Ayurveda Q&A: How to get flawless skin

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This week’s answers:

1. I’m 74 yrs old, hypertensive for alst 30 years. Since last 2 months, I have some phlegm in my throat. Im unable to remove it by coughing it out. Please suggest some home remedies for the same. I bathe in warm water and dont drink cold water at all.

Adathoda vasica (Vasa) extract would help you a lot. Take 100 ml of water + 5 gm Adathoda Vasica powder – boil until it become 50 ml – Filter and take this liquid extract twice daily 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner.

Ayurveda poly herbals like Subra vati + Hyper Each 1 capsule thrice daily is very effective for both condition. Please check your renal functions, long time hypertension some time may damage the renal functions which in turn could cause the cough and breathing troubles.

2. Dear Doctor, my wife is not feeling hungry, and after food she is having vomating.As per the test she is having cyst on her Ovary(started taking medicene) also she is having Vitamin d deficiency(she is taking injection). Now we got the jundice report and as per that she is having mild jundice as well.
Endoscopy report is normal as well. Can you please suggest how to increase her appetite?

Sanu Pattanaik

Please take the following medicines Thiktakam Kashayam 15 ml + 45 ml of warm water twice daily 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner, Arogya vardhini vatika 2 tablets thrice daily after food with warm water and Avipattikara Choornam 1 tablespoon at bed time with warm water for 60 days would help for Jaundice, appetite and Poly cystic ovaries. Drink adequate amount of water, mild physical exercises, avoiding non vegetarian foods and drinks, less salty and spicy foods etc can help improving this condition.

3. Sir, My age is 58 diabetic since 18 years and HBP is 147/77. Now blood sugar is normal and also HB1AC is 7.0 and HDL 26 and LDL is 98 and total cholestrol is 138 I have taken GYNASEMF 1-1 and for BP METXL AM 50/5mg one in morning and ECOSPARI AV75mg oneand AMLODAC5 one in night. and I have take 2 cup of D-protien morning and evening. doing some excersie and also doing SURYANAMASKAR NVASANA PASCHIMOTHOSANAEVERY DAY. But my wt. 62.5 kgs and height is 160cms. How can control my BP and Wt. request for suitable guidance.Thanking U

Anti oxidants could help you better. Vita Noni 2 capsules thrice daily before food with warm water helps. Ayurveda therapies like pizchil and Navara Kizhi helps you a lot. Visit near by Ayurveda center and get a personalized rejuvenation plan with Ayurveda therapies and therapeutic yoga.

Tai Chi plays a vital role in rejuvenation. I have personally have seen Ayurveda therapies with Personalized Tai Chi and Yoga helps people to come out of the complications of Diabetes, Hypertension and helps to manage weight.

4. HI, I am a south Indian. Saw your post http://health.sify.com/ayurveda-qa-home-remedies-for-melasma/

Immediately started typing this mail hoping for an answer to my problem. Am 22 years old. Finished college. Was an athlete since childhood. Was not really aware of the sunscreen at that time.
My problem:
I am heavily tanned in my arms,feet and face. I was born very fair skinned. And now i would say i am wheat coloured.
The problem is i never gave much importance to the way my skin looked since i was acne prone all the time.. it was always disgusting
to see face with acne. And now since my college is over, no outdoor sports, and acne have gone by adopting good diet. Now i see that
there something like a dark brown pigmentation on my nose. Could see it if i watch my face really close. i have tried all applying curd, gram flour,
aloe vera, it doesnt seem to go. Can you please suggest something for this. I doubt if it is melasma on nose, since i have combination skin
and have oily nose,forehead and all these year i never bothered to go out in harsh sun(even without an umbrella).

And i have facial hair on upper lip, not very evident. So i use to bleach if i have any parties. I used to go for herbal products all the time.
It was working out fine. But i had to move to bangalore and i could not find any herbal products in my area. I gave a try on vlcc bleach.
Just before using it i had rubbed my face with a normal astringent. I made the mistake of applying the bleach after the astringent (though i waited for half an hour after washing the face, before applying the bleach). I never bleach my whole face. I use it just for the upper lips. I am aware it has chemicals and does bad for the skin. The part i had applied the bleach was slightly burning. I waited for 2 mintured, the burning never reduced. So washed it immediately.
I could see a dark black patch on the whole area where i had applied the bleach. started to panic seeing a dark black patch on the skin, took olive oil and massaged the place really well. I would say it had reduced the darkness. But is not gone fully. I have been to all the dermatologist lately and no creams seems to work wonders. Tried the above said home remedies for this as well. I applied indhulekha skin oil every night for the past 6 months. It lightens very slightly if i apply everyday. if i leave for 1 day, it will again be the same next day. i dont want to apply some oil everyday throughout my life. now i have stopped applying the oil, and the mark is again as it was before 6 months. Am so tired of seeing these marks on my face Please please please help me.
I dont really know what is to be done. Can you please help me.
I just want a flawless skin. Would be very thankful for your reply.
Thanks for having patience to read my mail.

