Ayurveda Q&A: How to treat liver cirrhosis

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This week’s answers:

1. My dad is suffering from liver cirrhosis and doctors say that its a last stage and it is very critical , we believe alot in ayurveda and presently hez on ayurvedic medicines but every now n thn we are getting his complete blood picture done but every time we see new problems and when we showed the reports to the doctors they say kidneys look like they have failed and he should not be passing urine and they were shocked when but my dad said he has no problems with urine,the doctors are confused because they are unable to know what else the problem is ! now doctors say we should stop ayurveda because potassium levels are pretty high in his body and he no more can take fruits or ayurveda.but ayurvedic doctors say we should not stop ayurvedic medicines.his haemoglobin percentage is 6%,liver has shrunken n almost 95% has been damaged,in the urine tests traces of blood has been found,do you think we should continue with ayurveda or get him admitted in the hospital?could you please help us with your suggestion..i would be really thankful.

Looks like your father is suffering from Chronic liver cirrhosis with renal malfunction. Yes, as the modern medicine experts say the Ayurveda medicines and fruits which your father taking may have high potassium contents it many affect the kidney functions too. I suggest you to send me his prescriptions.

I have treated many chronic conditions like this before. I usually suggest them to take 30 ml of cow’s urine once a day on an empty stomach. In my experience, cow urine therapy is the best for liver cirrhosis condition especially when it is moving to multiple organ failure.

I suggest you to get him to the hospital and give him adequate acute care to sustain his health. Once the multiple organ functions are normalized Ayurveda or any supportive diet therapy can be offered to him as a supportive therapy.

2. i m 26 years old and suffering from premature greying of hair for the last 8 years my 50-60 hairs become grey. what is the best solution to stop of re-black the hair. all my cousin and rela brothers is also suffering from this. what is the best medicine for this.

A holistic treatment would be helpful than a single herbal remedy. Following are the common home remedies which are very effective to reverse and prevent the premature graying and hair fall.

a. The most effective and well practiced home remedy is applying coconut oil processed with fresh curry leaves. This should be strictly applied on the scalp and hair for 90 days. Gentle massage with this mixture for 15-20 minutes helps in reducing the hair fall, dandruff and improves hair growth, hair thickness and improves the black hair growth. After application wash it with lukewarm water.

b. Amla powder is considered and used as one of the best hair rejuvenator across the world. Apply paste of fresh Amla powder mixed with curd and fresh lemon juice as pack. Leave it for 45 minutes and followed by warm water wash. This process is very effective to reduce hair fall and improve hair growth. This process is repeated every alternative day for 90 days for better results.

c. Amla soaked in water for overnight, and the water is a very good hair conditioner. After the regular hair wash, just rinse the hair with this water. One of the primary reasons for premature graying is using excessive conditioners and high chemical shampoo. Avoiding the cause may help in restoring normalcy quickly.

d. One of the effective remedy for colder seasons is application of almond oil with amla juice. Warm both taken in equal amounts and gentle massage on scalp for 15 minutes. It is one of the fastest ways to arrest the premature graying and improving the general hair health.

e. Many villages in Kerala follow a simple hair remedy – Application of equal amounts of buttermilk and curry leaves are boiled for 5 minutes over a mild flame, then applied to the scalp in lukewarm condition followed by warm water wash after 30 minutes. This is a known preventive remedy for white hair and hair fall.

f. Ayurveda recommends the following combination as an effective remedy for prevention and improving hair growth, reducing dandruff and,  for healthy hair. Equal amounts of amla powder, Thriphala powder, Methi powder, Karisalai powder, Mehanthi Powder, Japa flower and leaves powder, Indian Asparagus powder mixed with fresh curd and fresh lemon juice. This mixture applied as a pack on the scalp followed by warm water wash

g. Simple home remedy to maintain health hair the following remedy is advised. Equal amounts of fresh amla juice and lemon juice applied on the scalp and hair followed by warm water wash after 10 minutes. This should be done every day for healthy hair.

h. Traditional healers in South India recommend the following remedy for premature hair growth. Equal amounts of sesame oil and carrot juice mixed with half the amount of Methi seed powder kept under sun for 21 days. Then this oil is applied on the scalp for hair, face for white hairs in mustache and beard areas and body for the white body hairs. Follow this for 90 days for complete color change.

i. Eclipta Alba is the other important herb used in Ayurveda for prevention and reversing the premature hair graying. Most of the Herbal hair oils contain the extract of this herb. Ayurveda recommend the application fresh leave juice or paste as a thick scalp pack followed by warm water wash.

j. Many Ayurveda experts recommend Black pepper ¼ parts mixed with 1 parts of fresh curd and 10 ml of fresh lemon juice as everyday application on scalp helps to improve the premature hair growth condition.

3. I am 45 years old female. I get frequent headache, especially on back. Most of the time, headache is associated with nausea. Sometimes, I get relief if I drink warm water with salt and lime. But, sometimes , pain will be very severe and can’t bear. I avoid taking pain killers. I don’t feel like eating anything whenever I get this problem. Kindly suggest a solution for this. Is this problem related food and is there anything related to digestion. Regards,

The symptoms suggestive of migraine. Some women it may be related to pre or post menopause too. An attack of Migraine can be prevented by resorting to timely food intake(skipping breakfast or lunch will worsen the condition) avoiding exposure to mid-day sun, meditation, reducing the proportion of spicy and oily stuff in the food, ensuring sound sleep of at least 5-7 hours during night, having fruits included in the regular meal, drinking fresh juices once a day(if appetite is good) taking intermittent short breaks during working hours and regular practice of yoga.

Take 3 tablets of Maha Thiktakam Kashayam with warm water twice daily 30 minutes before food. 5 gm of Avipattikara Choornam with warm water at bed time would also help. Laghu Suta Sekara Ras + Kama Dudha Ras Each 2 tablets thrice daily five minutes before food does help.

Famous home remedy for migraine – 50 gm of jeera/cumin seeds mixed with 50 gm of honey. This mixture is soaked in fresh lemon juice and allowed in hot sun from morning to evening. Repeat this process every day for 7 days. Then take it 5 gm at empty stomach. This can cure the migraine problem in no time.

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