Ayurveda Q&A: Scalp care made easy

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This week’s answers:

1. I am 17 years old. I face problem at MC periods. I have contacted Gy. Doctor for this but according to her there is physical problem. At first two days I feel cramp at stomach and weakness in complete body. Kindly advise me what will be natural therapy or exercise for reducing/ solving this problem.
This is pre menarche syndrome. Every young woman experiences it until age of 20. Stress, poor dietary habits increase the incidence of this problem. Take 5 gm of methi powder with buttermilk on an empty stomach for one month. This will increase the blood circulation thereby correcting the muscle cramps and pain.

HB levels also plays an important role. Take more leafy vegetables, buttermilk, curry leaves, coriander and fresh ginger in diet. Avoid sour, salty foods and drinks. Ayurveda medicines like Punaranava Mandoorma (2-2-2 after food), Lohasavam, Kumari Asavam, Dasamoola Arishtam (15 ml thrice daily after food, any one of them) also help.

Exercise and yoga plays a very important role. De-stressing yourself is very important to come out of this problem swiftly. Most young women like to be ‘slim’ so indirectly they become malnourished. Diet plays a very important role. Do not use pain killers frequently, it may lead to stomach and duodenal ulcers. Drink at least 3 liters of water a day. This will ease the pain in no time.

2. My daughter is 5.10 Years old. Her weight is 13 Kgs and average height. Pls suggest some diet and medicine for proper growth of height & weight. thanks You.
Her height, weight for this age look normal. Women usually gain weight after 15 years once the hormonal functions set in. Adding more green vegetables, fruits (not juices), planned intake of carbs and proteins can help her build positive health.
Medicines like Loha Asavam, Kumari Asavam, Punarnava Asavam, Amrutha Arishtam (15 ml thrice daily after food) helps in improving the digestion and metabolism which in turn helps build positive weight gain or health.
At this age, children may like to taste different foods and drinks. This is one of the reasons we see most of the adolescents are becoming obese. Understand the child’s interest and taste and prepare it at home. This will help her preventing unwanted weight or bad weight gain. Make sure the Child drinks at least 3 liters of water per day.

3. This is Prachi, 23 years old. I am facing severe hairfall since 2-3 years. (Almost I have lost half of my hairs). Also my scalp tends to have dandruff (mostly oily, as it doesn’t fall down, scalp becomes itchy, and also develops scales). As additional information –My skin is oily, I get pimples sometime.
I am informed to put hair oil regularly, but whenever I put oil regularly, my scalp generates dandruff, when I stop putting oil dandruff doesn’t get formed.
I am confused whether to put or not oil. Can you guide me, whether oil increases dandruff?
Also can u suggest me some oral medicines and remedies for dandruff and hairfall.
The symptoms suggest that its a seborrheic dermatitis, which increases when oil is applied on the scalp. The following medications with therapies would help.

Dandruff is basically related to nutrition, pollution etc. Hence it requires local and general therapies for complete cure.
1. DNA NONI – 15 ml 100 ml of warm water twice daily 1 hour before food

2. 100 gm of Amla powder / Hair Growth Powder mixed with fresh curd and 10 ml of lemon juice applied as pack on the scalp. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash it with warm water. Repeat this process on every day / Alternative day for 40 days.

3. Trisha Shampoo – For Scalp wash

4. I have weight gaining problem .Till at the age of 25 I have only 48 kg weight and having a height of 5’8”.In my childhood I was suffer with typhoid many times and suffer with epilepsy problem as well.For epilepsy problem I have take the medicine for 5 year.Are these diseases could cause weight gaining problem?If no, please suggest me to gain up the weight.I am looking forward for your swift response.
Yes, repeated intestinal infections like typhoid and epilepsy can lead to malnutrition or halts the weight gain. Simple and most effective remedy would be milk processed with fresh ginger. Take 100 ml of milk + 200 ml of water + 10 gm of fresh ginger, boil and reduce it until it becomes 100 ml. Filter and take this once a day in empty stomach for 60 days. This helps to rebuild the digestion and metabolism.

Medicines like Navras pak, Ajamamsa Rasayanam, Chayavanaprash, Dasamoola haritakai rasayanam, Kushmanda Rasyanam etc are meant for this rejuvenation process. Take 5 gm at empty stomach and 5 gm at bed time followed by warm milk. This can quickly rebuilt you.

Diet plays a major role. Take boiled fresh vegetables, fresh fruits (Not Juices), avoid oily, salty, spicy foods and drinks, could help. Since Typhoid is a intestinal infection be careful about the water you drink. Never take outside foods especially fried and oily items.

Mild pranayama and Application of medicated oil like Dhanvantharam Thailam, Lakshadi Thailam etc improves the blood circulation indirectly it helps in healing the body tissues and immunity.

5. I am 52yeras old and diabetic for past 23 years and fairly under control. I presently take 24units of insulin and two tablets of glycomet one in morning and night. My HbA1c is always above 7, eventhough I do yoga & walking and quiet strict in diet. Can you suggest any ayurvedic remedy for me which is safe since I am a diabetic for a long time?
Lifestyle modifications alone cannot fight Diabetes. Induction of anti oxidants and improved utilisation of anti oxidants can help. Take high anti oxidants like DNA noni, Amla or Aloe vera juices, 15 ml twice daily in empty stomach. These high anti oxidant products can help you bring down the HbA1C levels faster.

Talking about Yoga, Personalized Yoga helps better than general Yoga for Diabetes. Talk to the teacher about your physical and psychological stress levels and have a personalized yoga sessions.

Ayurveda medications like Shiva Gutika (1 tablet before food), Lopac capsules (2-2 twice daily before food), Saptamrutha Loha (1-1-1 before food), Mandoora Vataka (2-2-2 before food), Dhatri Loha (2-2-2 before food) etc would help.

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