Ayurveda Q&A: Simple apple diet for weight loss

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This week’s answers:

Dear Sir,

I am 39 years old male.
I am diagnosised with left hip joint synovitis with superimposed secondary osteoarthritis.I have been told by allopathy doctors that blood circulation in hip joint not there and this is a permanet one and needs to be operated.But, they suggested to go for a surgery after few years because the life of replacement will be 15 years.

Is there any possibility in Ayurveda to avoid the surgery.I am facing more pain in my left hip side & struggling to walk.I require your valuable comments.

Thank you,

with regards,

Hi R. Gopi,

Sure, Ayurveda therapies can help. Ayurveda therapies like Pizichil, Navara kizhi, Matra vasti, Kashaya vasti, Kati vasti are the ususal therapies recommeded for this conditions. However, Ayurveda recommends personalized healing based on many factors like age, sex, season, type of the illness etc. the treatment plan and therapies do vary based on this. I recommend you to consult a Ayurveda physician near by for a persoanlized ayurveda healing plan.

Sir,i’m pooja and m 20 years old.My problem is i consumed 52 B.P tablets and i was admitted in hospital for 15days and their i have been treated with many antibiotics and steriods…

nw after 7_8 months i’m observing a drastic change in my weight i was only 48kilos befor d consumption of tab nd nw m weighing around 58kilos nd ds weight s varying day by day..i’m tensed a lot…i go cycling for 2 hrs a day but no use of it..plzzz help me to loose my weight quickly


Hi Pooja,

May be the strong steriod and anti biotic therapy led to this side effects. Ayurveda’s detoxification and weight management therapy may opt you better. In Ayurvedic medicine, there is no single approach to treating obesity.

Depending on the Prakriti the medications, purification therapies and diet varies. For example, for a vata dominant person, the vata purification therapies like cleansing and Oleation enemas are part of the treatments.Abhyanga and herbal steam bath does play a major role in Vata type of person’s treatment plan. For Kapha type obesity, treatment plan includes external powder applications with giner, mustard etc.

If the obesity is due to excessive accumulation of toxins (Ama dosha) both internal medications and external applications are advocated. I would suggest you to meet the Ayurveda physician near by, as Ayurveda’s personalized healing plan with Ayurveda Therapies, Yoga and Diet can improve the metabolic rate and heal you with in no time.

Dear Dr Gowthaman

I had sent the below mail to you last 15 days ago. You had asked to test Vit D and Iron. Attaching the report.

Request you to please help in curing PCOS for my daughter… and also please prescribe suitable medicines for Vit D and for PCOS.


My daughter is now aged 17 and weighs 60 kgs. Her height is 163 cms.

At the age of 13 she attained puberty and had normal periods for 2 years. Then it stopped suddenly. We went to gynec and she was diagnosed with PCOD. Her weight was around 70 kgs and then was 80 kgs last year and in the past one year she has reduced 20 kgs (by exercise 10 kgs and rest by diet only no time for exercise) For the last 2 years she gets her periods only if she takes medicines otherwise no periods. She has acne, hair in her chin and in her stomach area. The cysts are multiple and in the size of 5 – 6mm.

Her blood sugar is 108 random and Serum insulin is 63. Her LH is 8.8 and FSH is 4.8

We have started on ayurveda medicines, the doctor gave the below medicines during our first visit to enable her get periods (she had her last periods in Nov’ 12 and till Feb’ 13 no periods) stroulyasheva podi and asked to make kashyam at home, (i hope the name is correct) rajapravirtini vati ayaskriti for a week.

she got her periods only for half a day.. then it stopped so we went back to her.

She then gave the medicated bitter ghee for 10 days and then asked to come for abhyangam and on saturday – 23rd feb’13 did vamanam she did not vomit much and hence said could be pitta body type and has given below medicines

rajapravirtini vati – 2 tabs morn and evening before food
tila kashayam – 15 ml before food
ayaskriti – 30 ml after food
Sowbhakya sunithi – 10 ml before food
dhanvantiri thilam – oil bath and apply in stomach area 10 min
before bathing.

She got her periods on March 19th for 2 days only.

Only diet restriction is No sweets, curd, buttermilk, fruits and juices. She is still continuing these medicines and yet to get her periods. Attached is the test report of my daughter which you had asked to take. I request you to please let me know further effective medicines to cure PCOS

Kindly let me know
Lalitha R

Hi Lalitha,

As i have discussed many time, PCOD is not a disorder, its a syndrome. The purification therapy helps in removing all the unwanted toxins from the body. These medicinal combination looks very hot in nature, hence i advise you to stop it except the external application which is good for the rejuvenation and healing. Please take Vita Noni syrup 15 ml + 100 ml of warm water twice daily before food. Vita noni syrup is one of the most effctive supplements available for this condition. It not only normalizes the hormonal functions but helps improving the anti oxidants which also helps in complete healing. Cutting sweets, curd is good. However please check the diet for nutrition. Fruits, vegetables and juices are very mcuh required for children at this age to prevent anemia etc. Kindly consult the Doctor again for a persoanlized diet plan.

