Ayurveda Q&A: Remedies for poor immunity

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This week’s answers:

1. Sir,i have 5 month old baby girl,i get 58 kg want to attain my previous weight.also have less breast milk production.kindly help me.
Hi Saima,
Check your nutritional intake, Plan it properly to avoid malnutrition. Improve fresh fruits, vegetables in diet. Plan the rice intake to avoid too much of fat accumulation. Take 50 ml of milk + 100 ml of water and 5 gm of Indian Asparagus powder – Boil for ten minutes filter and drink it twice daily in empty stomach. This will reduce the hormonal imbalances and improve the weight and physiological milk secretion. Drink good amount of water for better results.

2. respected sir, my wife suffer from vitiligo 2o year. now her age is 27.from neck to feet become milk white but face and hand is normal.i read your vitiligo answer but i cant under stood the no 4 point. i under stood that tamarind seeds and bakuchi seeds to be soaked in water . Then the word “used to clean rice for 7 day”. Sir, please describe brifely and send in my email for which I will be obelidged
Sukanta moha
Hi Sukanta,
Let me explain the simple but most effective remedy for vitiligo. Buy Bakuchi Seeds. Botanical name is psorolia corolifolia. soak these seeds in night time in Cow’s urine or Cow’s milk. Next day remove the water and dry it in Sun. Repeat this process for 14 days. Then powder this and sieve it. Apply this powder on the discolored area mixing with warm water, followed by warm water bath after 30-45 minutes. This remedy is one of the most effective for Vitiligo and give results very shortly.

3. Dear Sir My Question is that, I want to take sexually tablet. like vigra, menforce etc. I want to know that wether these tablet are safe or Not.
Please replayThanks Regards
Hi Ibrahim,
All sexual stimulants have some side effects starting from simple head ache, cold to heart attack. I suggest you to consult the Physician before trying anything on your own. Under lying health conditions sometime may cause major damages. Any medication with out proper consultation is bad.

4. Dear Sir, Since 15 years am suffering with chronic sinusitis, 5 years back doctors suggested surgery for sinusitis that is also i done but there is no use. When i take treatment that time my heath is ok, after 2 days again same problem there is no result of English treatment.
Pl…suggest can i get complete cure? Once i treat Nasyam from you will i get complete cure or every year i have to treat ? pl…confirm.
Is there any best treatment to get complete cure? pl…advise. if it is there how much cost i have to pay & how many days i have to stay there, pl…advise.
I am 25 years old, pl…see the following Symptoms, 1. Bad smell coming, especialy in the winter it will be worest.2. I can’t smell anything ( sense of smell )
3. Poor digestion 4. Face pain & headache 5. Brain not working fastely,
6. Am forgetting every thing. 7. Lagyness to Work 8. Imbalance of the nerous system 9. Difculty in Breathing. 10. Feverish

Hi Swathi,
The symptoms suggestive of higher levels of infection. I suggest you to take the following medications. Vyagryadi Kashayam – 15 ml + 60 ml of warm water thrice daily 30 minutes before food + Dhanvantharm gutika 2 tablets; Vasa Arishtam 30 ml thrice daily after food + Subra Vati 2 tablets; Agasthya Rasayanam – 1 teaspoon at bed time followed by warm milk and Rasnadi Choornam 5 gm mixed with warm milk – External application over fore head / Sinus locations. please take this combination for 40 days for better results.

Home remedies

a. Garlic is one of the best medicines for sinusitis. 3-4 garlic clove paste mixed with honey twice daily 5 minutes before food is good for sinusitis, improves immunity and reduces the tenderness
b. Fresh juice of onion mixed with honey improves the stuffiness, nasal block in no time.
c. Black pepper, long pepper and dry ginger with honey is very good for chronic sinusitis
d. Turmeric with diluted milk removes the sickness swiftly.
e. Plain steam bath is one of the most effective ways to get rid and prevent sinusitis.
f. Fenu Greek tea/ Cumin seed boiled water is considered the effective one in China – 100 ml of water + 5 gm of Fenu Greek seeds boiled for 5 minutes and taken as tea twice or thrice daily protects from cold, cough and immunes the body from sinusitis
g. Carrot juice, Cucumber juice helps improve the immunity which in turn reduces the reoccurrence of the sinus attacks.
h. Turmeric 2 parts, Cumin 4 parts, coriander seeds 4 parts, Fenu Greek seeds 4 parts, Ginger 1 part as a soup helps.
i. Thulasi juice 5 ml + honey 2 ml as a regular diet removes the sinusitis and improves the immunity
j. Eat plenty of organic fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid skipping or delaying meals as this will upset digestive balance and cause formation of toxins.

Diet for Sinusitis

a. Fresh fruit juices & Vegetable soups, plenty of warm water intake helps
b. Well balanced diet by including seeds, nuts, grains, vegetables, fruits helps
c. Avoid fried, starchy foods and drinks, White sugar, rice, pasta, Pies, cakes and candies
d. Avoid banana, eggplant, bell pepper, tomato, as these clog the channels.

