Ayurveda Q&A: Remedy for anaemia

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This week’s answers:

1. I am searching for ayurvedic hospital for psychic or mental disorders. My relative has blabbering problem and also cannot sleep without sleeping pills. Kindly suggest any hospital specializing the same. I am residing in tamilnadu, if hospital is within kerala or tamilnadu it will be even more better.
RE Raju
At rVita Ayurveda Center in Chennai Where i Practice is one of the speciality centers for treating mental disorders using Ayurveda, Yoga and Diet. It is a day care clinic. Other Ayurveda Hospitals Like IAIM, Bangalore is having speciality department for mental disorders (www.frlht.org).

2. My son aged 6 years has suffered from Hydrocephalus at the age of too months. Presently he has three VP shunts inside. He is OK with IQ and study in 1st standard. He is very thin and very poor food intake. please suggest how to improve his food intake and immunity
naveen kumar
Dear Naveen Kumar
Please give him 5 ml of Aravinda Asavam with 5 ml of Saraswatha Arishtam + 1Manasamitram Gutika at bed time after food. This will improve his digestion and metabolism also his memory and IQ.

Application of Linga Vardana Thailam all over the body followed by warm water bath (Once or twice a week – Just whole body below neck only) will improve the blood circulation thereby improving his general physical and psychological health.

3. sir, how to improve haemoglobin in my daughter. she is 12 yrs old and count is only 9.
Low haemoglobin levels are primarily due to malabsorption and poor nutrition. Make sure the child eats well eat balanced nutritional foods. Prepare a mixture with curry leaves, coriander leaves and dry ginger taken in equal parts. Add 3 gm of this mixture twice daily in her diet. This will improve the digestion and metabolism. Taking date syrup with milk also helps.

Medicines like Loha Asavam (15 ml thrice daily after food), Kumari Asavam (15 ml thrice daily after food), Punarnava Mandooram ( 2 tablets thrice daily after food), Sapta Amrutha Loha ( 2 Tablets thrice daily after food), Arogya Vardini Gutika ( 2 tablets at bedtime) – any one of these would help.

4. doctor, i heard that garlic and milk kashayam is good for disc prolapse. please clarify. also would like to know some ayurvedic medicine for disc bulge and back pain.
Yes, garlic-milk kashayam is good for back problems. 5 gm of garlic + 100 ml of milk + 200 ml of water boiled and reduced to the amount of water, filtered should be taken once a day in empty stomach.

More than medicines, Ayurveda has special therapies like Pizchil, Navara Kizhi, Kati Vasti etc very effective to manage the back problems. Medicines like Amrutha Guggulu DS, Tryodsanga Guggulu DS, Yoga Raja Guggulu DS, Guggulu thiktakam Kashayam, Rasna Yoga Raja Guggulu Kashayam etc would help.

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