My wife is suffering from vertigo for the last 3 years. Is there any remedy in aurveda or homeopathy ?

Hi Sutan,

Dasamoolam kashayam 15 ml + 60 ml of warm milk and Cervilon 2 tablets – thrice daily before food improves the condition. Ayurveda recommends many local therapies to improve healing.

Ayurveda cautions not to use any stronger, vibrant massage therapies for this condition as it may further worsen the condition. Only a gentle application of warm medicated oil, depends on the condition and Prakriti of the patient the oil is selected followed by herbal steam application improves the condition in no time.

Kati Vasti: Ayurveda recommends this therapy as a specialized care therapy for this condition. A bridge is formed on the back bone with flour power and warm medicated oil is filled for the period of 45-60 minutes.

This helps the muscles and ligaments to relax and heal; improved blood circulation heals the tissues. This treatment usually advised for 14-28 days depends on the condition.

Ela Kizhi: Warm medicated oil application followed by warm Herbal bolus on the affected part improves the stiffness and pain. This therapy is recommended for 7-14 days depends on the condition

Mamsa Navara Kizhi: This is one of the specialized treatments for cervical spondylosis. Red meat, medicated rice, vata normalizing herbs processed with milk, made as a bolus.
After the gentle application of the warm oil, this bolus is applied on the affected parts for 30-45 minutes without pressure. This treatment is very effective to heal any types of cervical spondylosis and with any degree of pain. This treatment usually suggested for 21-28 days depends of the condition. These three above treatments is suggested alone or in combination depends on the condition.

Dear Sir,
I am Suffering from L4-L5 Disc Protrusion , It caused severe Ache in Back in Waist in Knees & Numbness in feet.

In Clinical reports Vitamin D also found on very lower Side & their is Calcium deficiency too.

I am Overweight Also Currently my weight is 94 Kg

How do I combat this situation.

Thanks and Regards
Vishwas Sharma

Hi Vishwas Sharma,

Ayurveda can help you. A combind therapetic program with Ayurveda therapies and power yoga can help you both for back pain and weight.

Ayurveda Therapies for the Management of Pain

Ayurveda recommend personalized therapies for the prevention as well as management of pain.

a. Abhyanga: Involves a full body massage with Ayurveda oil for 45 minutes. The oil is selected after understanding the patient’s body nature, the season, and disease condition, if any. The number of strokes and pressure vary with the condition of the individual. Benefits: Its rhythmic motion helps to relieve joints and muscles from stiffness and makes all body movements free. This treatment increases blood circulation, which in turn encourages quick removal of metabolic wastes and toxins. Indications: It is used in cases of anxiety, fatigue, circulatory disorders, rheumatism, arthritis, backache and injuries. It also prevents wrinkles and scales, helps in treatment of spondylosis, sleep disorders, paralysis, improves physical consistency, induces sound sleep, increase a general sense of well being and life span. It also helps improve the complexion and texture of the skin, prevents obesity and diabetic gangrene

b. Pizhichil: Pizhichil, which literally means squeezing, a cloth dipped in warm medicated oil is squeezed over the patient’s body. The patient should be made to adopt the seven standard positions so that no area of the body is left uncovered. Benefits include Relieves body pain and muscle spasms, Helps preserve and promote optimum health, Helps in the healing of fractured bones, Increases immunity and prolongs life span, Promotes development of muscles, Improves skin complexion, Anti aging and rejuvenating, Ensures better blood circulation, Alleviates the burning sensation in the body, A soothing and relaxing procedure, Prescribed in clinical conditions like Paraplegia, Hemiplegia and other degenerative conditions. This treatment is very useful for rheumatic diseases, arthritis, paralysis, sexual weakness, neurological disorders, blood pressure, nervous weakness, diabetes, blood pressure, fits, convulsions, paralysis and helps to arrest the aging process. It is very effective in asthma and even in tuberculosis in early stages.

