Ayurveda Q&A: Home remedies for vitiligo

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This week’s answers:

I am 39 year old female.I have developed lots of eye floaters in my eyes during last one year.I had my eyes checked by retina specialist twice during this period to rule out any possible retinal problems.It was concluded that the vitreous gel is getting liquified resulting in these eye floaters.There seems to be nothing to stop this liquification.Kindly suggest a treatment in Ayurveda which can be helpful.

Hi Renu,
Certainly Ayurveda Can help. 2 drops Elaneer Kuzamboo at early morning before 5 am and 11 pm at bed time helps. Internally Triphala ghee 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner followed by warm water does help. Improve water intake, reduce spicy, salty foods and drinks.

Dear dr.Gowtham,

I am suffering from endometriotic cyst,PCOD infertility,is there any cure in ayurveda for this.also after taking so many medicines i have devloped gastritis ,any home made cure for this only.Also,do u have any centre of panchakarma or ayurveda in new Delhi.



thanks and regards

Hi Sangeeta,

Yes, Ayurveda certainly can heal this condition. Take 100 ml of milk, add 200 ml of water + 10 gm of Indian Asparagus powder – Boil this mixture until it becomes 100 ml – Filter and take this twice daily in empty stomach. It is one of the effective home remedies for endometriotic cyst and PCOD. In my practice i recommend the following remedies and diet for this condition.

Management Done

Food – Green gram, Red rice, wheat, Green, fresh vegetables, Milk etc
Avoid – spicy, salty, fermented foods and drinks, canned foods and drinks, curd
Exercises – 30 minutes walk every day with Pranayama and meditation for 10-15 minutes

Medicines advised

1. Saptasaram Kashayam Tablets – 3 tablets – with warm water 30 minutes before breakfast and


2. Kalyanaka Kshara (21) – 250 mg after food with curd water thrice daily after food

3. Satavari gulam – 5 gm at bed time followed by 200 ml of warm milk.

Dear Dr.

I hv been reading through your page frequently. I’m 43 and have hypothyroditis. I was taking eltroxin 100 mg for about 10 yrs and with the help of homeo I stopped taking them alrtogether. Now I’m under homeo for the past 3 years. i used to have thick curly hair which has thinned and I’m gaining weight oflate inspite of working out for about an hour every day. TSH is 10.86 T3 and T4 are well under control. Could you suggest a medicine that helps in reducing weight? I’m weighing 75kgs now. Inspite of strict dieting and working out I find this keep increasing. The doc suggested me phytoslim and phytolacca berry tabs but of no help. Please suggest me a medicine which helps in reducing the weight.



Thank you

Hi Lakshmi,

Yes, Ayurveda Can certainly help. Ayurveda recommends a holistic approach with Ayurveda medicines & therapies, Yoga and diet for better results. Ayurveda takes a personalized approach for this condition, recommends a 40 day approach with Ayurveda Therapies, Personalized Yoga with Diet. Ayurveda therapies includes of Abhyangam, Dhanyamla Dhara, Udvartanam, Matra vasti and Kashaya vasti based on the condition and age the therapy days recommended. Medicines like Remythro, Indukantam kashayam tablets, Dhanvanthram gutika, Loham (100) etc are recommended. Milk 100 ml + water 200 ml + Fresh Ginger 5 gm – Boil and reduce to 100 ml – Filter and take it twice daily in empty stomach ease this condition in no time. Please visit near by Ayurveda consultant and ask for a personalized treatment plan.

Dear Dr Gowthaman,

My son is 6 yrs old. He is a very bright and confident child be it studies or games. Recently I noticed a single grey hair near his right ear and I am really worried about it. He is too young for the hair to turn grey. Not sure if this is vitamin deficiency or something else. We give a very healthy diet for him and he is very healthy normally

Please let me know if there is any treatment that needs to be given or can I contact you at your clinic if you have a branch in Chennai.





Hi Venkat,

Please check his Vitamin D, Iron levels, deficiency of which can lead to this condition. Please check and let me know the results. Accordingly I will advise.

