Ayurveda Q&A: How to increase fertility

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This week’s answers:

1. Dear doctor, Thank you, SO i should not take the sukumaram kashayam. one ayurveda doctor given , As i have only one ovary. left ovariatomy done 7 years back . now 36 years trying for second baby. i have tried for 3 months to conceive but failed. one month i have feeling like i am pregnant. heavyness on lower abdomen, cramping inside & back pain etc. last month periods came 26th day. periods are used to come 27-28th day even after one ovary removed. kindly give advice some foods/diet to increase fertility for me and my husband. Husband is 43 years now. thanks in advance.

Please check your follicular phase, the time when the mature ovum enters from ovary to uterus. Try to have intercourse in these 48 hours to improve the chances of conception. Also please check your HB, vitamin D, thyroid profiles – as these factors do play an important role in conception.

Since your partner is past 40, please test him for sperm analysis etc to understand the cause for the trouble.

In the mean time, take this remedy for you – 100 ml of milk + 200 ml of water + 10 gm of Indian asparagus powder – boil together until this mixture reduces to 100 ml. Filter and drink this once a day on an empty stomach to improve your reproductive function.

Home remedy for your husband: 100 ml of milk + 200 ml of water + 5 gm of Indian Ginseng + fresh ginger + Velvet bean powder and Musali powder – reduced to 100 ml – filter and drink once a day on an empty stomach. This will improve his reproductive function.

2. My father is suffering from Lungs fibroid. Please inform me is there any treatment in Aurveda.

Anil Jain
I need to more information about his condition before commenting on this question. Certainly a holistic approach with Ayurveda, Yoga and diet helps improve the wellbeingness of the patient. Please send me more details to understand and help or guide you better.

3. i get headaches nowadays which i cannot explain. i have sinus prob sometimes and also cholesterol. Sometimes headache is unbearable. pl suggest some medicine

As i suggested more than medicines change in lifestyle helps better. For time being please take the following Ayurveda medications

1. Indukantam Kashayam tablets – 2 tablets thrice daily 5 minutes before food with warm milk

2. Subra Vati + Anarth capsules – Each 1 tablet after food with warm water

3. Haridra Kanda – 1 tablespoon at bed time followed by warm milk

4. Rasanadi Choornam – 1 tablespoon mixed with warm milk as external application over forehead followed by warm water wash after 15-25 minutes

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