Ayurveda Q&A: Home remedy for cholesterol

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This week’s answers:

1. Hello Dr., I am lata, 38 years, wt 70kg, ht 5’1″ a working lady, want to reduce my weight. I am having Hypothyroid problem also for the last about 20 years. You recommended “Ayurveda a special weight loss recipe called ‘Takra Arishta’ – fermented buttermilk for active weight loss”. Kindly suggest me from where I can get this and how to use it. Thanks in advance.

Lata Mishra
Takra Arishta is a famous Ayurveda weight loss tonic available in All leading Ayurveda medical shops. Very safe to use and very effective too. This tonic is prepared from herbs processed with Buttermilk. Since you have also mentioned about Hypothyroidism. I suggest the following prescription may help you better

a. Takra Arishtam + Ayaskriti – 30 ml each 15 minutes after food with warm water

b. Dubli + Saptamrutha Loha – Each 2 tablets thrice daily five minutes before food with warm water

c. Avipattikara Choornam tablets – Each 4 tablets at bed time with warm water

Improve water intake, reduce rice and sugar in diet. As i mentioned earlier SIMPLE APPLE DIET is the most effective one to loose weight. Just take 1 apple before breakfast, 2 before lunch, 2 before dinner just followed by your regular food intake.

2. Dear Sir, My wife is 35 years old and recently diagnosed with high cholestrol of about 255 and LDL-193. We were really surprised since we are vegetarian. She only eats vegetable, fruits rice, chappati, yoghurt all normal vegetarian food.
Oily foods only some times may be one time in a week like puri, aloo parantha, pakodas, and she is fond of panipuris but panipuris also may be once in a month. We cannot understand from where this high cholestrol has come.
Even her life style is not very sedate. All the household chores cooking, cleaning washing clothes etc are done by herself. Even until last month she used to go to market by walk which is about 2 km from my home. Can u please advise us how to reduce this cholestrol natural way i.e not by english medicines . Looking forward for ur kindly advise.

Higher cholesterol levels are usually related to Liver metabolism. Reduced water intake, day sleep, sleeping immediately after food, curd intake etc leads to this condition. Simple and most effective home remedy for high cholesterol is adding clove in the diet. As a remedy take 2 gm of clove powder with warm milk in empty stomach for 48 days.

Following medicines can help

a. Loha Asavam + Kumari Asavam – Each 30 ml thrice daily after food

b. Dubli + Navaka Guggulu – 2 tablets thrice daily 5 minutes before food

This combination is very effective for normalising the cholesterol and very safe to use. Drum stick leaves soup is also effective in normalising the cholesterol and specially for preventing it

3. My wife wt is 85 plus. She is a working women (Bank). she could not find a time even to walk daily. Pl let me know about her diet etc. Since the work load is heavy in the office she could not skip up regular food etc.

Balaji (Her husband)
In my experience i found the simple apple diet is very effective in reducing the weight, simple to follow. Take 1 apple before breakfast, 2 before lunch, 2 before dinner followed by your regular meal. Follow this for just 60 days to loose 3 Kg.

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