Dear Sir,
My name is sathiamoorthy. I am 63 years old. I am suffering from psoriasis for the past 8 years. I was taking allopathy medicine only . I have become diabetic due to this medicine eventhough no body from my family is diabetic. My weight 51kg. I am pure vegitarian. No smoking and drinking alchacol. very strict in diet also. Now the allopathy doctor himself says that this english medicine is not good as my liver function getting affected. one of the parameter level gone high he says and presecibed siddha mediceine Parancap twice.I am having lot of itching..on hands legs, thighs etc..It looks ugly and irritate.
Daily morning i am applying veppalai oil and taking bath after 20minutes. But still no cure Please advice…

Hi Sathyiamurthy,

Ayurveda approach to Psoriasis as follows

Panchakarma treatments – These treatments are meant to flush out the toxins

• Samana Therapies – internal medicines
• Rasayana therapies – Nourish the body, to bring the doshas back to balance and to regenerate the body

Panchakarma for Psoriasis

It aims at the detoxification of the body or elimination of toxins from the body. Disease manage by panchakrama prevent reoccurrence of the disease.Pre-purification therapies are the first ones applied to loosen the toxins, open up the circulation channels and get the body ready for discarding these wastes. These methods are highly relaxing for the body and mind.

The following pre-purification methods are usually adopted for treating Psoriasis.

Snehapanam: It is the oral intake of specially prepared medicated ghee. Ghee lubricates the body channels including the skin and forces out the toxins from them into the digestive tract for further elimination. Medicated ghee usually contains herbs like neem,Guduchi, tribhala etc. which has anti-inflammatory properties s and skin healers. It’s Vatashamaka, decreases scaling & dryness of the psoriasis.

Abhyangam : Full body oil massage liquefies the impurities of the body to prepare the body to eliminate toxins. And it’s also decrease dryness & scaling of psoriasis.

Swedanam: involves the active sweating of the whole body using medicated steam. It dilates and softens the channels of the body allowing the impurities to move out through the skin.

Takradhara: Medicated buttermilk is uninterruptedly poured on to the forehead. It relaxes the mind, and reduces stress and anxiety which is a major cause of Psoriasis.Very good for scalp psoriasis. Buttermilk is medicated using gooseberry (amla). Amla is excellent cooling agents.

Main Purification Therapy for Psoriasis

Main purification therapy is the phase of elimination of toxins that were loosened at the pre purification treatment stage. These therapies are highly potential methods. Depending on the type and intensity of the ailment, one is advised to undergo one, two or three of these therapies.

The commonly adopted Panchakarma treatments for Psoriasis are Vasti, Virechanam and Vamanam.

Virechanam: It is the cleaning and evacuation of the bowels through the use of purgative medicines. It eliminates the excess toxins from the body. When the digestive tract is clean and toxic-free, it benefits the entire body systems. Virechana has main treatment for kushta skin diseases .it’s a Pitta dosha nashaka property and it also suppress Vata&Kapha dosha.

Vamanam: It means induced vomiting using herbal medicine. Now, the toxins of the upper parts of body which were freed into the digestive tract during Snehapanam are completely eradicated.

Vasti: is medicated enema. All the toxins that were brought into the digestive tract during the pre-purification phase are now washed out. Since medicines reach the bowels directly without enzymatic actions, its effectiveness is very high for vata predominated psoriasis.

Rasayanam : psoriasis is a auto immune disorder so Rasayanas having immunomodulation properties is very effective Ex; Guduchi, amla, Etc.

Oral medicines for Psoriasis

Herbal oral medicines prescribed for psoriasis are prepared specifically to help restore the lost balance of Dosas. They usually include Kashayam – Herbal decoctions, Arishtams – Herbal fermentations, Lehyams and other herbal formulation given.

I wanted to know wether we can share our meal or juice or edibles with a diabetic person? And if their salaiva comes in contact with a normal person’s, is there any chance of getting diabetic in the normal person.
Mona lisza

Hi Mona,

Diabetes is not a communicable disease. It wont spread through sharing food through saliva etc.

I am 46 years old n had hair loss couple of years back. Tried all the remedies but to no avail. I can see some bald patches ,how do i regrow my hair.


Need your advice please.





Thanks n regards

Hi Rashmi,

Please check your Vitamin D, Thyroid profiles. Unless these problems resolved no treatment can bring positive results. Please do these checks and let me know the results accordingly i will advise you the remedies

Dear sir
I am 32 yrs old, I have sitting job. Daily I am suffering from gas trouble & then it’s convert to head ache. Kindly suggest me any Ayurveda medicine. J had used himalaya gasx also but not difference.