manju murugesan

I think the symptoms suggestive of hormonal imbalances as well. Ayurveda has a special therapy for you and it is called Soundarya. It is a 7-28 day therapy with Ayurveda medicines and therapies, therapeutic Yoga.

Ayurveda herbal ghee is applied all over the body followed by herbal bolus of rice + Milk and rice processed and applied all over the body followed by herbal pack and wash with herbs processed warm water. This therapy for 7-28 days depends on the requirement can heal your skin.

Thiktakam gritam external application followed by warm water bath after 30 minutes helps too. Medicines like Remythro + Vita Noni Each 2 tablets thrice daily before food with warm water helps to improve thyroid, Vitamin D assimilation.

5. Kind attn: Dr. Gowthaman
I am suffering from acute and extensive Psoriasis for the last 14 years. Age 73. Is any ayurvedic medical help available in my case. I am a totally vegetarian, don’t drink. I have been using 777 Oil but it gives no visible improvement.

Anil Agrawal

Purified herbal powder of Psorolia corolifolia (Karboga Arisi) – 5 gm twice daily after food with warm milk helps. Instead of 777 oil please apply Psora oil followed by warm water bath helps too. With these take 5 gm of Thiktakam gritam 5 gm in empty stomach followed by warm water helps.

6. I’m 34 y/o female, do not take birth control, have no children (hopefully in the next couple of years!) and I’m a northern-European “mutt” so not the typical ethnicity for this symptom. I bounce back and forth with vata and pitta predominant, usually have heat but otherise more vata qualities. Certainly some prana and/or apana, also ranjaka/and recently sadhaka. The malsma has been happening for a little less than 2 years, never before, and I’m in the sun less!
Let me know if/when we can meet for the consult.

Thank you!

I do online consult too. Please contact me on Skype. My Skype is drkgowthaman

7. Dear Sir, I just want to know about the best treatment for Barret”s Oesophagus disease.waiting for your positive reply.
With Warm Regards

Dr.Ankush Kapil

Hi Dr. Ankush,

Barret’s Oesophagus disease is the specialty of Ayurveda. Unlike Modern medicine, Ayurveda deals differently with this condition. Depends on the patient’s individual symptoms, cause, complications and history a purification or a rejuvenation therapy is recommended with strict diet and exercise.

Please let me know the symptom, history etc to help you better.

8. Sir,I am 62 and suffering from IBS for the past 30 years. I have taken several treatments but none has worked so far. I pass out thrice or four times in the morning. Then after each intake, whether liquid or solid, I have to rush to the toilet. Because of this I avoid going out or avoid taking anything even if it means being without food for 12 to 18 hours. My entire life has been spoiled because of this. During college exam, this problem forced me to rush out of the examination hall, resulting in inability to complete the practicals, which resulted in my getting only 70% rather than 100% which I would have surely got, if I had not gone out to attend the nature’s call, which left me with no time to return to complete the practicals in time. Still the problem is putting its spanner in the wheel, in my desire to achieve something in the legal profession, to which I am engaged now.

Can you please suggest some medicine for this
Yours faithfully

IBS is the specialty of Ayurveda. Ayurveda medicines and therapies with personalized diet can help you better.

IBS usually occurs as a complication of stress, malabsorption syndrome etc. Hence as per Ayurveda both Ulcerative colitis and poor bone density are connected and the treatment protocol and medicines are same. For both conditions medicines alone not enough, I recommend to follow Ayurveda medications and therapies, yoga and well planned diet. The combination of these three can help you swiftly and permanantly.

Ayurveda medications Maha Thiktakam Gritam – 1 table spoon twice daily 10 minutes before food with 150 mg of Kaseesam (101) powder followed by warm water. Jeerakadi Lehyam 1 table spoon twice daily after food. Dadimashtaka Choornam 5 gm with buttermilk thrice daily 1 hour before food helps. Ayurveda therapies like Abhyangam, Pizichil, Navara Kizhi, Matra Vasti, Kashaya Vasti etc also help. I also suggest you to take a personalised yoga and diet session with experts. This will help you to quickly rebuild the system.

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