Ayurveda Q&A: Throat infection? Check out this Ayurvedic remedy

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This week’s answers:

1.Hai sir, Daily morning i am waking up with throat infection and runny nose from past 1 month Can you send me the remedy that would be helpable.
Direct exposure to AC may dry up the throat and nose. Physiologically the body needs to keep these areas wet. Hence it may secret more secretion to keep the moisture. Apply fresh ginger paste with milk as external application on the fore head and chin areas with intake of 5 ml of fresh ginger juice with honey once a day in empty stomach could help you. Apply 5 gm of Rasnadi Choornam – an Ayurveda powder medicine – mixed with fresh ginger / warm milk resolves the condition in no time.

2. I am 48 yrs.male, I am suffering from prostate gland problem, my prostate size is 60 grm , and feel urgency of urine and mild pain -is there any medicine in Ayurveda .doctor has suggested to operation .what is the side effect of operation .Please advise.
K Choudhury
Prostate enlargement is a physiological condition may happen to all men after the age of 40- 45. Simple and more effective treatment is surgery. Prostate enlargement is one of the commonest causes for Cancer in Men. There are no serious side effects. Protate capsules 2 tablets thrice daily after food is proven effective for Prostate enlargement. Ayurveda recommends two fold approach to this condition. One purification therapies with medicated enema, purification therapies etc. Second one with medications, yoga and diet as pacification therapy. Both are proven effective for prostate enlargement by National Ayurveda research institute. As a home remedy take fresh juice of betal leaves – 3 ml + fresh ginger juice – 3 ml + honey 2 ml (don’t take this if Diabetic) once a day on an empty stomach. Regular intake of castor oil 3 ml with warm milk at bed time prevents and helps in healing of prostate gland.

3. Sir, I was suffering from urinary tract infection last year and undergone treatment, received treatment got urine cultured. Doctor told me u r fine but i still experience discomfort while urinating. My all reports are normal except infection was in urinary bladder. I am drinking lots of water but same problem persist.
Taking 3 gm of Goksure Powder ( Latin Name :Tribulus terrestris Linn. English Name / Common Name :Small Caltrops / Tribulus, Sanskrit / Indian Name :Gokshura, Trikantaka, Shvadamstra &.Gokharu, Common Name: Small Caltrops, Land Caltrops and Puncture Vine) with warm water thrice daily is an effective remedy.

If you are not a diabetic, drink 200 ml of fresh sugar cane juice once a day to heal the renal system.

A simple Ayurveda practice to boost the urinary system – soak both the legs in ice cold water for 3 minutes a day. This will kindle the renal function and remove the load helps in healing.

4. Hi Sir, I am 28yrs old and losing a lot of hair for past 6 months. I am having dandruff too.It is getting worse day by day. I went for English medicines .But i am not satisfied, because its good until I took the tablets. Could you please let me know the remedies??
Hair fall can be the outcome of low iron levels, malnutrition, insomnia, water pollution etc. The simple and more effective remedy as follows

1. Application of warm coconut oil on the scalp and massage it for 4-8 minutes with out pressure.

2. This should be followed by application of 100 gm of amla/gooseberry powder, 1 cup of fresh curd, 10 ml of fresh lemon juice, 2 egg whites as a pack on the scalp followed by a bath after 45 minutes.

3. Repeat the above process every alternate day for 40 days.

4. Internal remedy: Make a paste of 3 gm of fresh curry leaves, 3 gm of fresh coriander leaves, 3 gm of fresh ginger and eat it once a day on an empty stomach followed by warm water.

This will improve the hair growth and also help preventing the hair fall, dandruff etc

5. Dear Doctor, I am 35.5 years old unmarried guy. My problem is that more than 70 percent of my hairs have turned white, not only that gradually my facial and body hairs are also turning white. I apply only herbal henna on my hairs and don’t use any chemical to colour my hairs. Initially, I only had a few white hairs on my scalp, but in a time span of about 5-8 years, they have grown to over more than 70% along with my facial hairs and body hairs turning white.
Can you please help me understand why would it happen with such a pace and if there is any ayurvedic/home remedy to either reverse the process or stop it from further advancement? Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Anish Ahmad
This problem is usually because of high levels of pitta dosha in the body and most of the cases it is hereditary. Ayurveda recommends purification therapy followed by rejuvenation therapy for this condition. Purification therapies like purgation therapy with cooling herbs processed with milk and rejuvenation with herbs and foods with more folic acid, iron and protein and catalysts, which increase their absorption. As a home remedy, apply amla powder mixed with fresh curd and egg white to improve the natural colouring of the hairs

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