5. sir, I have throat problem for the past 1 year, i have lumph in my throat. I have also tested the thyroid test. In that i found out that there is no thyroid problem . I just wanted to know why it often comes. Basically i am a teacher working in engineering college.Please provide solution for my problem . What medicine should i take to overcome this please sir
hi Subitha,
It could be due to repeated throat infection or your job may contributing to this problem. Take Triphala Choornam 5 gm + 200 ml of water – Boil it for 10 minutes. Once it become luke warm gargle with this water. This will improve the blood circulation which indirectly improves your condition.


6. sir, i am 25 year old and my weight is 90kg. i am teacher and not get time to walk even what diet plan should help to reduce my weight
Hi Smita,
As i recommended many time check your blood for any pathological causes for weight loss like thyroid, pcod etc., Appropriate correction would solve the issue. With this please follow the SIMPLE APPLE DIET – 1 before breakfast, Two before lunch and one just before dinner can help you to loose at least 5-7 Kg in 90 days time.

If you are looking for a rapid weight loss then visit the near by Ayurveda center and take Udvartanam for 21 days with Therapeutic Yoga which usually helps to loose minimum of 5 Kg.

7. R/sir i am a married women of 27yrs age. my weight is 75 kg for the last two yrs i have a tendency to fall ill quickly or catch infection. i am taking two much medicines for bronchal asthma,allergy. recently i got ill and my doctor told me to go for thyroid test and blood test. thyroid test was norma but in blood test the platelets count was 146000 and WBC was 3400 in which lymphocyte was above than normal,eosnaphilya was above than normal,neutrocyte was below normal. i have been feeling very low since last 4-5 days temp is below normal in the range of 96-98. i feel as if there is no energy in my body. consistent pain in my legs. what should i do? pl advise
Pooja Mishra

Hi Pooja,
The symptoms suggestive of Poor immunity. I suggest you to check your diet and nutritional intake. Take 15 ml of Indukantam Kashayam + 60 ml of warm milk thrice daily 30 minutes before food; Vita Noni 1 tablets thrice daily after food with warm water and Dasamoola haritaki lehyam 3 gm at bed time with warm milk helps resolve this issue shortly.

As a simple and very effective home remedy – 100 ml of milk + 200 ml of water + 5 gm of fresh ginger – Boil and reduce it to 100 ml – Filter and take it once a day in empty stomach for 90 days. Its one of the effective remedies to alter the immunity and improve the strength.

8. Does stress contribute to weight increase,inspite of maintaining ” Ayurvedic” ( Good ) food habits? If so, is there any remedy in Ayurveda to reduce Stress, so that Ideal weight is maintained?
Reply is requested.

Hi V V K Raman,
Yes, Weight loss is not because just from food habits. Stress, metabolic factors, exercise, water intake and sleep plays a vital role. More than the diet, improve the life style habits Ayurveda recommends like Dina Charya, Yoga seasonal diet and life style habits etc. These habits reduces the stress and helps to maintain a good weight. Aswaganda is one of the most effective remedies for Stress and to improve the health condition. Take 2 gm of that powder with warm milk twice daily after food for better results.

9. My Father is BP patient , facing the problem of Finger, neurosurgeon suggested him for psychotherapy his right’s hands Middle & Ring finger is not working its totally senseless we are taking therapy but there is no any improvement noticed. sir,please suggest me what to do better for the recovery.

1. Name :- Aniruddha Prasad Tripathi
2. Age : 60yrs
Ramesh Tripathi
Hi Ramesh,
I need more clinical symptoms to understand the condition better. If you have any medical reports or any other details please send it to me.

10. SIR my mother is suffering from liver cirrosis stage 2 two years earlier she was diagnosed for pre cirrosis stage .sir I request u to suggest what treatment and where she has to be given
Cirrhosis is the specialty of Ayurveda. Can you please forward the complete medical reports to understand her condition. Also please write in detail about her appetite, past and present medical history, medications past and present, sleep, food habits, exercise habits etc for better understanding.

11. Respected Sir,i am a man of 46 yr. and I have been suffering from Hyperpigmentation / deep brown-black spot on my face/nose/forehead since many years and the problem is not solved. Please advise me for best cure by ayurveda treatment. Waiting for quick response for which I shall remain ever grateful to you.

Thanks & regards,
Banamali Deghoria
Hi Banamali,
Ayurveda has many specialized therapies which can help for this condition. Manjishtadi Kashayam 15 ml + 60 ml of warm water thrice daily before food with Arogya Vardini gutika 2 tablets thrice daily after food with warm water and external application of Thiktakam gritam followed by warm water bath after 45 minutes of application can improve the condition.

12. Hi! I am Vipul aged 14 years of old. I am suffering from greying of hair since 2 years. It had started after doing swimming classes for 1 month. At first only 1-2 strands of grey hair were seen but now my half head is of grey hair. I had tried applying homeopathic oil and shampoo for black hair but it showed no result.Please tell me the remedies to get back my black hair. I will be grateful for your valuable prescriptions.

Vipul Bajaj
Hi Vipul,
External application of karkundhal hair oil helps. This particular oil combination is very effective to improve the hair coloring. With this take good amount of Anti oxidants for better results. Drink good amount of water avoid drinking alcohol, quit smoking if any for better and long lasting results.

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