Ayurveda Q&A: Remedies for malnutrition

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This week’s answers:

1. my wife is suffering inflammatory bowl disease syndrome for the last eight months. now we are using english medicine. kindly suggest ayurvedha medicine for the same.


Hi Ravi,

Its the specialty of Ayurveda. Ayurveda medicines, diet and therapies can bring back the normalcy in no time. Please take the following combination of medicines – Granyanthakam Kashayam – 15 ml + 45 ml of warm water – three times a day 30 minutes before food, Dadimashtaka Choornam 3 gm + Kaseesam (101) – 250 mg – Twice daily after food with buttermilk and Manasamitram gutika 1 tablet at bed time with warm water helps.

Buttermilk the most effective remedy for this condition. 1 cup curd + 5 cup water – Churned in the mixer for 5 minutes – remove the fat and froath – then add 5 gm of curry leaves, Coriander leaves and fresh ginger and drink 500 ml a day improves the bowel movements and appetite swiftly.

2. Dear Doctor, Our only son – student 10th CBSE. He is thin but not too thin. Height – 5′ 7″ and weight – 48 Kg. He is okay in studies. But not reached A1 / A2. What could be done for him to get immunity. He often gets mouth ulcer and with BComplex tablets same gets cured. Please advise us to make him healthier and fit enough, what to be given to him as tonic or so.

Elsy Mathews

Hi Elsy, Your statement very clearly indicates that he is suffering from malnutrition. Give him fresh leafy vegetables, fruits and adequate amount of water to boost his energy. What is his exercise habits? How much rice or sugar he takes a day? Does he sleep well? Please follow these activities as these things plays a vital role.

Please give him the following herbal supplements. Vidaryadi Kashayam – 15 ml + 45 ml of warm water – twice daily before food + Loham (101) – 250 mg and Bramhi tablets and Mansamitram twice daily after food with 20 ml of Saraswatha Arishtam.

Avoid curd, salty spicy foods and drinks especially high fat diet. Improve his exercise or play activities. Adequate amount of water too improves his health in no time.

3. Dear Sir, My name is Ragesh,I am 28 years old.More than 15 years ago i had obseved that sometimes my eyes are getting yellowish. At that time itself i did all the medical tests.Doctor said me bilurubin level is litle bit high that is why this yellowish is coming. Also doctor said me no need to take any medicine for this.From the last year itself i noticed that my hair started graying. now i am thinking that this hair graying also is related to my liver issue.i just want to know about the tests i should do to confirm this. also i want to know is there is any medicine to help liver to function properly,so that i can get rid from both the symtoms. Looking forward for your reply.
Thanks And Regards


Hi Ragesh K,

The symptoms suggestive excessive Pitta dosha. You have to clean your body. Detoxification plays a vital role in cure. Take 15 ml of Guduchyadi Kashayam + 45 ml of warm water – Thrice daily before food and Aarogya Vardini gutika 2 – thrice daily after food with warm water. Avipattikara Choornam tablets 6 numbers at bed time too improve your health.

With this internal medicines, take 50 gm of Amla powder + 50 ml of fresh curd + 5 ml of fresh lemon juice – Apply as pack on scalp followed by warm water bath after 30-45 minutes. Externally this therapy helps improve the hair growth.

Good sleep, drinking adequate amount of 2-3 liters of water every day, good physical exercise very importantly avoiding alcohol, smoking and high fatty foods helps.

Add 50 ml of drumstick leaves soup once or twice a week. Add at least one tendor coconut a day to improve the liver functions.

4. Hello Sir, My father is suffering from IPF( lung disease) and we were told there is no English medicine to cure the disease.Do you suggest any ayurvedic medicine for this disease?Thanks for your help in advance.

Hi Ramesh,

I need more information about his health before commenting anything. Please share me more information like his past medical history, occupation, life style habits, Diaetic? hypertensive? thyroid? any history of renal disorders?

Please write in detail to help you better.

5. Could you suggest ayurveda or yogic practices to improve platelet counts in a 6 year-old child diagnosed with ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura)? His platelets are about 27,000.
thank you

Hi Neelima,

Yes, both the systems improves the anti oxidants in the body which in turn helps in normalicing the physiological functions of the body. However this may require long time medications, diet, life style and exercise habits.

6. Hai Sir, I’m have Hiatus-Hernia and suffered by Gastritis so have high level of Hear-Burn. Please help me. I know Hiatus-Hernia is due to anatomical reasons. Is it possible to cure heart-burn in ayurvedic ?

Hi Prasath,

Body weight plays a vital role and food habits like small meals in multiple times, physical exercises and most importantly less spicy, salty foods and drinks helps in reducing the heart burn and pain. f it is second or third degree better to go for surgery so the surgical process is very simple. First degree HH is curable with Ayurveda and Yoga with out any surgery.

7. Hi I am having vitiligo from last 10 years. I took treatments in between but could not be very regular with them. It was stagnant in between but from last 2 years it is increasing very rapidly especially on palms, elbow and ankles. People are suggesting different things and I am not able to decide on a regular diet for this also. Citrus fruits everyone denies but Amla some people allow while others say No for it. I believe Amla is good for overall immunity so whether shall I continue its intake?
Also I am having DANDRUFF since last 10 years. I am using medicated shampoo from last 2 years and also doing head massage twice a week with cocnut oil (having curry leaves and Methi).

I am a bachelor and staying away from house, basically from North but now in Chennai and having tough time with food. I am facing regular indigestion. Acidity has also been there, especially after daily lunch/ dinner. I started skipping a meal and had only banana pr apple in afternoon every day and after that acidity has very much reduced.

Kindly suggest treatment for these 3 problems and more importantly a diet taking care of avoiding the citrus fruits.
Thanks a lot for your time



Looks like anxiety plays a vital role. Try to improve your exercise and sleep habits. These two can simply solve your indigestion. Take 2-3 liters of water and drink at least 300 ml of buttermilk everyday to improve this problem.

For dandruff, please apply Doordhora patrdi thailam, one of the famous Ayurveda based herbal oil followed by warm water bath after 15-30 minutes with Shikakai powder.

For Vitiligo, take Ludem and Vita Noni capsules 2 numbers thrice daily followed by warm water and Ludem oil external application followed by warm water bath 30-45 minutes.

8. Sir, I read your advices on Sify. I am very convinced that they are really very good.
Here are few things I would like to know about Lawang flower (the small round upper part of Lawang):
1. Pinch of it, boiled in water and steam inhaled, will it help in sinus and generally upper respiratory tract conditions?
2. Does it produce epilepsy?
3. Pinch of Lawang flower powder mixed with multani mitti, will this face pack help in reducing dark spots and general darkness of skin?
I have tried to find answer of these on internet and asked a few experts too, but could not get any satisfactory answer. Could you please let me know?
In anticipation of positive response,

Mala Jha

Hi Mala,

Generally what ever you are sharing is right. Lawang flower is good for all these problems however every medicine act differently and it results are varied from person to person.

Better don’t use these kinds of products for Sinusitis as when it is absorbed through mucuos membrane it can hurt the system in no time if it is allergic and it may lead to condition like Epilepsy. Take Subra vati + Esno each 2 tablets thrice daily for Sinusitis. These two are the very powerful herbal supplements for sinusitis.

For face, apply Maha Thiktakam Gritam – 10 ml followed by warm water wash after 30-45 minutes. This can heal the dark spots and improve the complexion.

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