Hi Bharat,

Check your water intake. Drink at least 3 liters of water. Indukantam Kashayam 15 ml + 60 ml of warm water + Dhanvanthram gutika 1-1 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner helps. Dasamoola haritaki lehyam 1 tablespoon at bed time helps.



I am pragnya parimita chayani from hyderabad.I am suffering from vitiligo since 2years.I am taking allopathic medicine like octamo(pmethoxalen-10mg),diavitplus .I feel it is taking longer period to heal.I am 31,female.58kg with hypothyroidism.I take eltroxin-100 1tab a day.Should I try ayurveda?Once I contacted an ayurvedic dr. but he didnt assure me that he can heal me completely.will I have to stop thyroid med if I try ayurved?Will ayurved cure me? I am scared.puzzled and tensed.Kindly helpme sir Regards, pragnya parimita

Hi Pragnya,

Vitiligo and Thyroid both may be of Vitamin D deficiency. Please check your Vitamin D levels. Unless this Vitamin D problem addressed no way it can help in healing. Please check your Vitamin D and send me the reports. Ayurveda can completely heal both these conditions.

Ayurveda detoxification for Vitiligo

Ayurveda adopts three kinds of therapy for Vitiligo depends on the condition, age etc

a. Pacification therapy – with Herbal, Mineral or herbo- mineral medications.
b. Detoxification therapies – Since this disease itself is because of vitiated Pitta dosha, Ayurveda recommends the two fold purification therapies like purgation and bloodletting therapy (Leech therapy)
c. External Application: Smaller and Non / slow spreading patches is usually treated with herbal powder or oil applications. Ayurveda also recommends this type of treatment for Children below 7 years.

Ayurveda texts mentions about many single and compound herbal combinations for Vitiligo. Interestingly, these medicational formulae are very well validated by the modern scientific researches. For example liquid extract of Acacia catechu bark is advised 60 ml every morning by Ayurveda texts for Leucoderma and Vitiligo. This particular practice is very well documented by modern scientific research.

One herb is praised for Leucoderma and Vitiligo in almost all Ayurveda and traditional medicinal texts is Bakuchi / Vakuchi (Psorolia corolifolia) as internal medication, external application etc. This is been used to prepared soaps, external applications, internal medications by both Ayurveda and Modern pharmaceutical companies worldwide. The modern scientific research does agree that this herbal application acts on melanoblastic cells and successfully stimulates it.

Ayurveda Pancha Karma for Vitiligo

Ayurveda recommends its fivefold detoxification therapies for the complete cure for Vitiligo.

a. Therapeutic Vomiting: Vamana is a medicated emesis therapy which removes Kapha toxins collected in the body and the respiratory tract. This is given to people with high Kapha imbalance. Daily treatment involves loosening and mobilizing the toxins in an effort to finally eliminate them.
b. Therapeutic purgation: Virechana is medicated purgation therapy which removes Pitta toxins from the body that are accumulated in the liver and gall bladder; it completely cleanses the gastro-intestinal tract. It is a safe procedure without side effects.
c. Therapeutic enema Therapy: Basti (Enema) is considered as the mother of all Panchakarma treatments since it cleanses the accumulated toxins from all the 3 doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, through the colon. Basti is also highly beneficial as a rejuvenating treatment. Medicated oil or ghee and an herbal decoction is given as enema to clean the colon and increase the muscle tone. This procedure is usually applied for 8 to 30 days, based on the medical condition of a person
d. Therapeutic Nasal Drops: Nasya involves administration of medicated oil through the nose to cleanse accumulated Kapha toxins from the head and neck region. Based on the medical condition of a person, it can be given up to 30 days.
e. Therapeutic bloodletting therapy: Rakta mokshana is procedure to cleanse the blood and is advised only in very rare conditions. It is not advisable during general Panchakarma.

Home remedies for Vitiligo

1. Take 5 teaspoons of turmeric powder and mix in 250 ml of mustard oil and apply on the white patches of skin, twice a day, usually advised for a period of 12-15 months.

