available in Varanasi. They have a specialized department for this problem. Please do visit and get a personalized Ayurveda treatment plan.

Looks like the sinusitis and middle ear problems plays major role in head ache. It requires immediate attention as it may some time leads to complete ear loss and may lead to nervous problems. Please consult an Ayurveda physician as early as possible.

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