Ayurveda Q&A: How to improve concentration

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This week’s answers:
1. I went through your write up and will surely try these home remedies. Thank you for sharing. I suffer with sinus from the last 13 years and i get swelling near my left ear (upper cheek bone) followed by inflammation, pus & blood oozes.I have tried English medicine, Homeopathy & Ayurveda but only temporary relief. Its getting too much for me and migranes too are causing much pain. Please suggest a remedy.
The condition is precipitated by allergens, change of weather, exposure to cold breeze (air conditioner) intake of sweets, dairy products, ice creams, cold drinks soon after having food. There is anatomical connection with the throat and ear which could lead to infection in those locations. Acute and chronic form of sinusitis need a comprehensive health care approach to prevent the relapse of symptoms. Surgical treatment with correction of septal deviation has produced recurrence of the disease in many individuals. In children, tonsillitis is also to be ruled out. In Ayurveda terms, this disease is classified under defective kapha bio-energy and under the disease called Peenasa.

The first step will be to avoid exposure to causes like using cotton to close the ears while working in air conditioned office, wearing a scarf, head bath for not more than twice a week, avoid drinking cold water if you are sweating, not applying facial cream, splashing water on face (better to use wet wipes) etc.

Ayurveda treats the cause by correcting the kapha bio energy through administration of medicines like Dasamoola katutrayam kashaya tablet, dasamoolarishtam, Rasnadi powder (application over scalp and forehead, para nasal area) inhalation of medicated vapor etc.

2. Is there any detailed list of diet that could be followed for Gout. I have been suffering from this for a long time now. I have also started putting on weight. Any help would be highly appreciated since I am taking medicines for a long time now and there has been not much relief from it.
Raj Kamath
Diet is always personalized. I would suggest you to write more about your condition accordingly i can send you a diet plan. Please also send me the list of medicines you have been taking.

Some diet advises for gout

A. Apples are good for gout
B. 3 ml of lemon juice mixed in 100 ml of water, thrice daily helps the kidney to detoxify
C. 30 ml French bean juice said to be effective in gout. It has to be taken for at least 30 days as one course
D. Cherries play a vital role in improving the anti oxidants in the system. Some naturopaths recommend 10 fresh cherries a day to keep the gout in control.
E. Carrot juice mixed with the juices of beet and cucumber acts as diuretic hence it is recommended for Gout
F. A charcoal bath is a good Home Remedy for Gout. Mix in old basin one half cup of charcoal powder with water until a paste is made. Place affected foot into the basin and add water until the foot is enclosed. Steep your foot in the charcoal bath for thirty to sixty minutes.

3. hello doctor, is there any medicine in Ayurveda to improve concentration in children while studying.
Understand the nutritional deficiencies. Mostly, concentration and memory in children are related to Nutrition. If this problem addressed correctly it solves the concentration, memory and attention deficiencies etc. Medicines like Bramhi, Ashwaganda, Velvet Bean etc could help. Milk processed with fresh ginger – 100 ml a day preferably in empty stomach does also help. Make sure fresh fruits, vegetables, are part of diet. 1 -2 egg white per day also help. Ayurveda medicines like Aravinda Asavam + Saraswatharishtam 10 ml twice or thrice daily improves the brain circulation and memory.

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