2. Application of Sweet Basil leaves extracts with lemon juice, advised for 5-6 months.

3. Most of the Indian traditional practitioners advise water kept in a copper vessel for overnight as diet

4. Eastern India where there is less sun this is widely advised, Tamarind seeds and Psorolia seeds (Bakuchi Seeds) soaked in rice wash water for 7 days. Then grinded into paste and applied on spots gives immediate results. I have a personal experience in this preparation. Very effective how ever for some people it resulted in burning sensation and boils.

5. Fresh Ginger Juice with Bakuchi powder mix – Obese persons and with spots on high muscular areas (Widely advised in India)

6. Application of Raddish (white) seeds with Vinegour is widely practiced in Calcutta. 50 gms of seeds with 15 ml of Vinegour

7. Many parts of Kerala advises Bakuchi Seed powder with Coconut oil as external application

8. some specialised practitioners in Kerala advises the following as diet for 40 days with external applications – 600 gm raw cucumber and 3 betel leaves three times a day and food made from bitter gourd.

9. Ginger Juice with red Clay as external application in karnataka (some parts)

Respected Dr Gowthaman,

My name is Surya, age 27. I’m suffering from pigmentation from long time. I have consulted so many doctors and lost so much of money but didn’t see any result. Fortunately I came to see your website health.sify.com.

My face looks completely black where as my body looks completely fair. can you please suggest any good suggestion as my marriage is getting near.
Now a days pimples are also coming on my face and also at the back of my head above neck line. Pimples are leaving black spots on my face which are looking ugly. I studied your article suggested for some one and started using MANJISTHADI Kashayam tablet.

Please give me your valuable suggestions.





Thanks and Regards,

Hi Prudhvi,

Please take Thiktakam Kashayam tablets – 2 three times a day with warm water, Thiktakam gritam – External application followed by warm water bath after 15 minutes helps. Try to improve your fresh fruits and vegetables intake.

Dear sir good morning i am 43 year old male having problem of itching at undergarments place and its very itchable and after itching burning will be there and please suggest me in ayurveda
Bimalsai raj

Hi Bimalsai Raj,

External application of Eladi Thailam followed by warm water bath everyday and Aragwadadi Kashayam tablets 3 tablets thrice daily before food with warm water and Haridra Kandam 1 tablespoon at bed time with warm milk at bed time helps you.

Dear Sir,

I am 47 years old . I have Asthma from 2007 . Also allergy of dust , cold. Sir , pl can u suggest any therapy to cure Asthma or to reduce allergy problem of dust and cold.




Hi Rajendra,

Herbs good for Respiratory Disorders

Following are the common Ayurveda Herbs very effective to prevent and heal the immunity and respiratory system
a. Vasa – Adathoda vasica
b. Thulasi – Ocimum sanctum
c. Pippali – Piper longum
d. Madhu Yashti – Glycyrrhiza glabra
e. Pudina – Mentha Arvensis
f. Tagara – Tylophora indica
g. Rasna – Alpinia galanga
h. Omam – Hyoscyamus niger
i. Shunti – Zingiber officinale
j. Black pepper – Piper nigrum
k. Jatipatri – Myrstica fragrans
l. Talisapatra – Abies webbiana
m. Katntakari – Solanum xanthocarpum / Indicum

Home relief measures

a. Inhaling the smoke of burning turmeric is one of the best home remedies for Asthma
b. Milk mixed with 1 gm of long pepper, palm sugar, black pepper and Turmeric is effective to improve respiratory tract immunity
c. Betel leaf juice 5 ml with 2 gm of honey is effective for cold, cough, fever and improve appetite and immunity
d. Inhaling hot steam or full body steam bath cleanses the channels in no time and remove the blockages etc
e. Vitamin C and D are very important to protect the respiratory tract, check your diet
f. Pouring too hot water over head / too cold bath to be avoided.
g. Dry cough and whooping Cough – 10 ml warm milk + 2 gm of melted ghee – This combination improves the dryness of the tract and removes weakness. This also helps easy removal of the sputum
h. For wet cough – Equal amounts of black pepper+ Long Pepper + honey each 2 gm helps
i. Black pepper with ghee helps to improve both wet and dry cough.
j. Onion juice mixed with Jaggery is a very good expectorant good for both dry and wet cough
k. Fresh Juice of Coleus aromaticus and fresh basil is good to prevent, heal and rejuvenate the respiratory system
l. Ginger juice mixed with honey is good to improve the congestion, running nose very well
m. Warm milk with a pinch of turmeric powder is good to improve the respiratory tract functions
n. Every day intake of honey mixed with milk is good for respiratory tract
o. Juice of Adathoda vasica is a very good remedy for cough, cold and all kind of respiratory infections.
p. Add orange, pine apple, custard apple, Drum stick and mint to protect and improve immunity

