Ayurveda Q&A: Recurring headaches? Here’s the cure

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This week’s answers:

1. For the past 4 to 5 months,I have been suffering from a very strange problem.I have been hearing some “tik tik” kind of sound in my mind(something to do with my brain nerves).Also my foreheaded looks more brownish in color having wrinkle lines.On a regular consultation with my family neurologist one day,he suggested that I could be depressed.He gave some brain development capsule called Compstat which unfortunately did not help.
Before this,I took some antidepressant capsules on consultation with a psychiatrist.It made me cry and had some side effects.
I also once drank a bottle of health juice NONI which gave me skin irritation and redness in hands.Both the antidepressants and NONI were discontinued.
I do not know what problem Iam experiencing.Kindly help me in this regard.Also tell me if this condition of mine is related to the dandruff and weight related issues that Iam experiencing.I wish to lead a happy and healthy life.

The symptoms looks like depression and anxiety-related troubles. I suggest you to consult a good psychiatrist as soon as possible. Dandruff, obesity etc are usual complications of anti-depressants. To understand better, please answer the following questions:

1. What is the physical exercise you get? How much do you walk per day?

2. What are your lifestyle habits? Do you consume alcohol or smoke?

3. How much water do you drink per day?

4. Are you on hypertension/palpitation/asthma/heart care/diabetic medications for a long time?

5. How is your sleep pattern? Disturbed? Good? How long do you sleep per day?

6. How do you feel when you get up? Fresh? Blank?

7. When a task is given to you, what’s your usual response? Do you feel burdened? Plan to complete it? Just jump into action?

8. What are your food habits? Do you like sweets? Spicy foods?

Please answer these questions and revert to help you better.

In the mean time, please take 30 ml of Saraswatha Arishtam + 2 numbers of Manasamitram gutika twice daily after food. This will enable you to perform your work normally. Avoid non veg foods and drinks, alcohol, spicy and salty foods etc. Physical exercise plays a vital role, I suggest 30 minutes of jogging twice daily to end this trouble swiftly.

2. Sir,i have headache problem from 6yrs, i went everywhere but problem still persists,so i want to know from you that what i should do for cure.
Headache could be a symptom of many underlying health problems. It could be due to sinusitis, constipation, hypertension, diabetes, stomach upset, gallstones, migraine, hypothyroidism, cervical problems etc.

I suggest you to go through a complete medical diagnostic procedure. As a very effective home remedy for head ache drink garlic/fresh ginger processed in milk once a day on an empty stomach – 100 ml of milk + 5 gm of fresh ginger or garlic + 200 ml of water – boiled until the mixture becomes 100 ml. Filter and drink this medicated milk once a day on an empty stomach.

As a popular remedy, take 2 Laghu Suta Sekara Tablets twice daily 5 minutes before food with betel leaf juice. This may help you in acute headache conditions.

3. I would like to know if the book Sarbendra Pakashastra is available in bookstores and about the publisher and writer….
This book is not available in print form. It is available as a manuscript in Sanskrit at Saraswathy Mahal library, Tanjore. However, i am in the process of writing this in English and Tamil. Will let you know once it is ready.

4. I have 3 years old child. His weight is 12 kgs. he has looking very small as compare to other children. he not like to eat anything. what i do? pls. suggest me any weight gain products.
Ranjana Ghag
It looks like his liver functions are not up to the mark. Please give him Aravinda Asavam 5 ml + 1 Gorochandi gutika twice daily after food. This will improve his liver function in turn improving digestion, metabolism, appetite etc.

5. I am 47 year old and my problem is ED pls advise me which ayurveda medicine can i take for a long time without side effect.

Are you diabetic? If not take 1 table spoon of Navras Pak twice daily on an empty stomach with warm milk. If yes, take 2 vitadom capsules twice daily after food with milk.

Oil prepared from Datura Alba as external application will solve this problem swiftly.

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