c. Navara Kizhi: It involves fomentation of the body with bolus of cooked rice. The rice is first cooked with milk and herbal decoction. Four boluses are made of the cooked rice and are tied up in linen bags. This therapy is done in seven standard positions. This is a strengthening fomentation employed in all kinds of neurological disorders, rheumatism, arthritis congenital deformity of the limbs, dislocation of bones and joints etc. Benefits Strengthens the body, Rejuvenates the tissues, Improves muscle tone, Improves blood supply by cleansing the channels of circulation, Effective in curing diseases of the nervous system and others such as chronic rheumatism, osteoarthritis, gout, emaciation of muscles, numbness and diseases caused by vitiation of blood, Makes the body strong and sturdy, Nourishes the body and increases immunity, Promotes sharpness of vision and functions of other sense organs Slows down aging, premature graying of hair, baldness, appearance of wrinkles over the body, Gives softness to the body by improving the health of the skin.

d. Ela Kizhi/ Podi Kizhi: Leaves & powders of medicinal herbs are fried in medicated oil and applied over the body in rhythmic massage. Good for arthritic conditions, lumbago, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, sciatica, pain and stiffness of joints, post paralytic spasm, other spastic and inflammatory conditions etc. Benefits includes relieves pain, numbness and edema, controls vitiated Vata, Improves peripheral blood supply, cures diseases like arthritis, paralysis and convulsions, stimulates the nerve endings, treatment for Spondlitis and Sports injuries

e. Kati Vasti: Lukewarm Ayurvedic / herbal oils are poured into a artificial bridge created around the affected area (Knee, Lower back, Neck etc). The healing properties of herbal oils used for this massage enriches the blood and builds and maintains strong muscle and connective tissues. Loosens stiff joints, helps to cure cervical spondlitis, neck pain, paralysis and numbness of hands, Stimulates and nourishes nerves relieving pain and numbness, This treatment is very effective in treating different conditions of the knee joints like arthritis, degenerative conditions etc.

f. Pichu: A thick layer of cotton soaked with warm medicated oil is applied over the affected area. The oil is recycled periodically to make it warm. Very effective for degenerative and painful problems like back pain, Osteo-arthritis, Spondlitis, injuries, etc. Recommended for Neurological disorders like Paralysis, facial palsy etc.

g. Ksheera Dhoomam: A fomentation process, medicated milk is heated and the steam is passed over the entire body. It is effective for numbness, headache, allergies, nervous disorder and paralysis. Helps eliminating facial paralysis disorders and other nervous disorders of the face and speech disorders, cervical spondylosis, spastic disorders and neurological problems

h. Vasti: This is a treatment in which prescribed medicated oils, decoctions, herbal preparations, extracts are applied through the rectum. Good for arthritis, paralysis, hemiplegia, numbness and constant constipation, degenerative, neurological problems, chronic back pain, infertility, sciatica, obesity, digestive disorders, ulcer. It purifies the body, maintains health and longevity.

Dear Sir,

I came across your discussion in Sify.com.

My Name is Divyaprakash working as HR. I am 29 years old, height 6.2 but weigh very less of 60. Tried lot of nutrients & protien food to gain weight but all in vain. I eat healthy & have proper food but still not able to put on.

Kindly suggest me to gain weight at least about 70 for my height. Any effective food available which will make me reach that mark.

Awaiting your response at the earliest.


Hi Divyaprakash,

Foods and supplements can only contribute little for the weight gain. Life style changes like sleep, planned nutritious diet, water intake, stress free life style and anti oxidants plays a role in weight gain.

Ayurveda recommeds pizchil and navara kizhi for better weight gain. Take 2 gm of Narasimha Rasayanam twice daily before food with milk for healthy digestion and metabolism.

Dear Sir

Thanks for your collaboration, but Sir I have white hair on my beard is Narasimha Rasayanam – Anti ageing rejuvenative medicine will help to change my bread colour from white to black and sir I have also take treatment for my lost hair form front side and a little at top with dermatologist and he gave some oil “Hair 4U 10%” and Androfol Tab. please suggest also which food is better for me. I take horlicks with milk every day and sir my weight is also increased 8 kgs as per our family doctor please suggest me how I reduce my weight I walked 1 km every day after breakfast and 1 km at evening

Rakesh Agarwal

Hi Rakesh,

Take simple apple diet for both weight loss and healthy hair growth. 1 apple before breakfast, 1 before lunch and 2 before dinner can improve the anti oxidants in the body, also remove the unwanted toxins in no time. Same time, the pectin in the apple prevents the body to assimilate fat and carbs and leads you to positive weight management.

Dear Sir,

I am 38 yrs unmarried woman, I have a very huge Sebserosal Fibroid of 17 cm length. I do not want to go for sergery and want to get the natural/Ayurvedic treatment .
Please suggest me.


Best regards

Hi Sonal,

Indian Asparagus 5 gm + 100 ml of water + 200 ml of milk – Bolied and reduced until it becomes 100 ml. Filter and take this medicated milk syrup for 90 days. This is one of the best natural remedies available for Fibroids. When you take this combination please avoid Non veg, High spicy, fatty, salty foods and drinks.

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