Dear Sir, I am facing melasma problem since 4 yrs in cheek. I have done chemical therapy also but after some brown patched appear in my face – nagaraju m

Hi Nagaraju M,

Melasma is the specialty of Ayurveda. Ayurveda medicines and therapies, life style modifications can heal this condition.

Ayurveda, as a holistic medicine addresses this problem both from inside and outside. Ayurveda explains as the facial beauty is the reflection of physical, mental and spiritual well being. Hence, Ayurveda recommends the traditional detoxification therapies followed by rejuvenation therapies for this condition.

As a pacification therapy, Ayurveda recommends a special eight fold therapy for a period of 28-40 days for complete cure. This facial therapies helps improves the blood circulation in the skin which in turn detox and rejuvenate itself. Even though the results are slow, it yields better results than any other chemical or Modern medicine based creams

1. Gentle application of fresh aloe vera juice followed by warm water wash: Modern researchers do accept it as aloe vera contains mucilaginous polysaccharides which has a significant result on lightening the dark spots. Ayurveda recommends this application on face should be a gently one and to be done for 15 minutes.
2. Application of Orange skin fresh or powder mixed with milk – It is very good skin exfoliator which can lighten the skin discolorations in no time. Gentle application followed by warm water wash after 30 minutes
3. Application of turmeric powder mixed with warm milk – 5 tablespoon of turmeric powder mixed with 10 tablespoon of milk and applied all over the face followed by warm massage for 20 minutes helps followed by warm water wash
4. Almond paste with honey as pack for 15 minutes followed by warm water wash after 15 minutes
5. Application of fresh lemon juice with gentle massage followed by warm water wash after 10 minutes
6. Onion seed paste application followed by warm water wash after 15 minutes
7. Thulasi leave paste pack followed by warm water wash after 15 minutes
8. Finally 10 minutes pack with Thriphala choornam for 10 minutes followed by warm water wash (Ayurveda recommends using Thriphala Kashayam for face wash helps both in prevention and cure, Ayurveda also recommends 1 tablespoon of Thriphala choornam at bed time with warm water also helps in healing)

Dear Sir

I saw your ayurvedic remedies on Sify Health. There was a prescription for gall stones to use olive oil, lemon juice and garlic for 3 months. I would like to take your advice for myself, Mrs. Rama Ramaswamy.

I am 63 years old. I take Thyronorm 50 gms daily. My thyroid is under control. I was detected with multiple gall stones, varying from 2 mm to 7 mm three years back. There is no pain in any part of the stomach and I don’t take any medicines for the same. I would like to try this ayurvedic remedy for gall stones.

I would also like to know if I can use garlic capsules (Amway product) instead of 5 g of fresh garlic paste and take the same with olive oil and lemon juice mixture?

Also could you suggest some home remedies for reducing my weight? I am weighing 78 kgs but I am very flexible and go for a walk daily for one hour.






Rama Ramaswamy

Hi Rama,

This home remedy is one of the most effective natural remedies for Gall stones. But for better results it has to be taken as the advised mixture. Garlic capsules not helping much as garlic paste helps. For weight please check your Endocrinologist as thyroid and Vitamin D deficiency can cause weight gain. As i advised many times Simple Apple Diet is one of the most effective remedies for healtheir weight loss. Take 1 apple before breakfast, 2 before lunch and dinner followed by regular food of yours. The pectin in the Apple helps in the fat and carbohydrate metabolism and helps preventing fat accumulation.

