Ayurveda Q&A: Losing weight made easy

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This week’s answers:

1. I am interested in this.pl let me know the address, treatment places if available in Andhra Pradesh and the approximate time and amount.
Thanks for the query. Any Ayurveda, natural medicine center can offer this kind of treatment. Govt Ayurveda college in Hyderabad has a specialised department for Diabetes.

2. Dear Doctor, I am suffering from GERD(Gas Reflux) for the past 8 months .I underwent Allopathic and Homeopathic treatment but the problem is still there.When asked the doctors told me it is Acidity related stress and will take time to cure.This is affecting my work as I get rumbling sound in my stomache quite often.Kindly mail the remedies in ayurvda.
Nair P
Gas reflex can be due to many reasons starts from sluggish bowels to disturbed sleep. Taking adequate amount of water (3 lts) a day, especially warm water processed with jeera subsides the acid reflex in short time. Ayurveda medications like Maha Thikatakam Kashayam tablets (3 tab twice daily before food with warm water), Shanka bhasma ( 1 pinch after food with water), Kamadudha Ras (2 tab thrice daily after food), Avipattikara Choornam ( 1 table spoon at bed time with warm water) helps.

Planning the diet plays an important role. Take easily digestible foods in small quantities at multiple times. This will help to correct the metabolism.

3. Hello doctor, I am 33 years old, I have 2 sons, first normal delivery, second siccosring, my weight was normal that is around 48 to 50 kgs but after an year of second delivery my weight and body structure has started increasing flactuatingly. Today my weight is around 70kg. I have sever digestion problem , feel hungry oftenly,if I eat little heavy food my stomach at the upper portion feels heavy and tight, I have acidity and gas trouble also. My main moto is to lose weight kindly guide
Diet, physical exercise and detoxification play a major role in maintaining your weight. Planning a diet with less carbs, more fiber and anti-oxidants keeps the digestion and metabolism correct and indirectly helps keep the weight in check. Regular detoxification helps correct organ function and metabolism which also helps regularising weight and fat deposition.

Take Thikatakam Kashayam Tablets (3 before breakfast and dinner with water) + Loham (101) powder (125 mg thrice daily 5 minutes before food with water) and Avipattikara Choornam (3 gm with water at bed time) helps you detoxify, lose weight and addresses your gastric problems as well.

Check your HB, thyroid levels to rule out possible hypothyroidism.

4. pl get me the details on Reversing diabetic neuropathy with Ayurveda
Ayurveda’s approach to Diabetes is primarily address the complications and increasing the anti oxidants which in turn normalises the blood sugar and Diabetes complications. Unlike allopathy system, Ayurveda offers personalised treatment after carefully examining the patient health, age, history of illness, complications, season etc and create a healing plan with Ayurveda medications and therapies, yoga and diet etc. This usually addresses all the diabetes and neuropathy complications swiftly.

5. Seems interesting but how many people have benefitted from the suggested treatment and at what cost ? How many treatment centres are offering this method of treatment ?
Arvind Patnaik
My approach is different from others. I always suggest a personalised plan with Ayurveda medicines and therapies, yoga and diet. This addresses the primary health problem and also complications if any. Usually it takes 30-90 days for complete results. So far at rVita we have treated more than 500 patients with diabetes and complications. The results are good, patients with complications are all right in swift time with controlled blood sugar etc. Most importantly, insulin-dependent patients were slowly able to withdraw it which in itself is a success in treating diabetes.

6. I have sinus problem. kindly suggest me treatment.
Anuj jhunjhunwala
Sinusitis is an immune deficiancy problem. Hence plan your diet with more vegetables, fresh fruits etc. Reduce fat, deep fried, sour and salty foods and drinks. Indukantam Kashayam tablets (3 twice daily before food) + Dhanvantharam gutika (2), Abhraka (101) – 125 mg thrice daily mixed with honey, Agasthya Rasayan (3 gm with warm water at bed time) will help restore normalcy in no time.

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