Dear Dr.
I am Jyothy aged about 49 years residing at Banglaore have been facing Melasma problem from one and half year. I had a very clear face but now I have developed discoloration on my cheeks, nose and on my forehead too.
I did not consult any doctors. But for a month or so I used Lomela cream (recommended by one my aunty). For my surprise the discoloration had improved but a week ago I went Tamil Nadu and exposure to the Sun completely darkened by face and I have been noticed and questioned by every one I come into contact. Kindly suggest me an ayurveda cream for a permanent cure of this discoloration / hyper-pigmentation/melasma or suggest an ayurveda clinic / doctor in Bangalore in around Kammanahalli / kalyananagar/cox town/davis road/lingarajapura in Bangalore .
Thanks & regards

Hi Jyothy,

Melasma needs both internal and external medications as menopause plays a vital role in your case. Take this following home remedy. 100 ml of milk + 200 ml of water + 5 gm of Indian Asparagus Powder (Satavari) – Boil this mixture until it becomes 100 ml – Filter and take it once a day in empty stomach. This improves the physiological hormonal changes which improves the skin color and texture. I am visiting Bangalore on Every Third Saturday and Sunday at Odukathur Swamigal matt, Ulsooru. For appointments please call 09500123413
Maha Thiktakam gritam – External application followed by warm water wash after 15-30 minutes improves the condition in no time.


I am having lichen planus.

I am getting small rashes on hand and leg.

Please let me know what i have to do to remove this rashes.





Thanks and Regards,
Suresh S.

Hi Suresh,
Lichen Planus requires internal as well as external applications for better healing. Please take Manhjishtadi Kashayam tablets 2 + Aragwadadi Kashayam tablets 2 – Three times a day 30 minutes before food with warm water and External application of Maha Thiktakam gritam followed by warm water wash after 15 minutes twice daily every day. Avoid Non vegetarian foods, spicy, salty foods and drinks for better healing. Avipattikara Choornam 4 tablets at bed time with warm water does help.

Dear Sir,


I have read the article about beating Melasma with Ayurveda and it recommends a special eight fold therapy for a period of 28-40 days for complete cure. So how should I use these 8 steps, every day all of it or one of it during the period of 40 days or every day a different one? I am indian and a couple of months ago I got some melasma on my cheaks almost on the part of my eye. I would be so glad if you can responde me. I haven´t used anything yet only lemon juice or onion juice but not every day and I haven´t seen any positive results. I wanted to try COSMELAN but I´m not sure yet.
Sandra Kalkuzhi

Hi Sandra Kalkuzhi,

This 40 day therapy should be only done as advised by an Ayurveda Physician. Please visit near by Ayurveda Center or physician for basic prakruti analysis and a personalized treatment plan. Some of the home remedies for your reference as follows

Home remedies for Melasma

a. Vinegar: Dilute vinegar equally with water, and use to cleanse and rinse your face. Allow to air dry to seal in moisture. Or, use the vinegar/water mixture in place of an astringent or toner. Vinegar is chemically acetic acid, and is capable of whitening and brightening, as well as making skin smoother and more radiant. It has also long been used for a skin softener. Apple cider or other natural vinegars are recommended, though some people use distilled white vinegar.
b. Onion Juice: To get onion juice, you can finely chop up an onion, or blend it, and squeeze the juice through a cheese cloth. Mix with equal part apple cider vinegar, apply twice daily with a cotton ball and watch for results over the next several weeks. Alternatively, you can cut a slice of onion, dip it in vinegar, and apply it to the pigmentation.
c. Lemon Juice: Applying the juice of a fresh lemon to the pigmentation has a similar effect to the onion remedy – it is acidic and can safely peel off the top layer of skin, causing spots to fade.
d. Onion, vinegar and lemon juice are excellent home remedies to relieve you of age spots, Melasma, pigmentation and discoloration. I found this treatment quite effective for lightening over several weeks – what I didn’t like was the onion smell. Though it was great in a pinch, I didn’t want to have stinky hands and face for life, so I learned of many more natural remedies to combat my Melasma.

Ayurveda diet for Melasma

Avoiding the following food items helps in prevention and healing of Melasma

a. Tamarind
b. Spicy, salty foods and drinks
c. Garlic and Green chillies
d. Brinjal
e. Curd (Yoghurt)
f. Buffalo milk products
g. Alcohol and alcoholic products
h. Sugarcane
i. Eggs
j. Fish
k. Chicken
l. Avoid exercise in hot heat, exposure to hot sun, birth control pills and long time hormonal therapies

I would like to know, is it alright to eat Bhringraj Choorna daily to improve the hair growth and overall hair health and cleansing of liver.
Please reply.
Deepa Bansal

Hi Deepa,

Internal use of Bringaraja (Eclipta alba) helps improve Liver functions. External application of which as paste or juice helps for hair growth.

Doctor, my 3 year old son developed white patch initially in the face which is light gradually on feet which looks like typical vitiligo, and getting more on his body. The patch in the face has black hairs within the white area. The patches in the frets are spreading. Is it vitiligo? He was born premature. Will he ever go back to normal?
deepa robin

Hi Deepa,

This condition requires physical examination. Please visit the near by Ayurveda Dermatologist for physical examination. Vitamin D and B deficiency could also cause this trouble. Ayurveda certainly can help. Please visit the near by physician and let me know the Specialist opinion, accordingly i will advise.

Dear Sir,

My son is 14 years old. His is getting grey hair. He is having dandruff also. Any preferred oil for use. Can we prepare the oil at home?. Any preferred shampoo for use?



Thanks and Best regards,
Shaija David

Hi Shajia,
Use Keshmani oil for scalp application and Keshmani shampoo for scalp wash. Internally 2 Keshmani capsules twice daily improves hair growth and reduces Dandruff.

Dear Sir,

I have been affected with Alopecia Areata for the last 10-12 yrs. My scalp hair, moustache, eyebrows, chest hairs have lost. By the grace of The Almighty my scalp hairs have regrown and NO hair grows in other affected areas.

I have undergone allopathic treatment / Siddha etc but of no use.I have discontinued all the treatments due to side effects it had led to.

Earlier I applied garlic paste on my scalp for reqrowth of hair and it has come out successfully . Due to sensitivity in facial skins when applied in these areas it leads to scar marks or skin burn or even bruises.

Please advise home or natural remedies to get back my lost hairs.

Internal and external application.






Thanks and Regards

Hi Wasim,

Primarily have you checked your Vitamin D and Thyroid levels? With out correcting these two no medicines or therapies would work. Please check these two and revert and send me the reports to gowthaman@rvita.com, based on the reports i will suggest a personalized healing plan.


Hi Manish,

Weight loss requires a systemic approach as it may affect the health. Have you ever checked your thyroid and Vitamin D levels. Please check. As sometimes correcting these two helps improving the weight loss process.

As i advised many times Simple Apple diet / Simple Fruit diet is one of the easiest ways to loose weight. Take one apple or 100 gm of papaya before breakfast and 2 apple or 200 gm of papaya just before lunch and dinner followed by your regular food. Continue this for 90 days. I have seen people loosing 19 Kg of weight in 90 days with this simple recipe.

My friend is having MELESMA (or MANGU in telugu language )skin disease (brownish ) on her Face . Would you please advice me how to get Rid of this skin disease. In your article Beat Melesma with Ayurveda ,if i tell to my friend to use VINEGAR,ONION JUICE, LEMON JUICE, will it really works ?
her age is 40yr , she will not come to hospital,so iam asking your advice

Any Medicines or Skin ointments ? Would you please Prescribe us



Thank you
sekharnaidu T

Hi Sekhar Naidu,

This may be related to Menopause or Premenopausal syndrome. Take this following home remedy. 100 ml of milk + 200 ml of water + 5 gm of Indian Asparagus Powder (Satavari) – Boil this mixture until it becomes 100 ml – Filter and take it once a day in empty stomach. This improves the physiological hormonal changes which improves the skin color and texture. Maha Thiktakam gritam – External application followed by warm water wash after 15-30 minutes improves the condition in no time.

Dear sir,

I am suffering from vitiligo since 12 years, ayurvedic medicine is going on but it makes no effect , my skin become full red but blackness is very slow. my digetion is poor from where I get a 60 ml liquid extract of Acacia catechu bark is advised, whether it is available in market.Please advice me.



j p tiwari

Dear Mr. Tiwari,

Vitiligo requires both internal and external remedies. Ayurveda therapies, Yoga and life style modifications helps in self healing. Ayurveda Pancha Karma Therapy is one of the most effective natural therapies for Vitiligo. Please visit the near by Ayurveda Center for Prakruti analysis and personalized healing plan.

Acacia bark is available over internet. Take 100 ml of water + 5 gm of Acaia bark boil until it become 60 ml – Filter and take it twice daily for better results.

Hi, sir I am Usha. Sir my husband is 32yrs old he has started White patches on the both legs. I am very worried because he likes doing sex all the time but I am scared to do. One more thing I want to have a baby. Is it safe to have sex and have a baby. We stay in east africa (uganda). Can u advice some home made remedies

Hi Usha,

It is safe. Vitiligo does not spread by touch or sex. It is safe to have baby. However please check the nature of the white patches with the local physician. What is it? Any infections or deficiency? etc needs to be checked before commenting on the nature of spread etc.

Hello sir,

My father having asthma problem on treatment for almost more than 3 years, during 2012 winters started vomting with coughing and being taken as and when to chest doctor and being given treatment anticipating that he is of asthma problem and during winter lungs pretend to produce lot of cough, but now in our place the climate is turned hot. few days back one day i have noticed that he vomited Idly what he had in break fast and later he went vomiting while he is taking his lunch.

I approached to a Dr. Gastroenterology & Hepatology and few test like US for abdomen and endoscopy as well CTC to abdomen is performed and Dr concluded that he is of MACRONODULAR CIRRHOTIC LIVER statue yet waiting for findings of AFP blood test.

Attached reportes for your perusal and requesting you to guide me at this juncture, how to go, should I go with alopathy / aryuveda or else infact today i happened to visit local medical center of Patanjali Chikatsalya and they have prescribed course of treatment available with them.

As a matter of fact my father being 80 years old never consumed alcohol and of great thin personality and daily performs basic yoga for 2 hours a day including sheersh Ashan even today but we now are worried after knowing the medical reports.

Plz guide us.






Thanking you,
Sunil Kumar

Hi Sunil Kumar,

Ayurveda can help, However understanding the condition is very important before commenting. I have not received any reports. Please send it to me gowthaman@rvita.com Once i go through the reports will comment you accordingly.

HI Doctor,

I found your website most interesting indeedI have been taking 50 mcg thyroxin for 20 months now for a diagnosed under active thyroidI wish to stop taking the medication eventually so what do you suggest I do ?Can you recommend Aryuvedic medicine I can take instead and should I continue on the thyroxin at the same time ?

My hair is very dry and full of split ends which I suspect is from the medication I am takingI have begun massaging my hair with a combination of castor and coconut oil for 45 minutes and using the steamer for 20 minutes twice weekly



Any suggestions for both these issues I would appreciate
Julia Webb

Hi Julia,

Ayurveda certainly can help however suddenly stopping the thyroxin can lead to bad health. It needs to be phased out gradually using Ayurveda Medicines + Thyroxin + Yoga + Life style modifications. Take Remythro 2 tablets three times a day before food with warm water + Siva gutika 1 tablet three times a day after food certainly helps. Improve physical exercise, Cut carbs, Check your vitamin D and Iron levels periodically. After three months check the thyroid levels and reduce the thyroxin in concern with the endocrinologist.


I am Sibu 30 years old,I have a problem of under weight,Give the suggestion of improving my weight.




Hi Sibu,

Check your diet, exercise and sleep. These three plays a vital role in weight gain. Ayurveda therapies like pizchil and navara kizhi certainly improves the positive weight. Add more proteins in diet, sleep for 7 hours a day. Ayurveda medications like Narasimha Rasayanam 1 tablespoon three times a day before food improves positive weight.




Hi Doctor,

Weight loss and anto aging both requires a personalized approach. Based on the age, sex, physical activity, life style, mental pressure, stress both these can be advised. However I recommend the SImple Apple Diet for both weight loss and to improve anti oxidants. Take 1 apple before breakfast, 2 before lunch and 2 before dinner followed by your regular foods and drinks. try this for 90 days for better results.

My hair are grey at age of 25 .kindly suggest how can I turn them black again.is it possible?Also they do not grow .kindly help me regarding that also

Hi Neha,
Yes it is possible. But before advise you can please send me the results of your Vitamin D, Thyroid and HB. This three plays a vital role in success of the treatment.

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